Parents With Incarcerated Children

This support group was designed and is being perfected through my own personal experience with my son who is now incarcerated. God can only use me because of where I have been and where I have to go.

Psalms 32:8 - I will instruct you and show you the way to go; with My eye on you, I will give counsel.

Who We Are

At the present time, Danette is the President and Founder of Parents with Incarcerated Children (P.W.I.C.). God placed this on her heart after she went through a period of time where her son was addicted to drugs and is presently incarcerated. Mrs. Butler-Wilson affirms that time of her life was one of her hardest ever. Having to personally place the handcuffs on her one and only child was an extremely difficult experience.

Our Vision

To assist parents while dealing with their child’s incarceration. This group was designated to guide their parents through the correct judiciary system according to their policies and procedures. A group such as this, major focus is on the mental and emotional development of parents who have given their all to make their child’s life better

Types Of Activity

We provide the following assistance: Mentoring, Counseling, Courtroom assistance and prison visits.


We minister in jails and prisons throughout the state of Delaware.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Our newsletter is published 4 times a year and is distributed throughout the state of Delaware for a cost of $2.

Support In

Please pray for sponsors to assist with the transitional housing that I would like to put into place for people coming out of prison and entering back into the world.


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