Break Bread Prison Outreach

Break bread Prison Outreach is led by rap music icon and pioneer Miami Mike Devine known for pioneering gospel rap music ministry & prison outreach in Denver, Colorado and Florida, USA.

Hebrews 4:12-13 The Word of God is living and active..... Nothing is hidden from the God of all creation.

Who We Are

BBPO is a effort to return encouragement to our brothers behind the fences and walls. Since 2001-2003 , we have been instrumental in getting the bigger churches more active in the facilities in Oklahoma. TD Jakes and books from Dr. Tony Evans over the years, also Bill McCartney's support and prayers. We have released a publication to all about one man's journey through incarceration- Pullin' Chains.

Our Vision

Begin to hit all USA yards with powerful services and reintergrate men in to jobs and society while putting the strongest church arms around these men.

Our outreach efforts are now based out of our Church Departments.

Types Of Activity

Miami Mike Devine chapel services and full concert presentations. Male and Father Mentoring Prog., and bible studies.


We have hit facilities all over Florida 1992-94., New Mexico in 1995; Gilliam/DenverColorado Juvenile Facilities in 1996; other jails and facilities in Oklahoma and Colorado future opportunities expected.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Break Bread Quarterly( 3 times a year) is a new work. THIS 2 pager will be distributed in small bulk mail to supporters and new prisoners

Support In

Prayer request for our new church plant and underwriting.


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