Daniel Matthew National Assembly Church

Our mission is to make sure the Ecclesiastical education is provided no matter were the child, student or member is. We are the foundation of all ministries providing training, support and development services to the college and our local churches.

[We] I, can do all things....

Who We Are

Daniel Matthew National Assembly Church (the Church at Daniel Matthew College") is a international ministry founded out of GODs' vision in Bishop Larry L. Henderson ("A former member and Auxiliary Director at Nazareth Temple COGIC (St. Louis, Missouri) under the leadership of the late & beloved Elder Freddie Thompson, Pastor, in the year of our LORD on March 2, 1992. We stand under the proper will as it is related to the monotheistic faith.

Our Vision

Our vision is to seek to make each church GOD'S house once again, open to ex-offenders and prison ministries, while developing the mind of the ex-offenders and correcting ours:

Types Of Activity

General support groups; counseling services to students of the college; ordination support for those within prisons, whom will like to learn more about being under such ordination it's application to a new life in GOD. We annually post our newsletter "The National Mono Report" to members and those whom request it.


We are connected with many of the local churches, correctional centers and at the Daniel Matthew College campus.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We sent annually our newsletter "The National Mono Report" to members and those whom request it.

Books we have published

"Now Hope Is Here" By Bishop Larry L. Henderson. " The Truth About being in Prison" By Bishop Larry L. Henderson (this book provides inmates with the hope instruction needed to live and parent from any prison")

About Our Prison Ministry

Minister Essil A Rogers (Dean & General Board Member) oversees our School of Ecclesiastical Studies and outreach program for the community. While Bishop Larry L. Henderson is the College Bishop and Counselor.

Support In

We seek your prayers for our staff (both the church, our local churches and the college), students and their families. All of our Elected officials and you (our supporter's in prayers, donation and time. This we seek prayer always.


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