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International Network of Prison Ministries

Ministries by Category

African prison ministries(132)Aftercare organizations(360)
Asian prison ministries(88)Assistance for prison ministries(81)
Assistance for prison ministries in third world countries(16)Bible courses(179)
Chaplains (state)(53)Chaplains (volunteer)(1325)
Christian Legal Aid(14)Christian Schools offering degrees through distance learning(22)
Church prison ministries(465)Correctional Institution(733)
Crusader ministries(58)Deaf ministry(2)
Death row ministry(50)European prison ministries(46)
Family support(178)Friends and relatives of inmates(173)
Half-way Houses(40)Individual counseling(129)
Meetings, seminars, crusades(129)Ministries involved in health issues(28)
Ministries with outreach to other nations(31)Music, art ministries(64)
One-man ministries(126)Other Christian resources(156)
Pen-Pal ministries(209)Prayer support groups(131)
Professionals(25)Public, motivational speakers(53)
Publisher of books, Bibles, literature, tracts in English(52)Publisher of books, Bibles, literature, tracts in other languages(13)
Rehabilitation programs(150)Russian language prison ministries(39)
Spanish language prison ministries(37)Tracts for prisoners and prison ministries in English(34)
Tracts for prisoners and prison ministries in local languages(4)US State Departments of Corrections(3)
Woman ministry(94)Youth Prison Ministries(98)

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