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2Co 6:17 - Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

How do I join?

Go here, fill out all relevant fields, be more specific, never use "ALL CAPITAL LETTERS" typing, and our team will do the rest.

What if I use "ALL CAPITAL LETTERS typing" in my application?

It will not be processed. We are here not for quantity, but for quality.

Why is it really free?


How do I update my page?

Go here, log in, update only fields that need to be updated and send your request.

What is my ID?

Your "network ID", or your "extension", or "ministry abbreviation" is what you have on our servers after Sample: Prison Ministries Web Rings' ID is "pmwr" and their page is Your network ID can not be changed. Network ID is assigned when you sign up for a free page and give us your ministry's abbreviation. Think carefully, when selecting ID for your ministry.

I forgot my password

Go here

Why do all user's pages look the same?

We want them to be unified and easy to read and understand.

I'm not Christian and I want my page on this server. What should I do?


Information on our ministry page is not accurate. I have no clue who filed it or who has a password. What should our ministry do?

As we have no control over the authority of a person who submits an application for a free page, please check first within your organization to find out who is the contact person for this network and who is responsible for maintaining accurate and updated information.

In case of any information or statements found to be incorrect, outdated or abusive, please contact us by pressing the link at the very bottom of the troubled page.

Do you have a discussion forum?

Yes, welcome to Prison Ministry Forum

Do you have INPM news exchange service?

Temporary, as we are working on it, go here. This forum has 500+ subscribers.

How do I send email to the member?

Respected fellow members can be reached by pressing a contact link on their pages. In order to protect members from spam email harvesters, email is no longer displayed.

I have one outstanding ministry that I want to promote. What should I do?

Join Newsgroups, Webring of Prison Ministries, put a few words in the guestbook, participate in discussions, two words - BE VISIBLE.

Why is there no "www" in front of

"WWW" becomes unnecessary as "http://" part in the web address. Users and browsers are getting smarter, technology is getting simpler. We are able to serve you better by simplifying your address. So, in your publications you can use simple "". Thousands and thousands of people still will be able to reach you.

I am afraid my email address will be accessible to junk-mailers.

We do not sell, trade, or make publicly accessible any email addresses. We protect and fight for your privacy. Your email address is completely safe in the EMAIL field above, as there is no physical address on your page and any email message to you will be sent by our engine, only by pressing a link on your page, one at the time.

How do I put a logo on my page?

Go login, [Manage Images], browse to the image on your hard drive and press Upload. Note, the image can not be larger than 50 kilobytes, in JPEG format only. Contact us if you can not do it yourself.

I have a new email address, so my password can not be retrieved. I pressed "Remind" button with my ID, but have no emails from you.

I you do not receive your ID and password within next 3 minutes, it means your email address in our DB is outdated. Go to your page and press a link on the very bottom of it - "Contact INPM regarding this ministry".

My website "" is listed, but not shown on the page.

Go to your page, login to update it, make sure you have one of the options checked. * "Activate link to my website, I am putting INPM banner" or "Activate link, I am willing to contribute to INPM"

How do I contact you?

Go to your INPM page, press a link "Contact INPM regarding this page". It will help us to know who you are.

How do I Promote my Newsletter or Magazine?

Would you please, send 2 copies of your publications to our address: INPM Box 227475, Dallas, TX 75222 W will make them available to our visitors from Prison Ministry reference website

How do I get a Donate button?

Contact us from the bottom of your INPM page, request help getting the code.

How do I sell my books here?

Would you please, send 2 copies of your publications to our address: INPM Box 764271, Dallas, TX 75222 W will make them available to our visitors from Prison Ministry reference website