Rapture Street

Helping the hopeless and incarcerated in need of the healing of the Gospel. Spreading the good news of the Gospel.

Isaiah Chapter 53.

Who We Are

We are a ministry that provides hope and knowledge of Christ to the unsaved and believers. We help all those in need. I was a drug addict spent time in the gutter and thanks to Jesus Christ I'm saved. Seeing all the signs in our world convinced me we are not ready for the coming of our lord Jesus Christ. So, I want all lost sheep to follow Jesus.

Our Vision

Helping the poor, incarcerated and hopeless. Helping people however Christ sees fit.

Types Of Activity

Bible study, Website, YouTube and visiting local jails.


WV and OH jails in the USA, and prisons whenever possible.

Support In

Pray for our troops, inmates that need hope, abused children and whoever is crying out to Jesus Christ.


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