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N C Baptist MenN Y Christian Life Center
N. Central Juv. Correctional FacilityN.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility
N.Piedmont CCWNairobi Prison Ministry
Nairobi Outreach for the PrisonersNancy R Kime
Narrow Path Prison MinistriesNash Correctional Institution
Nash County Jail MinistryNasorey
Nasory Rehab CenterNathaniel Ministries Inc.
National Academy of Business Arts & Comp.National Alliance for Radical Prison Reform
National Association of Mighty IntercessorsNational Incarcerated Veterans Network USA
National Reentry Resource CenterNations Ford Baptist Church
Native American Church Prison MinistryNative Descendant Circle Church
Navasota Correctional CenterNavotas Prison Ministry
NC Cwcbood Institution for WomenNC Friends for Inmates Everywhere
NCH CorporationNd Highway Patrol Chaplaincy
Ne Aftercare Min Inc (The Bridge House)Neal Unit
Nebraska Center for WomenNebraska Correctional Treatment Center
Nebraska State PenitentiaryNeillsville Assembly of God
NET Training InstituteNetcaster's Evangelistic Team Sports
Neuss Correctional CenterNevada State Prison
Nevada Women's Correctional CenterNew Beginning
New Beginning Church of PhiladelphiaNew Beginning Ministries
New Beginning Ministry Alliance Inc.New Beginning Outreach Ministries, Inc.
New Beginning Prison MinistryNew Beginning Urban Missions
New BeginningsNew Beginnings in Christ
New Beginnings with Jesus ChristNew Beginnings Women & Juveniles Outreach
New Brothers FellowshipNew Castle Correctional Facility
New Chance RanchNew Chance Range
New Chaplain International IncNew Chapter
New Covenant Church of Philadelphia Prison MinistryNew Covenant Ministries
New Creation Overcomers MinistriesNew Day Services For Children and Families
New Days Prison MinistryNew Directions Prison Ministries
New England Aftercare Min., Inc.(The Bridge House)New England Aftercare Ministries, Inc.
New England Prison MinistriesNew Foundations Ministries
New Friends New LifeNew Gate Prison Ministry
New Generation Church Prison MinistryNew Hampshire Prison Ministries
New Hanover Correctional CenterNew Haven Correctional Center
New Heart 13New Hope
New Hope Baptist Church Prison MinistryNew Hope Ministries
New Hope Outreach for WomanNew Hope Prison Ministries
New Hope Prison MinistryNew Jersey State Prison
New JerUnited Stateslem Church Of God In ChristNew JerUnited Stateslem Missionary Baptist Church
New JerusalemNew Jerusalem Cogic
New Jerusalem Ministries, Inc.New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church
New LifeNew Life Adaptation Center
New Life Assembly of GodNew Life Center
New Life Christian Crusades, Inc.New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry
New Life Church Prison OutreachNew Life Corrections Ministry
New Life CourseNew Life Deliverance Rescue Mission
New Life Foursquare Prison MinistryNew Life Halfway House
New Life Jail MinistryNew Life Journey - Ottawa County Jail Ministry
New Life Juvenile Justice MinistriesNew Life Lviv
New Life MinistriesNew Life Ministries
New Life MinistryNew Life Outreach International
New Life Prison MinistriesNew Life Prison Ministries International
New Life Prison MinistryNew Life Prison Ministry
New Life Prison MinistryNew Life Prison Ministry
New Life Prison MinistryNew Life Prison Ministry (Seva)
New Life Radio MoscowNew Life Reentry Program
New Life SocietyNew Life Spirit Recovery
New Life UkraineNew Life-Hope Prison Ministry
New Light Christian Center Church Jail and Prison MinistryNew Light Christian Center Church Jail Ministry
New lLfe MinistryNew Man Walking
New Mexico Women's Correctional FacilityNew Mount Zoar Prison Ministry
New River Correctional InstitutionNew Spirit Missionary Outreach
New StartNew Testament Outreach Holiness
New Vision Organization, Inc.New York City Department of Correction
New York State Department of CorrectionsNewberry Correctional Facility
Newlife Ministries Assemblies of GodNewstarts County Jail and Prison Ministry
Newstarts Jail And Prison MinNewton Correctional Release Center
Ney SAFPFNH State Prison Complex
Ni River Community Church Prison MinistryNice RRR
Nicole ChildsNikao Life Ministries
Nina Suni Pen-PalsNo Compromises Ministry
No Longer BoundNo Turning Back
NOAH Ministries ChurchNoble Correctional Institution
noneNORCOR Chaplain
Norfolk Rescue Mission, Inc.North Alabama Prison Ministry
North Central Correctional FacilityNorth Central Unit
North Florida Reception CenterNorth Idaho Correctional Institution
North Kern State PrisonNortheast Correctional Center
Northeast Correctional CenterNortheast Oklahoma Correctional Center
Northeast Pre-Release CenterNortheast Regional Correctional Facility
Northeastern Correctional InstitutionNorthern California Women's Facility
Northern Correctional CenterNorthern Correctional Institution
Northern Illinis Conference of the United Methodist ChurchNorthern Mexico Prison Ministry
Northern Nevada Correctional CenterNorthern Nevada Restitution Center
Northern Reception CenterNorthern State Correctional Facility
Northern State PrisonNorthern Uganda Born Again Prisons Ministry
Northpoint Training CenterNorthpoint Training Center
Northside Correctional InstitutionNorthwest Arkansas Work Release Center
Northwest Correctional CenterNorthwest Probation Detention Center
Northwest State Correctional FacilityNorthwestern College
Norton Correctional FacilityNot By Works Band
Not Forsaken MissionsNot Forsaken Prison Ministry
Not Forsaken Prison MinistryNoth Central Correctional Institution
Notrh-Osetia Prison MinistryNottoway Correctional Center
Nova Institution for WomenNow Prison Ministries
Nt Christian Church Salvation Of Jesus ChristNuNature Ministries
Nutley Assembly of God of BellevilleNutley Assembly of God of Nutley