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Need Biblical answers or counseling on something but are afraid of face to face confrontation? Then contact the On Line Minister via Email. Get the answers you need from God's Word on-line.

Examine me, O God, and know my mind. Test me, and know my thoughts. See whether I am on an evil path. Then lead me on the everlasting path (Psalms 139:23 - 24 GWT ).

Who We Are

The On-Line minister is a one-man ministry, dedicated to bring the truth of "True to the Word" Christianity to a lost and dying world. It is not what the Bible teaches that causes error but what the Bible does not teach. We need to get back, all the way back to the Bible alone so we can be about our Father's business and not the "corporate" church's business. The Word of God and it only, is infallible. Read Ephesians 4:4-5.

Our Vision

To win the conflict in the spiritual realm, this humble outpost serves with honor the Lord Jesus Christ, commander in chief of all active front line, combat faith fighters of the churches of Christ in America and the world today.

Types Of Activity

On line spiritual counseling with out face to face confrontation dealing only in Biblical answers for today's problems, dealing with Christian unity, presenting the pure gospel of Jesus Christ as found in the New Testament. Answering your questions with Biblical Answers.


Any with On-Line Services and a grasp of the English language.

Books we have published

Book I have written, But not yet published. "God's Wonderful Book, God's Wonderful Plan"

About Our Prison Ministry

Have a question needing a Bible answer? Email me the question and I will respond.

Support In

No support needed financially nor is it solicited, just your prayers.


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