Marianne Penland Christian Ministries

You do have a purpose in God through Christ !!! It is NOT just to serve as a bad example to others !!! Let us help you find it!

Phillipians 4:6 - "Be not anxious about anything, but with supplecation and thanksgiving, take your requests to the Lord in prayer."

Who We Are

We cater to the Christians who feel like the "underdogs". ("No good deed goes unpunished", "What did I do to deserve this", "I give up trying to be good" mentality)

Our Vision

To let them see that God has a unique purpose for them -- and unconditional Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness for all who believe and will put it in His Hands! If you believe, you will receive!

Types Of Activity

Mail, phone, and one-on-one ministry.


Southeast U.S.

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Our new ministry.


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