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ThugExposed.Org Ministries conducts workshops, creates videos and podcasts to expose the truth about the growing deadly epidemic of the thug culture. In today’s world being a thug is presented by the entertainment industry as not only cool, but sexy and to be respected.
ThugExposed.Org exposes the ancient culture roots of the thug going all the way back to Ancient Babylon, along with the deadly consequences.

Ephesians 5:11

Who We Are

We provide Gang and Drug Prevention and Life-Skills curriculum and resources to group homes, correctional facilities, youth programs, churches, schools, and parents by conducting workshops, training, consulting and guidance sessions. We have Free resources via on-line through our website Our curriculum is the book Thug Mentality Exposed, accompanies with a 150 page work-booklet and over 50 videos and podcasts, produced in-house.

Types Of Activity

How does ThugExposed.Org work with the community?
*The community accesses our services via phone and website
Offers free on-line life skills, gang & drug prevention curriculum (Work-booklet)

Free on-line Gang & Drug Prevention Videos (produced in-house)
Bible Studies



Our magazine (newsletter)

Awareness News Report

Books we have published

Thug Mentality Exposed "Journal of a Youth Correctional Counselor"
Author Rayford Johnson, 360 pages

Thug Mentality Exposed will take the reader on a raw and bold journey into the heart of the thug world through the eyes and experiences of a correctional counselor and photojournalist.

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