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Para que abras ojos de ciegos, para que saques de la carcel a los presos. (Isaiah 42:7)

$180 One-to-One Prison Ministries $150 Bible League International
$110 Vladimir Goryanoy Ministry $100 Fishers of Men Prison Ministries
$100 Prisoners for Christ $100 The Slammer
$100 JesusisLOVE Outreach Ministries $60 Prayer Chain Online
$50 Azalea City Prison Ministry $50 Fred W Vincent Ministry
$50 Faithful Steward Ministries $50 All About Jesus Ministries
$30 William Birkhead Ministry $25 Freedom Through Christ Prison Ministry
$25 Henderson Enterprises $25 Fly Right, Inc.
$25 Delsondro Sims Ministry $20 Katie Souza Ministries
$20 Freedom Ministries, Inc. $15 Theresa Short
$10 Saralyn Keck Ministry $10 Jim Mccarver Ministry
$10 Maryanne Butler Ministry $10 Brenda Porter Ministry
$10 Marilyn Scroggs Ministry $10 Curtis Boulton Ministry
$10 David Costello $10 Edward Paton
$10 Virginia Ligotti $10 Paul Decker
$10 Shirley Cupp Doe $10 Kimberly Peralta
$10 Dave Flang $10 Roger Garrett Ministry
$10 Daisy Sprouts Designs $5 Kamala Frame Ministry
$1 Amanda Wallace Ministry

Total: $1441 USD donated.
Our goal — $4000 USD to rebuild the Network, make it Mobile Device friendly.
We still need $2559 USD. Change this number right now, by donation through Pay-pal or check.