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2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

I am Senior Corrections Pastor for the Ottawa Count Jails. I worked in the jails for a number of years as a Ged. teacher, but gave minstry as well. I felt strongly led to retire from my job and devote my time to the "bruised and broken". I have been ministrering in the jails as a pastor for about 7 years. I am recoginized at the annual award banquet and referred to as "one of the family". I supply CEV Bibles for the inmates , as well as The Upper Room devotionals. Our congregation purchased a TV for the 2nd floor where the women are housed in one of the facilities in order that I may bve able to share testimonies of born again felons, and for use by the AA counselors.
I have been involved in outreach to the down-trodden in community and church activities. I also served as the State Spiritual Enrichment Commissioner for Church Women United in Ohio, and was named as one of ten outstanding adult educators by the Ohio Department of Education.' among other things.

Our Vision

To let them know that I accept them and love them becasue of the spirit of love and acceptance of Jesus Christ for them has filled me, prepared me, and called me to bring them that Good News, and that accepting him will bring us the forgivenss, peace, and joy that we all need, if we repent and serve him daily.
I am able to love them in a way I never dreamed possible becasue of Christ. My goals are to share my testimony of his love and power that is available to everyone who believes. The process has been faster for some to repent and change, but it is those who give me the committment to continue. I am a sower of lthe seed.

Types Of Activity

We are limited in thei county as to what we can do. They would not even allow one out to vbe baptized. So we study the scriptures, sometimes the ones they have questions about, other times I purchase Bible studies at a Christan book store. We finished " Spiritual Warfare" recently and currently are doing "God Accepts Me." We have worship services at Easter and Christmas time and I periodically take in Communion. I am called in for counseling when there is a need.


Port Clinton, Ohio.

About Our Prison Ministry

I have called on family members at home, in the hospital, taken released persons home that had no way,and maintain contact with several afterwards. A real bonding occurs with many. I have been asked to perform marriage ceremonies. Currently therei are sev

Support In

Send me informatoion whereby I may get some new ideas. I wish that some day it would be possible for those I perceive as genuine to be able to get out and come to church before their release and thereby establish a pattern and let them know they have a church home available. Any suggestions of how to go about making inroads into the current policy?


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