MentorCare Ministries

The motto of MentorCare Ministries is, "To mentor is to care." We specialize in mentor training for churches, aftercare centers and interested groups. We also provide an in-prison course to teach inmates practical issues they face after release.

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Who We Are

Dedicated to prison aftercare or in-prison mentoring. We teach preparation for release classes in prison, train mentors and publish three manuals. We have a four-month program called "Preparing for Success on the Outside."

We desire to assist aftercare centers to help them become better established. We can bring various resources to bear in areas of administration, fund raising, literature development, facility selection, forms and rules, board development or just encouragement.

Our Vision

Our goal is to strengthen aftercare centers and encourage more churches to be involved in receiving and mentoring inmates as they return to their neighborhoods. To that end, we provide training and introductions for churches to get involved.

Types Of Activity

1. Training.
2. Classes in Prison.
3. Mentoring Manual and CD ($25.00 plus shipping).
4. Preparing for Success on the Outside and CD ($35.00 plus shipping).
5. Starting and Operating a Post-Prison Aftercare Facility ($40.00 plus shipping).
6. Consulting with aftercare centers.


We minister nationwide, and will travel for training purposes to your site. Ask for details.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We have a newsletter every other month. Subscribe, if interested.

Books we have published

1. Mentoring Manual and CD ($25.00 plus shipping). Complete how to manual.
2. Preparing for Success on the Outside and CD ($35.00 plus shipping). Four month course teaching Christian life skills. Won Texas Governor's award.
3. Starting and Operating a Post-Prison Aftercare Facility ($40.00 plus shipping). Hard hitting manual with CD containing 1300 pages of additional forms and writings.

About Our Prison Ministry

Our mentor classes have been very successful. Why don't you schedule one in your church or group?

Is your aftercare center doing the best it can? Contact us to see if we can help.

Support In

We need:

1. Mentors - agree to work with returning inmates for six months.
2. Churches to help support mentors.
3. Financial support.
4. Teachers for inside classes


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