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For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1 : 7

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2018-08-16 23:00:11
Ms Laurie White
I would like prayers for my son Sterling Grant Jr in Canton Correctional Facility in Canton, NY. That
he finds his way and soul to be healed.
2018-03-31 19:05:18
Rebecca Gravley
I need prayers for my son who is in jail. He is having a hard time. He has been threatened and beat up and its just because of what he is being accused of. Its for my son Malcolm Dunn in Virginia.
2018-01-13 10:21:53
Susan Lord
My boyfriend is getting out of prison on May 8th he has been in for 9 years. I ask that we just pray for him for strength that he can do it. I told him that having great faith in our god will be enough.
Thank you. His name is Christopher Ward
2017-12-11 17:10:23
Marilyn Jackson
I ask for prayer for my nephew Vincent Thomas, who is currently at West Tennessee State Penitentiary on murder charges charges. Have already served 30 yrs. and is feeling he will never get out of there.
2017-09-09 20:55:23
Kristine Proctor
My brother Derrell Wayne Baldwin is in Washington state prison. We always hear from him through phone calls or letters we haven't heard anything in almost three weeks . we are very concerned we call the prison and get
brushed off. Thank you for any prayers that are said for him.
2017-09-05 19:36:24
Pam & Scott Thompson
Please pray for our 18 year old son who was arrested for murder recently. Pray that his heart will soften to the power of the Holy Spirit and he will surrender his life to Jesus so he can be free on the inside!
2017-05-10 13:55:00
Beth Michael
Please join us in prayer for God of the harvest to send forth more laborers to
The field is white for harvest and the laborers are few. God bless you!
2017-01-13 03:14:09
please pray for Our mision in aceh singkil. we service poeple by free education to children.
you also can suport our mision to donate. A/C BRI.53033-01-025221-53-1. God blees you all.
2017-01-06 17:35:50
Donella Bracey
I ask for prayers for my brother who is up against a case for murder. He had to defend himself. So i just ask that you pray for God's Mercy and Favor over him.a
2016-12-21 07:37:33
Ngobi Samuel
Pray for brothers and sisters who are seeking justice this year before we enter the coming year
2016-08-14 10:43:27
Emilia Brown
I am not a pastor. I tried to email Pastor Charles Patrick, but his email address was invalid. My Fiancee is in Orient Road Jail in Tampa Fl, and would like more information on your program. Please email me or call me at 813-816-3420 thank you.
2016-08-10 08:42:34
Pray for me and my family that are in prision thank you and God bless
2015-07-22 12:57:53
Donneita Morgan
Requesting prayers for my son in in Niagara County Jail as a Federal detainee facing 10 years His name is Cebrinn R
Hill Requesting prayers for his safety. Also requesting any books or reading material be sent to him
2015-07-10 23:02:29
Dora allen
Thanks to Dr Ekaka for the good result i got from his spell last week, My husband that was sentence 7 years in prison for something he knew nothing about, has just before released under 2 years with the help
2015-06-01 17:38:24
Dannette Mcghee
I am in need of prayer for my grandson who is in jail in thomasville, ga and his public defender and da and probation offer are both. Dragging on his case we are in need of some strong prayers thanks ms mcghee
2015-05-28 06:34:57
margaret khwatenge
I praying to God to help my son who is going to immigration judge today that he be given chance,
2015-04-12 07:19:53
deborah mark
Thanks to Dr Ekaka for the good result i got from his spell last week, My husband that was sentence 7 years in prison for something he knew nothing about, has just before released under 2 years with the help of Dr ekaka Email:
2015-03-17 10:20:55
Unathi Manciya
Wisdom tooth abses not my portion. Soul messed up. Need a miracle.
2015-02-22 15:15:32
Sherrie Bell
Please pray for the people in the Richmond County Jail of Rockingham NC 28379. Also pray for the people in
Scotland Correctional Institution.
2015-01-24 19:29:04
I need your prayer my grandson is in jail and he's wanting help and I would love for you to pray with us Thank you God bless you (541) 778-5914 or (541) 246 7495.
2015-01-22 15:03:37
Umoh Edem
Dear brethren, I want you to pray for our protection as we're visiting more prisons this year. Let god provide us with financial and material supporters. Let God add more passionate members to us. Thanks for your prayers.
2015-01-20 19:00:45
David Kwadwo Ofosuhene
Coalition of Prison Evangelist in Ghana is 10 years old. We solicit your prayer for our needs toward opening of Aftercare facilities in various parts of Ghana.
2015-01-12 05:43:38
Marceline Fernandes
Please pray for imran to get this Indian visa immediately and to fly with me for the wedding on the 6 th of February for us to have a safe trip and back lord also bring in a good sale for our products 300 shipments should be dispatched in a day lord .
2014-12-27 17:24:30
Bonnie Keefer
Please pray for my son who is in jail and waiting for a hearing. I would love to see him be victorious over sin that continually causes trouble and heartache in his life and his family. Thank you for your prayers.
2014-11-25 13:25:29
Maryann Cox
Please pray for Wayne. He was arrested and has charges do to an ex-girlfriend lying . Pray for the charges to be dropped and he can get his life and good name back. pray to guide the attorney to help Wayne in the best way possible.
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