Moving On Ministry

Every individual needs someone to turn to in times of trials, troubles, and stress. Those individuals need to be capable of pointing the person to the Lord for guidance. Our wishes are that we would have a list of supportive churches and services that individuals might look forward to attending once released.

3 John 1:4 - I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

Who We Are

Bob & Linda are chaplains certified through Central California Fellowship of Chaplains as Basic Chaplain, Police Chaplain, and School Resource Chaplain. We completed the Prison Fellowship Ministry Broken Reed Certification. Please help us with input with the newsletter as we strive to serve God. We appreciate any articles, testimonies, or input.

Our Vision

Our wishes are that we would have a list of supportive churches that individuals might look forward to attending once released. A list of services available, such as housing, employment, and counseling services, as well as some individuals available for friendly fellowship are also much needed items. We have purchased land and are planning on a Christian retreat for inmates and family. Pray that God keeps what appears as impossible to us, happening.

Types Of Activity

Visitation, open Bible study, letter correspondence, monthly newsletter (8 - 20 pages), connecting released individuals with "lifeguards" for future life guidance. Willing to help do presentations to promote local groups to start-up or expand in jail / prison ministry.


Currently ministering in Tulare County Detention facilities, Corcoran Prison, and follow up ministry available in all 33 prisons of California. We write to all states in the USA, as well as to individuals in Egypt, Africa, India, Nepal, and many other places. Mission trip taken to Swaziland, Africa.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We have a Quarterly jail & prison ministry newsletter because there is too much to share. The name of the newsletter is "Letter From M.O.M." The intentions of the newsletter are to allow an understanding of jail & prison ministries. Life experiences of the faith and fellowship from those locked up in the facilities are always desired to let others know of the value of visitation.

Books we have published

We mail a monthly newsletter to inmates free of charge. There is a cost of $.60 for B&W photocopying the 16 pages on 4 sheets of paper ($1.20 when foll size prints) and $.44 for postage ($.61 when full size), and up to $.08 for envelopes, making each mailing about $1.10 ($1.86 full size). With 420 to 600 of these going out each month, we appreciate any donations. We would like individuals to support an inmate for $15.00 to help cover the cost of mailings.

About Our Prison Ministry

Since God's Kingdom includes the inhabitants of all the Earth, we would like to contact those inhabitants and share His Good News. Although we each spend 40 to 60 hours a week in ministry, we all work full time to help with the expenses.

Support In

Pray for our continued pace with such a large amount to accomplish. Pray that the desire will come to the surface of those called by our Lord to "go and do likewise." Pray that the Lord will "prepare the ground" before we go to "plant the seed." We are a 501(c)3 non profit corporation, mainly self supported and appreciate any donations to help.


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