New Covenant Church of Philadelphia Prison Ministry

New Covenant Church of Philadelphia Prison Ministry. We minister the word weekly, bi-weekly and monthly county prisons and jails on State Road in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We teach the word to bring repentance, new birth and hope. We minister to both male and females.

For God did not send His Son in to the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved. John 3:17.

Who We Are

Currently we minister the word, locally, in the county prisons on a weekly basis. We do this 'to set the prisoner free' in their minds, to bring repentance and a corresponding change in lifestyle/behavior.
The prisoners appreciate our presence and ministry. We are always there with the unchanging and liberating Word of God. We preach Christ, crucified, resurrected, coming again and salvation only in His name. Amen.

Our Vision

To become statewide. To establish reentry programs in the male and female prisons. To minister to families of prisoners and to establish (a) halfway house(s) for both sexes. We have a forty-two acre campus with sixteen buildings which are to be fully utilized.
To heal the broken hearted and to bind up their wounds. To bring wholeness to them by making them relevant to family, self and society. To contain recidivism and close the 'prison pipeline'.
We can do the same for adjudicated youth.

Types Of Activity

For now we simply preach the Kingdom of God, instilling salvation in Christ through repentance and hope.


We minister at present in the county of Philadelphia. We minister weekly at CFCF, and bi-weekly at PICC and Detention Center. We also minister at the Women's Prison. All of these are located on State Road.

About Our Prison Ministry

It is a growing ministry under a new leadership.

Support In

We need more laborers for the harvest.
We also need to conserve the harvest.
We need funds for such a large project.
We need to establish a job readiness/reentry programs in the local prisons and or jails.


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