Dorothea Charters

Stories about inmates from the perspective of inmates and those who support them. Information to help gain a better understanding and perspective on those in prison and wrongful convictions.

Luke 4:18 - He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free,

Who We Are

This initiative is very small. This started simply to communicate some of the issues inmates face and the impact on their lives and loved ones. There are believers who support this initiative in prayer and nonbelievers who support the general concerns. This site includes stories about inmates from the perspective of inmates and those who support them in order to show the public another view about these lives, the dynamics and how we can learn to help by gaining a better understanding.

Our Vision

To encourage others play a part in understanding the issues more, or praying for individuals, looking at policy changes and dynamics leading up to arrest and incarceration. To envision a better future for people impacted by prison. To partner in some way with others to help improve lives in a tangible way.To look at wrongful convictions more specifically and the falsely accused, to post information on specific programs,supports or referrals. The vision of course is done prayerfully

Types Of Activity

Communication with others who do prison work,occasional contributions to "Calls from Home", Visiting an inmate in an Ontario prison. Attending Wrongful Conviction Day every year and lectures on Wrongful Convictions,transcribing stories. Prayer and study on biblical principals surrounding how Christians can participate in prison ministries


One prison in Ontario, Canada.

Support In

Pray for inmate and prison staff conversions, bible studies,Christian prison ministries, the Chaplins, funds for phone cards and transportation,for the wrongfully convicted and a public understanding issues, better investigations, false accusers too,in cases where they were used to convict innocent men,for justice in cases where men are convicted as a result of collusion, false evidence and/or unjust judges. Pray for the Lords intervention is all these issues above and wisdom oh where we fit in.


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