Crime Victims Services

Victim Ministry of Crime Victim Services trains Christian volunteers to assist victims one-on-one through their trauma and practical needs. As friendships develop, victims emotional and spiritual needs of victims are met, and lives are changed. Serving Allen and Putnam Counties, Ohio.

Luke 10 Good Samaritan Story is Jesus' answer to "How do I get to heaven?" and "Who is my neighbor," and ends with Jesus saying (about helping the robbed …

Who We Are

The agency started in 1985 as a victim offender mediation program, and has evolved into a comprehensive victim assistance program in two Ohio Counties. The Victim Ministry Program started in 1992 with paid staff starting in 1996. In 2003 the Victim Ministry Program won the Ohio Attorney General's Promising Practice Award for victim assistance.

Our Vision

To help victims prevail over the trauma of victimization by assisting and advocating for safety, healing, justice, and restitution. The Victim Ministry Program in particular seeks to help victims find their place with God through Jesus Christ.

Types Of Activity

The agency provides court advocacy, hearing notifications, and other emotional, financial, and spiritual support services. The Victim Ministry Program provides trained Christian volunteers one-on-one with victims for outreach and "friendship evangelism" in an emotional and spiritually safe environment.


We assist victims of crime, and our Victim Ministry Program assists victims primarily of violent crime, including domestic violence, drunk driving, sexual assault, stalking, and homicide.

Support In

Additional volunteers, open hearts of crime victims, leadership wisdom.


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