New Spirit Missionary Outreach

Judge not according to appearance - John 7:24

Who We Are

We are a ministry that reaches jails,prisons,halfway houses,and youth centers in the Southeast Missouri area. Our goul is to reach the lost who are locked up,and to teach and train the word of God, so they can reach other people who have been where they have been.

Our Vision

Our vision is to show churches and institutions that no matter how bad you mess up, you don't have to give up ! I was that person who messed up more times than I could count; it was only by the grace of god that I lived through 24 years of drug and alcohol abuse and street life. I started drug and alcohol abuse at the age of 14 and got delivered at the age of 38. I am working on my Masters in Theology in Discipline of Restorative Justice. God can change anyone if he can change me.

Types Of Activity

Prison and Jail Restoration, Drug and Alcohol Recovery, Bible Training.


Farmington , Missouri (FCC) ; (CSC) District 12 Probation and Parole. Aquinas Treatment Center, W.E. Sears Youth Center in Poplar Bluff , Missouri.


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