The Reformed Catholic Church

The Reformed Catholic Church is a diverse Faith Community, united in our faith and liberated by the Gospels! We are committed to serving our sisters and brothers through social justice progams that draw their strength from the liberating teachings of Jesus The Christ, , and genuine, unconditional love of all of God's people.

This I command you: Love One Another!
John 15: 17

Who We Are

The Reformed Catholic Church is a growing faith community that is dedicated to Social Justice Issues. Our varied ministries across the United States include outreach to those with HIV/AIDS, Safe Church Programs, Educational Programs, Combatting Homelessness, The Development of a Free Clinic, A Free Employment Placement Project and a Social Justice Center that will open in the next several months.

Our Vision

As we focus on Social Justice issues, we recognize that those who are in the prison system need our respect, care and our love, as Christ commanded. Several of our priests and deacons feel a call to this important ministry and are interested in the immediate development of a prison ministry outreach program.

Types Of Activity

Our Goals for this ministery outreach are:

To provide Catholic teachings to those in prison who find strength in the Catholic Faith.
To Provide access to the Sacraments of the Catholic Church to those who find strength in those sacraments.
To Provide Faith-based counseling to those in prison needing this outlet.
To assist in the transition from incarceration to liberation.
To Provide comfort and support to those newly incarcerated.


Prison Ministries are open to the Diocese and Vicariates of the United States.

About Our Prison Ministry

The Reformed Catholic Church is committed to Social Justice programs that offer genuine support, hope and affirmation of human dignity!

Support In

The families, most especially the children, of those incarcerated. May God in His Mercy help break the cycle of poverty, hopelessness, fear and anger they suffer and bring them the peace that comes from His Gospel of Love. +Amen


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