Missions Asia

1 Chro.16.23 - Sing to the Lord all the earth; proclaim His salvation day after day.

Who We Are

Missions Asia is the fellowship of the great commission Christians everywhere that committed for upholding native leaders of 10/40 window nations to reach out their own people and nations.

Our Vision

It is an association of indigenous independent ministries of Asia to build effective strategic relation among them to reach their own people and communities by equipping local leadership. To encourage and promote a prayer net work for harvest. To impart the vision of unreached people to the Christians and utilize their participation to reach out Asia. To investigate new resources to develop Asian mission work. To promote ministry in selected prisons and jails nationwide.

Types Of Activity

To encourage, assist and serve independent ministries. To gather and publish current mission reports from Asia and the rest of the nations. To promote consultations focused on various frontiers of the mission effort.


We plan to do all over India but at present, in Andaman Islands, Tamil Nadu State, Kerala State and New Delhi.

About Our Prison Ministry

We are registered, non-profit organization that maintained by the free-will offering and contributions of Godís people.

Support In

To get more committed ministers working in prison ministry with Good Samaritan concern.


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