National Incarcerated Veterans Network USA

Complete healing of sinfulness that will lead one to right standing with God. Guidance in becoming productive members of society and family working especially with our fellow veterans who are now entangled in the justice systems here in the United States. Pro Deo Et Patria.

Psalm 146:7 -" ..the Lord looseth the prisoner".

Who We Are

We Are the Spritual Arm Of the National Incarcerated Veterans Network USA. An IRS Approved 501(c)19 Not-For-Profit VSO, and operating from our National Office here in the United States which is located at 246D W. McFarland Street Bells, Texas 75414

Our Vision

Sharing our faith in Jesus Christ to those who are now entangled in the justice systems of America We also help our fellow Veterans with VA Claims and offer them any information concerning resources for them when they re-enter society.

Types Of Activity

Free Bible Study By Mail Program. counseling in reentry, VA Benefits and other information needs as appropriate when they contact our office.


TX, CA, KS, NC, AL, CO, FL, WA, TN, NJ, MI, GA, NC, AK, MO, NJ, NY of the U.S.A.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Looking to get new material available in 2020 2021, if we are able to form a more firm financial foundation. That is what we're actively working on at this time. July 2021

Books we have published

We have now begun work on a newsletter with tentative plans are to publish and distribute quarterly. There are several magazines, e.g. GOSPEL ADVOCATE, that has published short stories and letters we've written. You may contact us for copies of these that we will furnish freely without obligation on your part.

About Our Prison Ministry

We are pleased to announce that Marguerite Carter is now a member of the National Incarcerated Veterans Ministry as Office Administrator to the Senior Chaplain P. Marcus Carter, A.P.C. We're also partners of the Independence Program in Claremore, Oklahoma.

Support In

The finacial needs of our organization. The inmates enrolled in our Bible Study, and those who have written to us about medical issues such as cancer. May God bless the hands caring for them. We also ask that you join us in our prayers for those leaving prison and trying to transition to family and communities.


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