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Matthew 25:36 - I was in prison and you came to visit me.

Do not type with "ALL CAPITAL LETTERS" as this type of mail is difficult to read and understand. As we have learned, "ALL CAPS ON" letters often are not responded to or are postponed by the recipient "to be read later". Read the entire page to place related information in corresponding fields.

If you are requesting materials to be sent to the inmate, please provide your complete information, as specified by current regulations.

I would like to receive information or helpful materials from your ministry. I provide below my complete name, mailing address and a reason for my interest in prison ministry materials.

subscribe me to your newsletter (magazine);
send me your free publication of the month;
send your ministry materials to the inmate whose address I provide on the bottom of the form;
send inmate a Bible;
visit inmate.

Part One - My Information

First name:
Middle name:
Last name:
Street address or a post office box:
State in USA or Canada:
Non USA/Canada State (province):
Zip (postal code):
Telephone: E.g. (123) 456-7890
Fax: E.g. (123) 456-7890

Part Two - Ministries only

Ministry Information (introduce your ministry, please):

Name of your ministry (if any):
E.g. director, chaplain or pastor
Home page or site:

Part Three - Inmate Information

If you are asking on behalf of the inmate: check our Inmate Locator before proceeding.

Inmate's first name:
Inmate's middle name:
Inmate's last name:
Inmate's number:
Inmate's Institution:
Street Address or a PO Box:
State in USA or Canada:
Non USA/Canada State (Province):
Zip (postal code):
Relation to the inmate:

NOTE: According to current regulations materials are not sent to inmates without complete information on the sender, so please, complete as much as possible of Part One, your personal information!

Part Four - Additional Information.

The reason for my interest in prison ministry materials:
Special information on the inmate: