Mathetes Redemption Ministries

If your serious about Jesus Christ and are willing to sacrifice your time to live and train at the "redemption center" then we are serious about you. Training, counseling, and growing for Jesus Christ is what we do here. Your growth in the Lord is our main focus and we know the world and our old baggage is in the way. We not only show you the tools to succeed, we teach you how to use those tools.

Matthew 11:29 - Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me: for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest."

Who We Are

Mathetes (ma-they-tus) is the old Greek word for a disciple who is willing to take what he is taught and aply it to his life. We are reaching out with live on campus programs with a primary focus on discipleship in Jesus Christ and in doing so we come full circle with all the baggage our students carry through certified classes on addictions, boundaries and much more. Further we reach out to the families and to the communities.

Our Vision

Our vision as given to us by the Lord is to someday be the spearhead in prison and prison after-care ministries. To lead the spiritual attack against satan and the darkness in prisons around the world. We desire to lead, teach, and assist those who are serious about Jesus Christ and want to grow in Him.

Types Of Activity

Daily classes, exstensive discipleship program, addiction recovery, God's boundaries classes, inner healing classes, life skills, self work shops, carreer and family counseling, samaritan programs, job training, staff training and more.


Our CEO ministers weekly at the Highlands County Jail and some other members minister in numerous prisons.

About Our Prison Ministry

We are geared for only male students at this time and do plan for women in the future.

Support In

Pray for God's wisdom and leading in all things and all persons in this ministry, for our building under construction, for financial blessings, and that above all else we are able to reach millions of lost souls for Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God and His glory.


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