New Beginning Prison Ministry

The New Beginning Prison Ministry helps ex-cons and their families through the often difficult first six months transitional period.

Hebrews 13:6 - Hence we can confidently say, " The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man (or overwhelming circumstances) shall do unto me ".

Who We Are

We are a network of volunteers. Moved by the unction of the Holy Spirit by the plight of recently released inmates, who are transitioning back into society.

Our Vision

To see men and women successfully navigate around pitfalls and obstacles in their New Beginning. Long term vision: Nationwide follow-up programs, providing one of a kind assistance, to both the ex-con and their family during the trials they face through this difficult transition period.

Types Of Activity

New Beginning volunteers would be putting together Preparedness packages. A FAQ web site will be available soon .In the future there will be a Transitioning Hot line .


We are currently located in the west central Indiana area.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Our web site will be up dated weekly. Newsletters bi-monthly.

Books we have published

" The Inner-net Guide to the Holiness Highway " By Larry Smith This should be made available as soon as a volunteer shows me how to make it possible. I'm far from being a computer whiz. That's why God has made YOU! I'm just a toe, you can be the brain or arm.

About Our Prison Ministry

We want to meet with other like minded people who are committed to helping ex-felons find their way after prison. Please contact us.

Support In

Please pray that each released person will find Jesus , through all of our efforts.


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