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Romans 12:2 - And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

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M2 Mentoring Outreach, CaliforniaMabel Bassett Correctional Center
MacDougall Correctional InstitutionMacedonia Baptist Prison Ministry
Macedonia Missions NetworkMacedonia Unconditional Love Pen Pal Ministry
MacGregor MinistriesMack H. Alford Correctional Center
Macomb Correctional FacilityMacon Correctional Institution
Macon Transitional CenterMade Free Ministries, Inc.
Madison Correctional InstitutionMadison Correctional Instrtution
MagnitogorskMagyar Testveri Bortontarsasag
Mahima FoundationMaine Correctional Center
Maine Correctional InstitutionMaine Families of Prisoners
Maine Prison MinistriesMaine State Prison Chaplain
Maine Youth CenterMajestic Puppets Inc.
Making a Difference for ChristMaking A Way
Making Others Righteous Prison Ministry, Inc.Making The Walls Transparent
Malakhs Wings MinistriesMalawi Prison Ministry
Mali Prison MinistryMan in the Mirror
Man on a MissionManasseh Ministries
Manassseh Ministries Inc.Manna Ministries
Manning Correctional InstitutionMansfield Correctional Institution
Manson Youth InstitutionMaranatha Christian Center
Maranatha Family MinistryMaranatha Ministries
Maranatha Prison MinistryMarble Valley Regional Correctional Facility
Marcy Correctional FacilityMaria Crispi
Marianna Federal Correctional InstitutionMarianne Penland Christian Ministries
Marie SappMarilyn Scroggs Ministry
Marion Adjustment CenterMarion Correctional Institution (FL)
Marion Correctional Institution (NC)Marion Correctional Institution (OH)
Marion Correctional Treatment CenterMark Barmes Prison Ministry
Mark H. Luttrell Reception CenterMark Philip Ingham
Marquette Branch PrisonMarried Foundation for Prisons Ministries
Marriott Hotel-DFWMarshall County Correctional Facility
Martin Correctional CenterMartin Correctional Institution
Martinez Association MinistriesMarty Miller Concert Ministry
Mary Kay CosmeticsMary's Blessing Transitional Housing
Maryanne Butler MinistryMaryville Treatment Center
Marzilli Prison MinistryMason City Private Prison
MASS (Mothers Against System Slavery)Massachusetts Correctional Institution
MasterBuilders International MinistryMasters Touch Ministries International
Mat-Su Pretrial FacilityMatch-Two Mentoring Outreach
Mathetes International Ministries, Inc.Mathetes Redemption Ministries
Matsqui InstitutionMatt Aitken Prison Ministry
Mattapan Youth and Woman MinistryMatthew 25 Ministries Inc.
Matthew 25 Prison MinistriesMatthew 25 Prison Ministries, Canada
Matthew 25:40 MinistriesMatthew's Ministry
Matts Prison MinistryMauston Institution
Max Web MissionMaximum Control Complex
Maximum Security FacilityMaximum Security Unit
Mayo Correctional InstitutionMbeya Prison Ministry
MCBC Prison MinistryMcCain Correctional Hospital
McConnell UnitMcCormick Correctional Institution
Mcgowan's OutreachMCI Concord
McNeil Island Corrections CenterMecklenburg Correctional Center
Mecklenburg Correctional CenterMedical & Surgical-Irving
Medical And Classification CenterMeditation of Christs Statues
Medium Security UnitMegalife Ministries
Melrose United MethodistMen & Women of Restoration Outreach Ministries, Inc.
Men Working for GodMen's Correctional Institution
Men-Of-God MinistriesMenard Correctional Center
Menard MinistryMenard Psychiatric Center
Mending Broken Vessels Prison & Juvenile ministriesMentor For Jesus
MentorCare MinistriesMentoring
Mentoring A Touch From AboveMercer Correctional Institution
Mercy & Faith Outreach Ministries Inc.Mercy and Grace Ministries
Mercy HeartMercy Outreach Ministry
Mercy Outreach Prison MinistryMercy Unlimited, Inc.
MercyFire Catholic Prison MinistryMerritt Adams
Messages From God Postcard MinistryMessenger Bible Institute
Messenger Worship Centre Prison OutreachMessengers Prison Ministry
Messiah Outreach MinistriesMessiah's Spiritual Body dba Sobriety Rocks
Messianic Messenger ServiceMetamorphosis Ministries
Metanoia Prison MinistriesMethodist Prison Fellowship Nigeria
Metro Correctional InstitutionMetro Transitional Center Atlanta
Metro Transitional Center BaltimoreMetroplex Aftercare
Metropolitan Correctional CenterMetropolitan Correctional Center
Metropolitan Correctional CenterMetropolitan Detention Center
Metropolitan Detention CenterMetropolitan Detention Center Guaynabo
Metropolitan Prison MinistriesMetuchen Assembly of God
Miami Correctional FacilityMichael Brenton
Michael CardozaMichael Unit
Michelle JohnsonMichelle Johnson Ministry
Michigan ReformatoryMichigan Youth Correctional Facility
Mid-Orange Correctional FacilityMid-Shore Chaplaincy Ministry
Mid-State Correctional Facility (NJ)Mid-State Correctional Facility (NY)
Middle Tennessee Reception CenterMiddleton Unit
Mighty Tree MinistriesMighty Warriors Ministry Team
Mighty Wind Ministry, Intl.Migori Prison Ministry
Mike Barber MinistriesMike Fierro
Milan State PrisonMill Creek Correctional Facility
Millhaven InstitutionMina Zaffarano
Mindanao Prison MinistryMinimum Security Facility
Minister MarcMinistering/Mentoring Persons Achieving Change
Ministerio El Calvario, Inc.Ministerio Evangelizando al Confinado
Ministers for TruthMinisters of God Missions
Ministre d' assistance aus pauvresMinistries
Ministries "With 1 Accord"Ministries (IJM) Ivan Jameson
Ministry Among Rural and Slum (MARS)Ministry Chaplains
Ministry of Criminal JusticeMinistry of Jesus Network
Ministry of Rev. AdamsMinistry of The Heavenly Kingdom
Ministry of the Risen LordMinistry to CJ
Ministry to the prisonersMinistry-Solicitor General & Correctional Svcs.
Minnesota Correctional FacilityMinyards
Miracle Evangelistic LiberatorsMiracle Prison Ministry
Miracle, Signs, and Wonders Prison MinistriesMiracles Healing Center
Miracles Prisoner MinistryMission Creek Corrections Center for Women
Mission Gate Prison MinistryMission Institution
Mission Ministry With A MessageMission of Mercy
Mission to BrasilMission: Salvation
Missionaries of MercyMissionary Action, Shalom Ministries
Missionary Church at TroyMissions Asia
Missions Equipping CenterMississippi County Work Release Center
Mississippi CURE, Inc.Mississippi Sports Reach
Mississippi State PrisonMissouri Church Growth International Prison Ministry
Missouri Eastern Correctional CenterMissouri Residents Encounter Christ
Misty Luke Prsion MinistryMitchell Conner
Mitchell Prison MinistryMoberly Correctional Center
Mobile County Metro Jail MinistriesMobile Metro Jail Ministries
Mobile Source of LightMohawk Correctional Facility
Mohawk Prison MinistryMoldova For Christ Ministry
Mom for Kevin LawlorMoms and Loved Ones of the Imprisoned
MOMs In The BattleMoms In The Battle
Moms on PrayerMoncton Community Chaplaincy
Monday Community Correctional InstitutionMonroe City Detention Center
Monroe Correctional ComplexMontana Jail & Prison Ministry
Montana State PrisonMonte L. Kruzan
Monterrey Shock, Inc. FacilityMontford Unit
Montgomery Correctional InstitutionMoody Bible Institute
Moorehaven Correctional InstitutionMoral Development, Inc.
More Than Conquerors In Christ Prison MinistryMore Than Conquerors Ministries
Morgan County Correctional ComplexMorgan Ministries
Moriah Prayer HouseMoriah Shock, Inc. Facility
Morris Correctional InstitutionMorrison Youth Institution
Mother Mary SocietyMother's Without Custody
Mothers of PrisonersMotorcycle Ministries For Christ
Mound Correctional FacilityMount Calvary Church/Mount Ministries
Mount HopeMount Oak Prison Ministry
Mount Olive Correctional CenterMount Olive Prison Ministry
Mountain InstitutionMountain Meadows Christian Center
Mountain Movers MinistriesMountain View
Mountain View UnitMountainside Prison Ministry
Mountainview Youth Correctional FacilityMoving On Ministry
Mozambique Prison MinistryMPCC Prison Ministry
Mr. William Ernest TaylorMRC Prison Fellowship
Ms. Patti Personal OutreachMt. Mcgregor Correctional Facility
Mt. Pleasant United Methodist ChurchMtoe Alaan Prison Ministry
Mudford Prison MinistryMule Creek State Prison
Multi-Purpose Criminal Justice FacilityMultimedia Gospel Ministries
Multnomah County Detention CentersMuncy State Correctional Institution
Murray UnitMuscatine Area Chpln. Corps
Music MinistriesMuskegon Temporary Facility
Must See This OneMy Father's House
My Inspiration for God's NewsMy Inspiration For Gods News Out Reach Ministry , Inc.
My Little Bible MinistryMy Manna
My Sister's Keeper