God's Will Prison Ministry

It is my goal and Job in life to serve God in any and all ways He sees fit to have me do.

Philippians 4: 11 - ...not that I speak in respect of want. for I have learned what ever state I am there for to be content.

Who We Are

Hello . I am the director of Calvary Baptist Church Prison ministry. I am a Associate leave chaplain with Chaplains International ID # 10829. exp. 07/24/09. I fill it is my job to minister to all of Gods lost no matter were I have to go to do it I was not always a God following Christian but know it is the air I breath and all I want to do in my life I hope I can help out you people as well.

Our Vision

My goals are to bring as many souls to Christ as passable be for I go home. I know that I can not save anybody. but I can sure bring them to God and let Him do the rest.

Types Of Activity

My activity is to help my Church in setting up programs for the inmates.


Effingham Detention Center. Effingham, SC. and I am trying to get set up in Bishopvell, SC as well.

About Our Prison Ministry

We are branching out to other churches for help and it is looking good we need all the help we can get. Gods work is a pleasure but it can get hard at times but that's when we do our best work.

Support In

We ask that all pray that we will keep doing and knowing God's will and that He will be happy as He looks down on us. Not to glorify us. but only to lift up His name. and help save His children.


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