Deerfield Correctional Facility

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Who We Are

The Deerfield Correctional Facility is located on 30 acres and is immediately adjacent to the southwest boundary of the Riverside Correctional Facility. All buildings have sealed concrete slab floors and are weatherized. Walls are covered with plaster board and the facility has acoustic-tile ceilings. The prison consists of separate buildings for administration, food service, maintenance, educational programs, a print shop and prisoner housing.

Our Vision

Academic programming includes: Adult Basic Education, General Educational Development and Life Role Competency classes.

Vocational training includes office occupations, building trades, graphic arts, printing and building maintenance. The public works program involves work crews that fulfill general labor contracts with local governmental agencies.

About Our Prison Ministry

Security includes two 12-foot fences, rolls of razor-ribbon wire, sensor and electronic systems and fence-mounted perimeter cameras. A patrol road surrounds the perimeter and armed personnel supply continuous security.


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