New Beginning Urban Missions

Welcome mat for ex-felons.

Col. 3:13 - Bear with each other and forgive one another. If anyone has a grievance against someone, forgive them as the Lord has forgiven you.

Who We Are

New Beginning Urban Missions connect with Chaplains and ex-felons who are soon to be released. We try to put a Prison Ministry volunteer at bus stations, airports, train depots where the prisons deliver ex-felons too, when they are released. We meet, feed, and conversate. We give them a snack bag and water for the trip home. We see them off, and arrange with other PM's to meet them at their destinations. To make sure they get to the work release center, halfway house or family housing.

Our Vision

Removing the temptations of alcohol, drugs, and prostitution. With a recidivism rate of 66%. Before the ex-felons even get to their release destination. We try to keep them focused on their priorities. Freedom, staying out.

Types Of Activity

We teach life skills, and help with getting their Identification together. Mentoring them to become self sufficient with programs that show how to get free medical insurance, where the blood banks are, EBT, cheap housing, clothing vouchers, bus passes, and Bible based churches near their locations.


Indiana, USA.

About Our Prison Ministry

We supply cases of water to the homeless.

Support In

Prayer for the families of the ex-felon.


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