Mercy & Faith Outreach Ministries Inc.

Isaiah 42:7 - To open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the prison, Those who sit in darkness from the prison house.

Who We Are

Mercy & Faith Outreach Ministries Inc. soul winning purpose and function is to provide former inmates with rehabilitation programs, temporary living quarters, meals, transportation, outreach services in the form of faith-based after care. Another focus of ours will be to educate and to minister to the inmates and to prepare them to go into the main stream of society, with Godly values, morals and an esteemed sense of repect for others and themselves.

Our Vision

The vision for this ministry is to have two dedicated buildings that will house former and newly released inmates, men in one and the women in the other. Grow our ministry to be self sufficient by establising a thrift shop, day care center which will be operated by qualified former inmates. Show them that they can make a different in society by being persons of integrity, with Godly fear n the things place to their Charge.

Types Of Activity

Some of the activity we be offering, operating a computer, help them seek higher vocational skill, prepare them for entrance into the work force, GED diploma, Prepare them for college. Marriage Counseling.


Our ministry is volunteering the correctional institution in Century, Crestview, Santa Rosa, Pensacola work camp in Florida.


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