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"Thexoffender" by definition: No longer offenders of the Laws of God or the laws of the Land. We go beyond Rehabilitation and Recovery to Regeneration. Building Thexoffender friendly Home, Church and Community. Principle is always exacting. No man can succeed in the service of God unless his whole heart is in the work.
Remember faith is resposibility; our response to God's ability.

John 15:5 - With out faith in the Word of God" You can overcome nothing.

Who We Are

Before age twenty, the founder had been incarcerated 14 times in 8 States and over-dosed on drugs 3 times, twice prognoses clinical death. Tony started studying the Bible in the Rikers Island Detention, more than thirty years ago and to this day has never lost faith. Tony developed the NEWSTART [3] Step Regeneration Life-style Concept, to gain his freedom from a sinful life-style. Now Tony shares the Gospel, through this simple effective program around the world.

Our Vision

We are provide training in After-Care and mentorship for prisons, families and Church memberships. To ensure the success of Organizations, Institutions and Programs that provide services to clients of negative life-style. Provide Monitoring, and unique follow-up to reduce back sliding , relapse and the recidivism rate. It is the desire of all care-givers to see the positive results of the process used in their programs we make it so.

Types Of Activity

Providing training inside the prison for staff, and the inmates. Providing motivation and training for families, church memberships and the community. Available for speaking engagements, workshops and task force development meeting.


We are available throughout the USA, and abroad.

About Our Prison Ministry

Tony served as Chaplain for the State of NY, 1980 - 82, From 1983 - 2007 United Prison Ministries International, Assistant to the President and Chaplain. Team member in the development of the "NEWSTART Christian Lifestyle Program", in the Prison built by the Maranatha Cooperation, in Adelanto, CA, USA. Tony served as consultant in the development of Re-Entry initiatives for Ex-Offenders in Russia, Romania, Africa several areas in the USA. Tony now serve as RSW & Trainer for HRDI Alabama

Support In

1) Join us in prayer for the counselors, chaplains, security staff volunteer ministries and the inmates, to to embrace this work of transformation.
2) Join us in prayer for the church memberships to realize the wonderful opportunity to disciple thexoffenders.
3) Join us in prayer for favor of community to forgive and give another chance to those we present as born anew of the Spirit of God.


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