Macedonia Missions Network

We accept women from all ethnic groups and trust to keep them beginning with 3 months and then re evaluate their process and desires. We help them with jobs, clothing, and basic need to get started. We trust to see them planted in a church with a mentor and surrounded by Godly friends. We supply social and Bible study times with them.

Acts 16:9 - ...Come over and Help us.

Who We Are

A ministry that offers Transitional housing, possible schooling, mentoring, church home to women coming out of prison.

Our Vision

To see women come to know Christ, find a place with His people, and literally show Christ is their actions at work, home and all of society they are envolved in.

Types Of Activity

We give housing, help with job search, connect them with christian friends. Host Bible studies and suggest and encourage schooling of some sort.


We want to minister into prisons in the future and have some friends who do this.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Have plans for a newsletter with pictures of activities of the women and testimonies

About Our Prison Ministry

We are young at doing this but know that it is a very needy area of society to help in.

Support In

1. Unity of team leaders with humility to take correction;
2. That all women will feel the love of God from all people in the home;
3. God will give us women that we can truly help in every area of life.


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