Pro 29:18 - Where [there is] no vision, the people perish...

Proverbs 29:18 - Without vision, the people perish.

Who We Are

Our purpose is to bring under one roof all Prison Ministries worldwide. With mutual help of INPM members in poor or reach countries to have a Good News of Salvation proclaimed to every inmate on Earth, so he will come back home as new creature in Christ and new law-abiding citizen.

Our Vision

To provide easy access for inmates and their families to get effective help from the prison ministries which best serve their needs. Guests can find counseling services in their area, or they can locate a ministry to request literature, Bible study courses or simply request prayer support. Here concerned Christians have the opportunity to learn about each members of the Network in order to select a ministry to support according to their vision.

Types Of Activity

We provide:

- Permanent page in this Directory;
- Simple, easy to read, understand and evaluate ministry page layout;
- Full control and unlimited updates of member's pages;
- Permanent email address;
- Secure, spam-free email form;
- Unlimited incoming emails;
- Donation collection;
- Books published sale;
- Ministry newsletter subscription;
- Ability to communicate to all participants with a single click;

About Our Prison Ministry

Also we provide you with interactive Certificate of Membership, which displays your INPM status and proves ministry affiliation with this world-wide movement.

Support In

We are praying that our good Lord will bless through you all future developments of INPM. Even small amounts on regular basis will help us to grow and to serve you better. If you have been using our facility with joy and God speaks to your heart as you read it, press "Subscribe" button now!


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