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Chaplains (volunteer). Members of International Network of Prison Ministries.

A Helping Hand Prison MinistryAdirondack Correctional Facility
Adult Drag and Treatment CenterAgape Ministries
Airway Heights Correctional CenterAl Burrus Correctional Training Center
Alamance Correctional CenterAlbany Transitional Center
Albert Wagner Youth Correctional FacilityAlbion Correctional Center
Albion Correctional FacilityAlbion Correctional Institution
Alexander Correctional CenterAlger Maximum Correctional Facility
Algoa Correctional CenterAllen Correctional Center
Allen Correctional Institution (ACI)Allen County Jail General
Allendale Correctional InstitutionAllenwood Ferderal Correctional Institution
Allred UnitAltona Correctional Facility
Anamosa State PenitentiaryAnchor Bay Miracle Revival Ministry
Anchorage Correctional ComplexAnson Correctional Center
Anthony CenterAnvil Mountain Correctional Center
Appalachian Correctional Unit (Unit 29)Arisona State Prisin Complex, Winslow
Arizona State Prison - DouglasArizona State Prison Comples, Eyman
Arizona State Prison Complex, FlorenceArizona State Prison Complex, Lewis
Arizona State Prison Complex, PhoenixArizona State Prison Complex, Safford
Arizona State Prison Complex, YumaArizona State Prison Comptex, Perryville
Arizona State Prison Comptex, TucsonArizona State Prison Unit-Safford
Ark of Salvation MinistriesArkansas Valley Correctional Facility
Armor Bearers Ministries International IncArmor in Ministry
Arrowhead Correctional CenterArthur Kill Correctional Facility
Atlanta Transitional CenterAtlantic Institution
Atterbury Correctional FacilityAttica Correctional Facility
Auburn Correctional FacilityAugusta Correctional Medical Institution
Avery Correctional CenterAvey Mttchell Correctional Institution
Avoyelles Correctional CenterB. Moore Correctional Facility
B.J. Whitworth Prob. Detention CenterBaker Correctional Institution
Baldwin Correctional InstitutionBaltimore City Correctional Centr
Baltimore City Correctional CentrBaltimore Pro-Release Unit
Baraga Maximum Correctional FacilityBare Hill Correctional Facility
Bartlett State JailBaskerville Correctional Unit (Unit 4)
Baten I.S. FacilityBath Correctional Institution
Bay Correctional FacilityBay State Correctional Center
Bayside State PrisonBayview Correctional Facility
Beacon Correctional FacitityBeaumont Low FCI
Beaver Creek InstitutionBeckley Work and Study Release Center
Bedford Hills Correctional CenterBelievers Behind Bars
Bell County Forestry CampBelmont Correctional Institution
Beltefonte Correctional InstitutionBent County Correctional Facility
Benton UnitBeto I Unit
Bexar Co Detention MinistriesBible Belt Prison Ministry
Big Muddy River Correctional CenterBighouse Ministries
Bill Johnson Correctional CenterBlackburn Correctional Complex
Blanch Youth InstitutionBland Correctional Center
Blue Ridge Pre-Release Work CenterBlue Ridge Youth Center
Booneville Correctional CenterBorough of Manhattan Correctional Center, Site 1
Borough of Manhattan Correctional Center, Site 2Bostick Correctional Institution
Botetourt Correctional Center (Unit 25)Bowden Institution
Boyd UnitBradshaw Facility
Branchville Training CenterBreak Bread Prison Outreach
Breaking the Chains Christian RecoveryBrenda Payne
Brevard Correctional InstitutionBridgeport Correctional Center
Bridgeport Pre-ReleaseBridgewater State Hospital
Broad River Correctional InstituttonBrockbridge Correctional Facility
Broken ChainsBroken Vessel Ministries, Inc.
Brooklyn Correctional InstitutionBrooks Correctional Facility
Broward Correctional InstitutionBrownfield Correctional Center
Brunswick Correctional CenterBrunswick Correctional Center
Brunswick Work CenterBuckingham Correctional Center
Buena Vista Correctional FacilityBuffalo Correctional Facility
Buncombe Correctional CenterBurnet Unit
Butler ASACTCC. Moore Transfer Facility
C. Paul Phelps Correctional CenterCabarrus Correctional Center
Caldwell Correctional CenterCaldwell Prison Ministry
Caledonia Community Work CampCaledonia Correctional Institution
Calhoun Correctional InstitutionCalhoun Correctional Institution
California Correctional CenterCalifornia Correctional Institution
California Institution for MenCalifornia Institution for Women
California Medical FacilityCalifornia Men's Colony
California Rehabilitation CenterCalifornia State Prison
California State Prison, CorcoranCalifornia State Prison, Sacramento
California State Prison, San QuentinCalifornia State Prison, Solano
Calumet HouseCambridge Springs Correctional Institution
Camp GabrielsCamp Georgetown
Camp HawthorneCamp Hill State Correctional Institution
Camp PharsaliaCampbell Work Center
Canton Correctional CenterCape Vincent Correctional Facility
Carlisle Correctional CenterCaroline Correctional Unit (Unit 2)
Carter County Work CampCarteret Correctional Center
Caswell Correctional CenterCatawba Correctional Center
Catawba Work CenterCayuga Correctional Facility
Cedar Creek Corrections CenterCentennial Correctional Facillity
Central California Women's Facility (CCWF)Central Correctional Institution
Central Dist. Prob. Detention CenterCentral Florida Reception Center
Central Laundry Correctional FacilityCentral Michigan Correctional Facility
Central Minimum Restrict UnitCentral Minimum Unit
Central Miss. Correctional FacilityCentral Missouri Correctional Center
Central NM Correctional FacilityCentral Prison
Central UnitCentral Utah Correctional Facility
Centralia Correction CenterCentre Federal de Formation
Centre Regional de Reception et I'U.S.D.Century Correctional Institution
Chain Breakers Freedom TabernacleChain O'Lakes Correctional Facility
Chaplain Fellowship Ministries InternationalChaplain Wood's Ministry
Chaplainina Minnesotac Low Security State PrisonCharles Beran Ministries
Charleston Correctional FacilityCharleston Work Study Release Center
Charlotte Correctional CenterCharlotte Correctional Institution
Chateaugay Correctional FacilityChatham Correctional Unit (Unit 15)
Cheshire Correctional CenterChesterfield Work Release Unit
Chillicothe Correctional CenterChillicothe Correctional Institute
Chippewa Correctional FacilityChittenden Regional Correctional Facility
Christ Fellowship MinistryChrist The Healer Prison Ministry
Christ The King Church & MinistryChristian Motorsports Ministries
Christian Prison MinistriesChuckawalla Valley State Prison
Church of the Lord Wolrd WideClallam Bay Corrections Center
Clara Waters Community Corrections CenterClarinda Correctional Facility
Clemons UnitCleveland Correctional Center
Cleveland County Jail and Prison MinistryCleveland Houser
Clinton Correctional FacilityClyde N. Philllps Correctional Institution
Cmty Alternatives of Black HillsCoastal Correctional Institution
Coastal Pre-Release CenterCoconino County
Coffeewood Correctional CenterCoffield Unit
Cold Springs Correctional Unit (Unit 10)Cold Springs Work Center
Cole State JailColeman Federal Correctional Institution
Collins Bay InstitutionCollins Correctional Facility
Colorado State PenitentiaryColorado Territorial Correctional Facility
Colorado Women's Correctional FacilityColumbia Correctional Institution
Columbia Correctional InstitutionColumbia River Correctional Institution
Columbia Women's Correctional InstitutionColwell Probation and Detention Center
Community Chaplaincy Outreach, Inc.Community Chaplaincy Toronto
Community Chaplaincy, Osborne CenterCommunity Chaplancy
Community Chaplancy ServiceCommunity Correctional Center
Community of ChristConcord Correctional Instituton
Connalty UnitCooper Street Correctional Facility
Cornerstone Ministries, Inc.Correction Institution
Correctional Adjustment CenterCorrectional Center Work Release Unit
Correctional InstitutionCorrectional Institution
Correctional InstitutionCorrectional Institution
Correctional Institution for WomenCorrectional Institution Hagerstown
Correctional Institution, PlymouthCorrectional Mental Health Facility
Correctional Reception CenterCorrectional Service Canada
Correctional Services of CanadaCorrectional Training Facility
Corrections Camp ProgramCorrections Medical Center
Corrections Mental Health InstitutionCorrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center
Cotulla UnitCoxsackie Correctional Facility
Coyote Ridge Corrections CenterCraggy Correctional Center
Crane Women's FacilityCraven Correctional Institutiton
Cresson Correctional InstitutionCrime Victims Services
Cross City Correctional InstitutionCross Roads Ranch
Crossroads Correctional CenterCup of Faith Ministries
Currituck Correctional CenterCuster Trusty Camp, Development Center
Cybulski Correctional InstitutionDade Correctional Institution
Dalhurt UnitDallas Correctional Institution
Dallas County Juvenile Det. Ctr.Dallas County Youth Village
Dan River Woman FacilityDaniel Matthew National Assembly Church
Daniel UnitDanville City Jail
Danville Correction CenterDarrington Unit
David Wade Correctional CenterDavid's Tabernacle
Davidson Correctional CenterDayton Correctional Institution
Decatur Correction CenterDeep Meadow Correctional Center
Deerfield Correctional CenterDeerfield Correctional Facility
Delaware Correctional CenterDelete Me
Delta Correctional CenterDelta Correctional Facility
Delta Regional UnitDempsie Henley State Jail
Denmar Correctional CenterDenver Reception & Diagnostic Center
Denver Women's Correctional FacilityDenver Women's Correctional Facility
Desert Correctional CenterDesert Highway Ministries
DeSoto Correctional InstitutionDetention Center for Women at Southampton
Deuel Vocational InstitutionDiagnostic and Evaluation Center
Diagnostic UnitDiagnostic Unit
Diboll Correctional CenterDick Conner Correctional Center
Dillwyn Correctional CenterDinwiddie Correctional Unit (Unit 27)
Dismas House of OwensboroDixon Correctional Center
Dixon Correctional Prison MinistryDodge Correctional Institution
Dooly Correctional InstitutionDorchester Institution
Dorninguez State JaillDowncast Correctional Facility
Dr. Eddie W. Warrior Correctional CenterDrumheller Institution
Duane L. Waters HospitalDublin Federal Correctional Inatitution
Duncan UnitDuplin Correctional Center
Durham Correctional CenterDwight Correctional Center
EACEast Arkansas Regional Unit
East Jersey State PrisonEast Moline Correctional Center
Eastern Correctional FacilityEastern Correctional Institution
Eastern Correctional InstitutionEastern Kentucky Correctional Complex
Eastern Oregon Correctional InstitutionEastern Pre-Release Unit
Eastham UnitEastman Youth Development Facility
ECSO WMDC Chaplaincy DivisionEden Restoration Ministries
Edgecombe Correctional FacilityEdinburgh Correctional Facility
Edmonton InstitutionEdna Mahan Women's Correctional Facility
Education and Pre-Release CenterEducational Chaplain Tarrant County
Egeler Correctional FacilityEl Dorado Correctional Facility
Elayn Hunt Correctional CenterElbow Lake Institution
Ellis I UnitEllsworth Correctional Facility
Elmira Correctional FacilityEly State Prison
Emanuel Probation Detention CenterEmanuel YDC
Emerging Woman Ministries, Inc.End Time Prison Ministries
Epiphany Prison MinistryEstelle (E2)
Etablisement Montee St. FrancoisEtablissement Archambault
Etablissement de CowansvilleEtablissement Donnacona
Etablissement DrummnodEtablissement Joliette
Etablissement LaMacazaEtablissement Leclerc
Etablissement Port-CartierEtablissement Ste-Anne-des-Plaines
Evans Correctional InstitutionEverglades Correctional Institution
Faderal Correctional InstitutionFairbanks Correctional Center
Fairfax Correctional Unit (Unit 30)Faith to Freedom Ministry
Faithful JourneyFarmington Correctional Center
FCI SheridanFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional institutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional Institution McKeanFederal Correctional Institution Schuylkill
Federal Correctional Institution, AshlandFederal Correctional Institution, Englewood
Federal Correctional Institution, La TunaFederal Correctional Institution, Med.
Federal Detention CenterFederal Detention Center
Federal Detention CenterFederal Medical Center
Federal Medical CenterFederal Medical Center Rochester
Federal Medical Center, CarsweltFederal Prison Camp
Federal Prison CampFederal Prison Camp
Federal Prison CampFederal Prison Camp
Federal Prison CampFederal Prison Camp
Federal Prison CampFederal Prison Camp Alderson
Federal Prison Camp BryanFederal Prison Camp, Allenwood
Federal Transfer CenterFerndate Institution
Fig Street MinistryFire From The Throne Ministry
First Christian Church of HarrisonFirstlove Community Centre
Fishkill Correctional FacilityFlorida Correctional institution
Florida State PrisonFluvanna Correctional Center
Folsom State PrisonFoothills Correctional Institution
Forest Hays Correctional InstitutionForgotten Man Ministries
Formby State JailForsyth Correctional Center
Forsyth Jail & Prison MinistriesFort Stockton
Fountain Correctional Center for WomenFour Mile Correctional Center
Fox Lake Correctional InstitutionFrackville Correctional Institution
Frackville Correctional InstitutionFranciscans of the Holy Cross - TOR
Frank C. Scott Correctional InstitutionFrankfort Career Development Center
Franklin Correctional FacilityFranklin Pre-Release Center
Frederick H. PatrickFredericton Community Chaplaincy
Free At Last MinistryFree Inside Prison Ministries
Free Yuma Christian Counseling & Healing MinistryFreedom Flyer Ministries
Freedom Ministries & ChaplaincyFreedom Ministry
Freedom Prison MinistriesFrontenac Institution
Fulton Correctional facilityFulton Recept. and Diagnostic Center
G. Norton Jameson AnnexG. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility
Gadsden Correctional InstitutionGalnesville Correctional Institution
Galnesville Drug Treatment CenterGarden State Youth Correctional Facility
Garza EastGarza West
Gaston Correctional CenterGates Correctional Center
Gates Correctional InstitutionGatesville Correctional Center
Gatesville UnitGeorgia Diag and Classification Center
Georgia State PrisonGilliam Psychiatric Hospital
Gist FacilityGivens Correctional Center
Glades Correctional InstitutionGlosbrenner SAFPF, State Jail
God of Covenant C & S Church InternationalGod's Servant Ministry
God's Will Prison MinistryGoldsboro Correctional Center
Good Life MinistriesGoodman Correctional Institution
Goodman UnitGoree Unit
Gospel Church of IndiaGouverneur Correctional Facility
Gowanda Correctional CenterGrace Castle Prison Ministries
Grace FriendshipGrace Outreach Belize
Grace Recovery ChurchGrafton Correctional Institution
Graham Correctional CenterGrand St. Church of Christ
Graterford Correctional InstitutionGreat Meadow Correctional Facility
Green Bay Correctional InstitutionGreen Haven Correctional Facility
Green River Correctional ComplexGreene Correctional Center
Greene Correctional FacilityGreensburg Correctional Institution
Greensville Correctional ComplexGreenwood Correctional Center
Groveland Correctional FacilityGuilford Correctional Center
Gulf Correctional InstitutionGus Harrison Correctional Facility
Hagar MinistriesHagerstown Correctional Training Center
Halawa Correctional FacilityHalbert State Jail
Halifax Correctional Unit (Unit 23)Hamilton Correctional Institution
Hancock State PrisonHands of Grace Prison Ministries
Hardee Correctional InstitutionHarnett Correctional Institution
Harrisonburg Diversion CenterHartford Correctional Center
Harvest Home MissionsHastings Correctional Center
Hate Creek Correctional FacilityHavins Unit
Hawaii Community Correctional CenterHaynesville Correctional Center
Haywood Correctional CenterHealing Touch Chaplain Ministry, Inc.
Healing Touch Chaplain Ministry, Inc.Hemando Correctional Institution
Hendersonville Correctional CenterHendry Correctional Institution
Henley UnitHenryville Correctional Facility
Herman L. Toulson Boot CampHiawatha Correctional Facility
High Country Prison MinistryHigh Desert Ministries of California
High Desert State PrisonHigh Security Center
Higher Praise Prison MinistryHightower Unit
Hiland Mountain Correctional CenterHill Correctional Center
Hillsborough Correctional InstitutionHis Hands Extended
Hobby UnitHobby Unit
Hocking Correctional FacilityHodge Unit
Hoke Correctioal InstitutionHoliday Unit
HomervilIe Correctional InstitutionHope Of Freedom
Hope Prison Ministries, Inc.Hospital Correctional Unit
Hospital GalvestonHouse of Correction
House of Correction AnnexHoutzdale Correctional Institution
Howard McLeod Correctional CenterHudson Correctional Facility
Hughes UnitHuntingdon Correctional Institution (SCI Huntingdon)
Huntsvilte UnitHuron Valley Center
Hutchins FacilityHutchins State Jail
Hutchinson Correctional FacilityHuttonsville Correctional Center
Hyde Correctional CenterIdaho Correctional Institution Orofino
Illinois Correctional CenterIn His Name Jail and Prison Ministry
Indian Creek Correctional CenterIndian River Correctional Institution
Indian River County JailIndiana State Prison
Indiana Women's PrisonIndianapolis Juv. Correctional Facility
Intake Service CenterInterchurch Prison Evangelistic and Rehabilitation Association
International Intercessory Services for Human Upliftment Association (IISHUA)International Prison Chaplains Association
Iowa State PenitentiaryIredell Correctional Center
Iron City Utah State Correctional FacilityJack Henst
Jack T. Rutledge Correctional InstitutionJackie Brannon Correctional Center
Jackie HallJackson Correctional Institution
Jackson Correctional InstitutionJacksonville Correctional Center
Jail and Prison Bible EducationJames (Jay) H. Byrd Unit
James Crabtree Correctional CenterJames River Correctional Center
Jane FosterJefferson City Correctional Facility
Jefferson Correctional InstitutionJefferson County Jail Correctional Facility
Jerry Jordan Ministries InternationalJess Dunn Correctional Center
Jessup Correctional InstitutionJessup Pre-Release Unit
Jester I UnitJester IV Unit
Jester Unit IIJesus Is Alive Prison Ministry
Jesus is the Key MinistriesJim Byrd
Jim E. Hamilton Correctional CenterJim Ferguson Unit
Jimmy Autry Correctional InstitutionJoe F. Gurney Unit
John BoquistJohn L. Webb Correctional Facility
John Lilley Correctional CenterJohn T. McMillan Ministries
John Wilder Youth Dev. CenterJohnson Correctional Institution
Johnson UnitJohnston Correctional Center
Joliet Correctional CenterJordan Unit
Joseph Harp Correctional CenterJoyceville Institution
Kairos Prison Ministry OhioKamloops Reg. Correctional Center
Kamloops Regional Correction CentreKate Barnard Community Corrections Center
Kaual Community Correctional CenterKeen Mountain Correctional Center
Kent InstitutionKentucky State Penitentiary
Kentucky State ReformatoryKentucy Correctional Psych. Center
Kershaw Correctional InstitutionKetchikan Correctional Center
Kettle Moraine Correctional InstitutionKingdom Courage Ministries
Kingston PenitentiaryKingsway Prison and Family Outreach
Kinross Correctional FacilityKirland Correctional Institution
Kogans State JailKulani Correctional Facility
KyleLa Crosse Co Jail Ministry
Lake City Correctional FacilityLake Correctional Institution
Lake County Regional Correctional FacilityLakes Region Facility
Lakeside Correctional CenterLakeview Correctional Facility
Lamb of Life MinistryLancaster Correctional Institution
Lancaster Pro-Release CenterLansing Correctional Facility
Larch Corrections CenterLarmore Probation and Detention Center
Las Vegas Prison MinistryLaurence Nevels
Lawis UnitLawtey Corectional Institution
Lawton Community Corrections CenterLebanon Correctional Center
LeBlanc UnitLee Adjustment Center
Lee Arrendale Correctional InstitutionLee Correctional Institution
Lee Correctional InstitutionLemon Creek Correctional Center
Lexington Correctional CenterLiberty Correctional Institution
Lieber Correctional InstitutionLife Quest Essentials Boot Camp
Light the Bay ChurchLima Correctional Institution
Limon Correctional FacilityLincoln Correctional
Lincoln Correctional CenterLincoln Correctional Center
Lincoln Correctional FacilityLivesay Work Center
Living Waters Faith MinistriesLivingston Correctional Facility
LockhartLogan Correctional Center
Lois M. DeBerry Special Needs FacilityLompec Federal Correctional Institution
London Correctional Institutionlonia Maximum Correctional Facility
Lopez State JailLorain Correctional Institution
Lorton Correctional CenterLouisana State Penitentiary
Lovelock Correctional CenterLoving Hearts Ministry
Low Security Correctional InstitutionLow Security Correctional Institution Allenwood
Lower Savannah Pre-Release CenterLowndes Correctional Institution
Lumberton Correctional InstitutionLunenburg Correctional Center
Luther Luckett Correctional ComplexLychner Facility
Lynaugh UnitLyon Mountain Correctional Facility
Macedonia Baptist Prison MinistryMack H. Alford Correctional Center
Macomb Correctional FacilityMacon Correctional Institution
Macon Transitional CenterMadison Correctional Institution
Madison Correctional InstrtutionMaine Correctional Center
Maine Correctional InstitutionMaine Youth Center
Making Others Righteous Prison Ministry, Inc.Manning Correctional Institution
Mansfield Correctional InstitutionManson Youth Institution
Marble Valley Regional Correctional FacilityMarcy Correctional Facility
Marianna Federal Correctional InstitutionMarion Adjustment Center
Marion Correctional Institution (FL)Marion Correctional Institution (OH)
Marion Correctional Treatment CenterMark H. Luttrell Reception Center
Marquette Branch PrisonMarshall County Correctional Facility
Martin Correctional CenterMartin Correctional Institution
Maryville Treatment CenterMason City Private Prison
Massachusetts Correctional InstitutionMat-Su Pretrial Facility
Matsqui InstitutionMattapan Youth and Woman Ministry
Maximum Control ComplexMaximum Security Facility
Maximum Security UnitMayo Correctional Institution
McCain Correctional HospitalMcConnell Unit
McCormick Correctional InstitutionMcNeil Island Corrections Center
Mecklenburg Correctional CenterMecklenburg Correctional Center
Medical And Classification CenterMedium Security Unit
Men's Correctional InstitutionMenard Correctional Center
Menard Psychiatric CenterMending Broken Vessels Prison & Juvenile ministries
Mercer Correctional InstitutionMerritt Adams
Metro Correctional InstitutionMetro Transitional Center Atlanta
Metro Transitional Center BaltimoreMetropolitan Correctional Center
Metropolitan Correctional CenterMetropolitan Correctional Center
Metropolitan Detention CenterMetropolitan Detention Center
Metropolitan Detention Center GuaynaboMiami Correctional Facility
Michael BrentonMichigan Reformatory
Michigan Youth Correctional FacilityMid-Orange Correctional Facility
Mid-State Correctional Facility (NJ)Mid-State Correctional Facility (NY)
Middle Tennessee Reception CenterMiddleton Unit
Mike FierroMilan State Prison
Mill Creek Correctional FacilityMillhaven Institution
Minimum Security FacilityMinisters of God Missions
Ministry ChaplainsMinnesota Correctional Facility
Miracle Prison MinistryMission Institution
Mission: SalvationMississippi County Work Release Center
Mississippi State PrisonMissouri Eastern Correctional Center
Mitchell Prison MinistryMoberly Correctional Center
Mohawk Correctional FacilityMoncton Community Chaplaincy
Monday Community Correctional InstitutionMonroe City Detention Center
Montana State PrisonMonterrey Shock, Inc. Facility
Montford UnitMontgomery Correctional Institution
Moorehaven Correctional InstitutionMore Than Conquerors In Christ Prison Ministry
Morgan MinistriesMoriah Shock, Inc. Facility
Morris Correctional InstitutionMorrison Youth Institution
Mother Mary SocietyMound Correctional Facility
Mount Olive Correctional CenterMountain Institution
Mountain Meadows Christian CenterMountain View
Mountain View UnitMountainview Youth Correctional Facility
Moving On MinistryMt. Mcgregor Correctional Facility
Mule Creek State PrisonMulti-Purpose Criminal Justice Facility
Multnomah County Detention CentersMurray Unit
Muskegon Temporary FacilityMy Inspiration for God's News
N. Central Juv. Correctional FacilityN.Piedmont CCW
Narrow Path Prison MinistriesNash Correctional Institution
Nathaniel Ministries Inc.Navasota Correctional Center
NC Cwcbood Institution for WomenNeal Unit
Nebraska Center for WomenNebraska Correctional Treatment Center
Nebraska State PenitentiaryNeuss Correctional Center
Nevada State PrisonNevada Women's Correctional Center
New Foundations MinistriesNew Hope Ministries
New Jersey State PrisonNew Life Corrections Ministry
New Mexico Women's Correctional FacilityNew River Correctional Institution
New York State Department of CorrectionsNewberry Correctional Facility
Newton Correctional Release CenterNey SAFPF
NH State Prison ComplexNoble Correctional Institution
North Central Correctional FacilityNorth Central Unit
North Florida Reception CenterNorth Idaho Correctional Institution
North Kern State PrisonNortheast Correctional Center
Northeast Correctional CenterNortheast Oklahoma Correctional Center
Northeast Pre-Release CenterNortheast Regional Correctional Facility
Northeastern Correctional InstitutionNorthern California Women's Facility
Northern Correctional CenterNorthern Nevada Correctional Center
Northern Nevada Restitution CenterNorthern Reception Center
Northern State Correctional FacilityNorthern State Prison
Northpoint Training CenterNorthside Correctional Institution
Northwest Arkansas Work Release CenterNorthwest Correctional Center
Northwest Probation Detention CenterNorthwest State Correctional Facility
Norton Correctional FacilityNoth Central Correctional Institution
Nottoway Correctional CenterNova Institution for Women
Oahu Community Correctional CenterOakdale Federal Prison Camp
Oakhill Correctional InstitutionOaks Correctional Facility
Oakwood Correctional FacilityOdom Correctional Institution
Office of Correctional MinistriesOgdensburg Correctional Facility
Ohio Reformatory for WomenOkaloosa Correctional Institution
Okeechobee Correctional InstitutionOklahoma City Comm. Correctional Center
Oklahoma State PenitentiaryOklahoma State Reformatory
Old Colony Correctional CenterOlympic Corrections Center
Omaha Correctional CenterOn Point Ministries, Inc.
One Way Out!Oneida Correctional facility
Onesimus MinistriesOregon Corrections Intake Center
Oregon State Correctional InstituteOregon State Penitentiary
Oregon Women's Correctional CenterOrient Correctionai Institution
Orleans Parish PrisonOrthodox Zion
Oshkosk Correctional InstitutionOtisville Correctional Facility
Otter Creek Correctional CenterOzark Correctional Center
Pacific Youth Correctional MinistriesPack Unit
Palmer Correctional CenterPalmer Pre-Release Center
Parents With Incarcerated ChildrenParkside Correctional Facility
Parnell Correctional FacilityParr Highway Correctional Facility
Pasquctank Correctional InctitutionPastors to Prisoners
Patrick Henry Correctional Unit (Unit 28Patsy Hose Ministry
Patten P.D.C.Pelican Bay State Prison
Pender Correctional InstitutionPendleton Correctional Facility
Pendleton Correctional Industrial ComplexPenitentiary of New Mexico, North
Perry Correctional InstitutionPerry County Jail Ministry
Pickaway Correctional InstitutionPickneyville Correctional Center
Piedmont Correctional InstitutionPinal County Adult Detention Center
Pine Bluff UnitPine Lodge Pre-Release
Pittsburgh Correctional InstitutionPittsburgh Institution
Plainfield Correctional FacilityPlainfield Juv. Correctional Facility
Plane FacilityPleasent Valley State Prison
Pocahontas Correctional Unit (Unit 13)Pocatello Women's Correctional Center
Polk Youth InstitutionPontiac Correctional Center
Poplar Hill Pre-Release UnitPotosi Correctional Center
Powder Riwer Correctional FacilityPowhatan Correctional Center
Powhatan Correctional CenterPowledge Unit
Pre-Release Unit for WomenPresbyterian Prison Ministry
Preson E. Smith UnitPrison and Jail Chaplain
Prison Broadcasting NetworkPrison Fellowship NSW/ACT
Prison for WomenPrison Ministry and Harevstime Bible Institue
Prison Ministry Belaya TserkovPrison Ministry News
Prison Ministry SingaporePrisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries
Probation and Detention CenterPruntytown Correctional Center
Pueblo Minimum CenterPulaski Correctional Institution
Pulaski Correctional Unit (Unit 1)Putnam B. C.
Queensboro Correctional FacilityQuehanna Boot Camp
Quincy Correctional InstitutionRacine Correctional Institution
Radical Grace FellowshipRaleigh Correctional Center for Women
Ramsey I UnitRamsey II Unit
Ramsey III UnitRandolph Correctional Center
Rapture StreetReaching Soul
Reception Diagnostic CenterRedfield Trusty Camp
Regional Psychiatric CentreRegional Psychiatric Centre
Regional Treatment CenterRelentless Pursuit
Remnant Outreach MinistriesRetreat Correctional Institution
Rex ArbuckleRichard A. Handlon Correctional Facility
Richard J. Donovan Correctional FacilityRichmond Correctional Center
Ridgeland Correctional InstitutionRifle Correctional Center
Right Turn MinistryRiverbend Institution
Riverbend Maximum Security InstitutionRiverfront State Prison
Rivers Correctional InstitutionRiverside Correctional Facility
Roach UnitRobert L. Patten Prob. Detention Center
Robert Ortiz MinistriesRobertson Unit
Robeson Correctional CenterRobinson Correctional Center
Rochester Correctional FacilityRochester Correctional Facility
Rock County Jail ChaplaincyRockdale-DeKalb Dist Prob. Detn. Center
Rockville Training CenterRockwood Institution
Roederer Correctional ComplexRogers Correctional Institution
Ross Correctional InstitutionRoswell Correctional Center
Rowan Correctional CenterRoxbury Correctional Institution
Rustburg Correctional Unit (Unit 9)Rutherford Correctional Center
Ryan Correctional FacilityS. Middlesex Pre-Release Center
Salinas Valley State PrisonSalvation is the Answer, Inc.
Sampson Correctional CenterSan Juan de la Cruz Secular Carmelites Prison Ministry
San Luis, AZ Department of CorrectionsSanchez Facility
Sandhills Youth CenterSandy Ridge Correctional Center
Sanford Correctional CenterSanta Cruz county Jail
Santa Rosa Correctional InstitutionSaskatchewan Farm Institution
Saskatchewan PenitentiarySavannah Transitional Center
Sayle UnitSCI Chester Correctional Institution
Scotland Correctional CenterScott Correctional Facility
Secure Psychatric UnitSegovia Unit
Servants Of ChristServants of Christ Prison Ministry
Setting Hearts Free InsideShawangunk Correctional Facility
Shawnee Correctional CenterShemokin Correctional Institution
Shepherd's Heart MinistriesSheridan Correctional Center
Shutter Creek Correctional InstitutionSierra Conservation Center
Sing Sing Correctional facilitySkyline Correctional Center
Skyview UnitSmith Correctional Institution
Snake River Correctional InstitutionSOL Academy Prison Outreach
Somerset Correctional InstitutionSouth Bay Correctional Facility
South Central Correctional CenterSouth Dakota State Penitentiary
South Florida Reception CenterSouth Fork Forest Camp
South Idaho Correctional InstitutionSouth Mississippi Correctional Institution
South Point FacilitiesSouth Woods State Prison
Southampton Correctional ComplexSouthampton Detention Center
Southeast Probation Detention CenterSoutheast State Correctional Facility
Southeastern Correctional CenterSoutheastern Correctional Institution
Southeastern Correctional MinistrySouthern Correctional Institution
Southern Desert Correctional CenterSouthern Maryland Pre-Release Unit
Southern Michigan Correctional FacilitySouthern N.M. Correctional Facility
Southern Nevada Correctional CenterSouthern Nevada Prison Ministry
Southern Nevada Restitution CenterSouthern Ohio Correctional Facility
Southern State Correctional FacilitySouthport Correctional Facility
Southwest Probation Detention CenterSouthwest Psychotherapy Associates
Special Offender CampSpohn Spiritual Care
Springfield State PrisonSpringhill Institution
St. Anthony Work CampSt. Brides Correctional Center
St. Matthew's Episcopal ChaplaincySt. Reg. Correctional Facility
Stafford Correctional Unit (Unit 21)Standish Maximum Correctional Facility
Stanly Correctional CenterState Park Correctional Center
State Police BarracksStateville Correction Center
Staunton Correctional CenterStephan John
Stephens County JailStevenson Correctional Institution
Stevenson UnitStiles Unit
Stone Mountain Boot CampStony Mountain Institution
Straits Correctional FacilitySullivan Correctional Facility
Summit Shock, Inc. FacilitySumter Correctional Institution
Sunshine Express MinistrySussex Correctional Institution
Tabernacle Prison OutreachTacoma Pre-Retease
Taconic Correctional FacilityTallahassee Federal Correctional Institution
Tamms Correctional CenterTanya Manada Ministries
Tarrant County Community Correctional FacilityTaylor Correctional Institution
Tazwell Correctional Unit (Unit 31)Telfair Correctional Institution
Telford UnitTennessee Prison for Women
Terminal Island Federal Correctional InstitutionTerrel Unit
Texarkana Regional Correction CenterTexas City Unit
The Faith Based Counselor Training InstituteThe Free Church of Universal Life
The Keys are at the CrossThe Masters House
The Path OnlineThe Reformed Catholic Church
The Reformed Catholic ChurchThe Salt & Light Church
The Therapon Institute, Inc.Theophile International
Thistledew CampThomas F. Staton Correctional Center
ThugExposed Ministries-Gang & Drug PreventionTidewater Correctional Unit (Unit 22)
Tillery Correctional CenterTimpanogos Facility
Tipton Correctional CenterTopeka Correctional Facility
Torres UnitTravis County State Jail
Trenton Correctional InstitutionTreutien Boot Camp
True Way Holy ChurchTrumbull Correctional Institution
Truth & Compassion MinistriesTucker Unit for Women
Tulare Country Pre-Trial FacilityTulare County Main Jail at County Civic Center
Tulare County Men's Correctional FacilityTulia
Turbeville Correctional InstitutionTurney Center Ind. Prison & Farm
Twin Rivers Corrections CenterTwin Towers Correctional Facility
Two Rivers Correctional InstitutionTyger River, Lower
Tyger River, UpperTyrrell W.F.S.
Ulster Correctional FacilityUmstead Correctional Center
Unchained Ministries EuropeUndsey Facility
Union Correctional CenterUnion Correctional Institution
United Christian Faith MinistriesUnited States Penitentiary Allenwood
United States Penitentiary AtlantaUnited States Penitentiary Beaumont
United States Penitentiary FlorenceUnited States Penitentiary Leavenworth
United States Penitentiary LewisburgUnited States Penitentiary Lompoc
United States Penitentiary MarionUnited States Penitentiary Terre Haute
Universal Life Church NevadaUS Christian Chaplain Association
US Medical Center for Federal PrisonersUtah State Prison
Valdosta Correctional InstitutionValley State Prison for Women
Vance DrumVandalia Correctional Center
Varner UnitVentress Correctional Facility
Venus Prison MinistryVeterans Chapel
Vienna Correctional CenterVine Mission Network
Wake Correctional CenterWalawa Correctional Facility
Walden Correctional InstitutionWalk the Walk Restoration Min.
Walker Correctional InstitutionWallace Unit
Wallkill Correctional FacilityWallula Christian Church Prison Ministry
Walton Correctional InstitutionWare Correctional Center
Ware Correctional InstitutionWarkworth Inctitution
Warren Correctional CenterWasco State Prison, Reception Center
Washington Correctional FacilityWashington Correctional Institute
Washington Correctional InstitutionWashington Correctional Institution
Washington Corrections CenterWashington State Penitentiary
Washington State ReformatoryWatauga Correctional Center
Wateree River Correctional InstitutionWatertown Correctional Facility
Watkins Pre-Release CenterWaupun Correctional Institution
Wayne CooperWayne Correctional Center
Wayne Correctional InstitutionWayne County Boot Camp
Wayne Scott UnitWaynesburg Correctional Institution
Welcome Home MinistriesWende Correctional Facility
West Central State PrisonWest Farm
West Georgia Boot CampWest Tennesy High Security Facility
Western Correctional InstitutionWestern Illinois Correction Center
Western Kentucky Correctional ComplexWestern Missouri Correctional Center
Western N.M. Correctional FacilityWestern Probation Detention Center
Western Reception & Diag. C. C.Western Youth Institution
Westmorland InstitutionWestville Correctional Facility
Westville Transition UnitWhite Post Correctional Center
White Post Work CenterWhitley County Jail
Wichita Work Release FacilityWilcox Correctional Institution
Wildwood Correctional CenterWildwood Pretrial Facility
Wilkes Correctional CenterWillacy County State Jail
William Head InstitutionWilliam S. Key Correctional Center
Wilmington Residential Facility for WomenWinfield Correctional Facility
Winn Correctional CenterWise Correctional Unit (Unit 18)
Wneeler UnitWOLC Prison Ministry
Women's Correctional InstitutionWomen's Division
Women's Eastern R. & E. D.C.C.Women's Multi Custody Correctional Center
Women's Community Correctional CenterWomen's Correctional Center
Women's Correctional CenterWomen's Correctional Center
Women's Correctional InstitutionWomen's Correctional Institution
Women's Correctional InstitutionWomen's Correctional Institution
Women's Corrections CenterWomen's Probation Detention Center
Women's State PrisonWoodburne Correctional Facility
Woodman State JailWoodstock Regional Correctional Facility
Word of Faith MinistriesWork Ethtic Camp (McNeil lsland)
Work Training Facility, NorthWorld Outreach Christian Fellowship
Wrightsville UnitWrite Words Prison Penpal Ministry
Write-Way Prison Ministries, Inc.Wynne Unit
Wyoming Correctional FacilityWyoming Honor Conservation Camp
Wyoming Honor FarmWyoming State Hospital, J.Hall For. Unit
Wyoming Women's CenterWyomnig State Penitentiary
Yadkin Correctional CenterYancey Correctional Center
Yankton Trusty UnitYork Correctional Institution
Youngstown, Ohio PrisonYukon-Kuskokwin Correction Center
Zephyrhills Correctional Institution