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ABC Gospel Tracts and Christian Music Videos - Witnessing and evangelism gospel tracts for today people and youth. English and Foreign christian tracts for churches, missions, youth ministries, ministries, business, and outreach ministries.

Jesus Christ, Matthew 18:11 - For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.

Who We Are

English Tracts, Sports Tracts, Custom Gospel Tracts, Easter Tracts, Russian Tracts, French Tracts, Halloween Tracts, Christmas Tracts, Tagalog Tracts, Spanish Tracts, Tratados Cristianos, Portuguese Tracts, Italian Tracts, Mandarin Chinese Tracts,

Our Vision

Reach people who need Jesus Christ as Savior with gospel tracts by ABC Gospel Tracts
Witnessing and Evangelism English and Foreign Christian Tracts for Churches, Missions, Youth Ministries, Ministries, Christian Business, and Outreach Ministries.

Types Of Activity

ABC Gospel Tract Quick Facts:

s: 12,000 Portuguese gospel tracts send to Brazil, reaching 12,000 people in 2011.

4000 English gospel tracts send to Africa, reaching 4000 people in 2012.

3500 Russia gospel tracts send to Russia reaching 3500 people - November 2012.

2000 Mandarin Chinese gospel tracts send to China, reaching 2000 people in March 2013.

6000 English gospel tracts send to India, reaching 6000 people in April 2013.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Our newsletter is ABC Gospel Tracts and 777 Christian Music Videos Weekly Worldwide


About Our Prison Ministry

ABC Gospel Tracts are for witnessing, evangelism, church outreach, missions, outreach ministries, youth ministries, prison ministries, jail ministries, sports ministries, Christian business, Christian bookstores, Bible colleges bookstores, Christian colleges bookstores, and more...

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Pray for new open doors for ABC Gospel Tracts in christian bookstores, church bookstores, churches, outreach ministries, Bible colleges, youth ministry, Christian business, and missions in USA and Foreign countries.


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