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3 John 1:4 - I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

Correctional Institution. Members of International Network of Prison Ministries.

Adirondack Correctional FacilityAirway Heights Correctional Center
Al Burrus Correctional Training CenterAlamance Correctional Center
Albany Transitional CenterAlbert Wagner Youth Correctional Facility
Albion Correctional CenterAlbion Correctional Facility
Albion Correctional InstitutionAlexander Correctional Center
Alger Maximum Correctional FacilityAlgoa Correctional Center
Allen Correctional CenterAllen Correctional Institution (ACI)
Allendale Correctional InstitutionAllenwood Ferderal Correctional Institution
Altona Correctional FacilityAnson Correctional Center
Anvil Mountain Correctional CenterApalachee Correctional Institution
Appalachian Correctional Unit (Unit 29)Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility
Arrowhead Correctional CenterArthur Kill Correctional Facility
Atlanta Transitional CenterAtterbury Correctional Facility
Attica Correctional FacilityAuburn Correctional Facility
Augusta Correctional CenterAugusta Correctional Medical Institution
Avenal State PrisonAvery Correctional Center
Avey Mttchell Correctional InstitutionAvon Park Correctional Institution
Avoyelles Correctional CenterB. Moore Correctional Facility
Baker Correctional InstitutionBaldwin Correctional Institution
Baltimore City Correctional CentrBaltimore City Correctional Centr
Baraga Maximum Correctional FacilityBare Hill Correctional Facility
Baskerville Correctional Unit (Unit 4)Bay Correctional Facility
Bay State Correctional CenterBayview Correctional Facility
Beacon Correctional FacitityBedford Hills Correctional Center
Belmont Correctional InstitutionBeltefonte Correctional Institution
Bent County Correctional FacilityBergin Correctional Institution
Big Muddy River Correctional CenterBill Johnson Correctional Center
Blackburn Correctional ComplexBland Correctional Center
Booneville Correctional CenterBostick Correctional Institution
Botetourt Correctional Center (Unit 25)Brevard Correctional Institution
Bridgeport Correctional CenterBroad River Correctional Institutton
Brockbridge Correctional FacilityBrooklyn Correctional Institution
Brooks Correctional FacilityBroward Correctional Institution
Brownfield Correctional CenterBrunswick Correctional Center
Brunswick Correctional CenterBuckingham Correctional Center
Buena Vista Correctional FacilityBuffalo Correctional Facility
Buncombe Correctional CenterC. Paul Phelps Correctional Center
Cabarrus Correctional CenterCaldwell Correctional Center
Caledonia Correctional InstitutionCalhoun Correctional Institution
Calhoun Correctional InstitutionCalifornia Correctional Center
California Correctional InstitutionCalifornia Institution for Men
California Medical FacilityCalifornia Men's Colony
California Rehabilitation CenterCalifornia State Prison
California State Prison, SacramentoCalipatria State Prison (CAL)
Cambridge Springs Correctional InstitutionCamp Hill State Correctional Institution
Canton Correctional CenterCape Vincent Correctional Facility
Carlisle Correctional CenterCaroline Correctional Unit (Unit 2)
Carteret Correctional CenterCaswell Correctional Center
Catawba Correctional CenterCayuga Correctional Facility
Centennial Correctional FacillityCentral Correctional Institution
Central Laundry Correctional FacilityCentral Michigan Correctional Facility
Central Miss. Correctional FacilityCentral Missouri Correctional Center
Central NM Correctional FacilityCentral Utah Correctional Facility
Century Correctional InstitutionChain O'Lakes Correctional Facility
Charleston Correctional FacilityCharlotte Correctional Center
Charlotte Correctional InstitutionChateaugay Correctional Facility
Chatham Correctional Unit (Unit 15)Cheshire Correctional Center
Cheshire Correctional InstitutionChillicothe Correctional Center
Chillicothe Correctional InstituteChippewa Correctional Facility
Chittenden Regional Correctional FacilityChuckawalla Valley State Prison
Clarinda Correctional FacilityClinton Correctional Facility
Clyde N. Philllps Correctional InstitutionCoastal Correctional Institution
Coffeewood Correctional CenterCold Springs Correctional Unit (Unit 10)
Coleman Federal Correctional InstitutionCollins Correctional Facility
Colorado Territorial Correctional FacilityColorado Women's Correctional Facility
Columbia Correctional InstitutionColumbia Correctional Institution
Columbia River Correctional InstitutionColumbia Women's Correctional Institution
Concord Correctional InstitutonCooper Street Correctional Facility
Correctional Adjustment CenterCorrectional Center Work Release Unit
Correctional InstitutionCorrectional Institution
Correctional InstitutionCorrectional Institution
Correctional Institution for WomenCorrectional Institution Hagerstown
Correctional Institution, PlymouthCorrectional Mental Health Facility
Correctional Reception CenterCorrectional Service Canada
Correctional Services of CanadaCorrectional Services of Canada Regional Headquarters
Correctional Training FacilityCorrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center
Coxsackie Correctional FacilityCraggy Correctional Center
Craven Correctional InstitutitonCresson Correctional Institution
Cross City Correctional InstitutionCross Connection Ministries
Crossroads Correctional CenterCummins Unit
Currituck Correctional CenterCybulski Correctional Institution
Dade Correctional InstitutionDallas Correctional Institution
David Wade Correctional CenterDayton Correctional Institution
Deep Meadow Correctional CenterDeerfield Correctional Center
Deerfield Correctional FacilityDelaware Correctional Center
Delta Correctional CenterDelta Correctional Facility
Denmar Correctional CenterDenver Women's Correctional Facility
Denver Women's Correctional FacilityDesert Correctional Center
DeSoto Correctional InstitutionDiboll Correctional Center
Dick Conner Correctional CenterDillwyn Correctional Center
Dinwiddie Correctional Unit (Unit 27)Dixon Correctional Center
Dodge Correctional InstitutionDooly Correctional Institution
Downcast Correctional FacilityDownstate Correctional Facility
Dr. Eddie W. Warrior Correctional CenterDublin Federal Correctional Inatitution
Duplin Correctional CenterDurham Correctional Center
Dwight Correctional CenterEast Moline Correctional Center
Eastern Correctional FacilityEastern Correctional Institution
Eastern Correctional InstitutionEastern Kentucky Correctional Complex
Eastern Oregon Correctional InstitutionECSO WMDC Chaplaincy Division
Edgecombe Correctional FacilityEdinburgh Correctional Facility
Edna Mahan Women's Correctional FacilityEgeler Correctional Facility
El Dorado Correctional FacilityElayn Hunt Correctional Center
Ellsworth Correctional FacilityElmira Correctional Facility
Enfield Correctional InstitutionEssex Co. Correctional
Evans Correctional InstitutionEverglades Correctional Institution
Faderal Correctional InstitutionFairbanks Correctional Center
Fairfax Correctional Unit (Unit 30)Farmington Correctional Center
FCI SheridanFederal Correctional institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional Institution McKeanFederal Correctional Institution Schuylkill
Federal Correctional Institution, AshlandFederal Correctional Institution, Englewood
Federal Correctional Institution, La TunaFederal Correctional Institution, Med.
Federal Detention CenterFiji Prison Ministry
Fishkill Correctional FacilityFlorida Correctional institution
Fluvanna Correctional CenterFoothills Correctional Institution
Forest Hays Correctional InstitutionForsyth Correctional Center
Fountain Correctional Center for WomenFour Mile Correctional Center
Fox Lake Correctional InstitutionFrackville Correctional Institution
Frackville Correctional InstitutionFrank C. Scott Correctional Institution
Franklin Correctional CenterFranklin Correctional Facility
Franklin Correctional InstitutionFree At Last Ministry
Fulfilling God's Purpose ChurchFulton Correctional facility
G. Robert Cotton Correctional FacilityGadsden Correctional Institution
Galnesville Correctional InstitutionGarden State Youth Correctional Facility
Garner Correctional InstitutionGaston Correctional Center
Gates Correctional CenterGates Correctional Institution
Gatesville Correctional CenterGive God A Chance Ministries
Givens Correctional CenterGlades Correctional Institution
Goldsboro Correctional CenterGoodman Correctional Institution
Gouverneur Correctional FacilityGowanda Correctional Center
Grafton Correctional InstitutionGraham Correctional Center
Graterford Correctional InstitutionGreat Meadow Correctional Facility
Green Bay Correctional InstitutionGreen Haven Correctional Facility
Green River Correctional ComplexGreene Correctional Center
Greene Correctional FacilityGreensburg Correctional Institution
Greensville CC Chaplain's DepartmentGreensville Correctional Complex
Greenwood Correctional CenterGroveland Correctional Facility
Guilford Correctional CenterGulf Correctional Institution
Gus Harrison Correctional FacilityHagerstown Correctional Training Center
Halawa Correctional FacilityHalifax Correctional Unit (Unit 23)
Hamilton Correctional InstitutionHardee Correctional Institution
Harnett Correctional InstitutionHarrisonburg Diversion Center
Hartford Correctional CenterHastings Correctional Center
Hate Creek Correctional FacilityHawaii Community Correctional Center
Haynesville Correctional CenterHaywood Correctional Center
Healing Wings MinistryHeaven Blessing Ecclesiastical Ministries
Hemando Correctional InstitutionHendersonville Correctional Center
Hendry Correctional InstitutionHenryville Correctional Facility
Hiawatha Correctional FacilityHiland Mountain Correctional Center
Hill Correctional CenterHillsborough Correctional Institution
Hocking Correctional FacilityHomervilIe Correctional Institution
Hospital Correctional UnitHoutzdale Correctional Institution
Howard McLeod Correctional CenterHudson Correctional Facility
Huntingdon Correctional Institution (SCI Huntingdon)Huron Valley Complex
Hutchinson Correctional FacilityHuttonsville Correctional Center
Hyde Correctional CenterIdaho Correctional Institution Orofino
Illinois Correctional CenterImpact 180, Inc.
Indian Creek Correctional CenterIndian River Correctional Institution
Indianapolis Juv. Correctional FacilityInterchurch Prison Evangelistic and Rehabilitation Association
Iredell Correctional CenterIron City Utah State Correctional Facility
Isaiah 61 MinistriesJack T. Rutledge Correctional Institution
Jackie Brannon Correctional CenterJackson Correctional Institution
Jackson Correctional InstitutionJacksonville Correctional Center
James Crabtree Correctional CenterJames River Correctional Center
Jefferson City Correctional FacilityJefferson Correctional Institution
Jefferson County Jail Correctional FacilityJess Dunn Correctional Center
Jessup Correctional InstitutionJim E. Hamilton Correctional Center
Jimmy Autry Correctional InstitutionJohn L. Webb Correctional Facility
John Lilley Correctional CenterJohnson Correctional Institution
Johnston Correctional CenterJoliet Correctional Center
Joseph Harp Correctional CenterKamloops Reg. Correctional Center
Kaual Community Correctional CenterKeen Mountain Correctional Center
Kentucy Correctional Psych. CenterKershaw Correctional Institution
Ketchikan Correctional CenterKettle Moraine Correctional Institution
Kinross Correctional FacilityKirland Correctional Institution
Kulani Correctional FacilityLake City Correctional Facility
Lake Correctional InstitutionLake County Regional Correctional Facility
Lakeland Correctional FacilityLakeside Correctional Center
Lakeview Correctional FacilityLancaster Correctional Institution
Lansing Correctional FacilityLebanon Correctional Center
Lee Arrendale Correctional InstitutionLee Correctional Institution
Lee Correctional InstitutionLemon Creek Correctional Center
Lexington Correctional CenterLiberty Correctional Institution
Lieber Correctional InstitutionLima Correctional Institution
Limon Correctional FacilityLincoln Correctional
Lincoln Correctional CenterLincoln Correctional Center
Lincoln Correctional FacilityLivingston Correctional Facility
Logan Correctional CenterLompec Federal Correctional Institution
London Correctional Institutionlonia Maximum Correctional Facility
Lorain Correctional InstitutionLorton Correctional Center
Lovelock Correctional CenterLow Security Correctional Institution
Low Security Correctional Institution AllenwoodLowndes Correctional Institution
Lumberton Correctional InstitutionLunenburg Correctional Center
Luther Luckett Correctional ComplexLuzerne County Correctional Facility
Lyon Mountain Correctional FacilityM2 Mentoring Outreach, California
Mabel Bassett Correctional CenterMacDougall Correctional Institution
Mack H. Alford Correctional CenterMacomb Correctional Facility
Macon Correctional InstitutionMacon Transitional Center
Madison Correctional InstitutionMadison Correctional Instrtution
Maine Correctional CenterMaine Correctional Institution
Manning Correctional InstitutionMansfield Correctional Institution
Marble Valley Regional Correctional FacilityMarcy Correctional Facility
Marianna Federal Correctional InstitutionMarion Correctional Institution (FL)
Marion Correctional Institution (OH)Marion Correctional Treatment Center
Marshall County Correctional FacilityMartin Correctional Center
Martin Correctional InstitutionMassachusetts Correctional Institution
Mayo Correctional InstitutionMcCain Correctional Hospital
McCormick Correctional InstitutionMecklenburg Correctional Center
Mecklenburg Correctional CenterMen's Correctional Institution
Menard Correctional CenterMending Broken Vessels Prison & Juvenile ministries
Mercer Correctional InstitutionMetro Correctional Institution
Metro Transitional Center AtlantaMetropolitan Correctional Center
Metropolitan Correctional CenterMetropolitan Correctional Center
Miami Correctional FacilityMichael Unit
Michigan Youth Correctional FacilityMid-Orange Correctional Facility
Mid-State Correctional Facility (NY)Mill Creek Correctional Facility
Ministry-Solicitor General & Correctional Svcs.Minnesota Correctional Facility
Mission Creek Corrections Center for WomenMissouri Eastern Correctional Center
Moberly Correctional CenterMohawk Correctional Facility
Monday Community Correctional InstitutionMonroe Correctional Complex
Montgomery Correctional InstitutionMoorehaven Correctional Institution
Morris Correctional InstitutionMound Correctional Facility
Mount Olive Correctional CenterMountainview Youth Correctional Facility
Mt. Mcgregor Correctional FacilityMultnomah County Detention Centers
Muncy State Correctional InstitutionMuskegon Temporary Facility
My Inspiration for God's NewsN. Central Juv. Correctional Facility
Nash Correctional InstitutionNavasota Correctional Center
Nebraska Correctional Treatment CenterNeuss Correctional Center
Nevada Women's Correctional CenterNew Hanover Correctional Center
New Haven Correctional CenterNew Mexico Women's Correctional Facility
New River Correctional InstitutionNewberry Correctional Facility
Noble Correctional InstitutionNorth Central Correctional Facility
North Idaho Correctional InstitutionNortheast Correctional Center
Northeast Correctional CenterNortheast Oklahoma Correctional Center
Northeast Regional Correctional FacilityNortheastern Correctional Institution
Northern Correctional CenterNorthern Correctional Institution
Northern Nevada Correctional CenterNorthern State Correctional Facility
Northside Correctional InstitutionNorthwest Correctional Center
Northwest State Correctional FacilityNorton Correctional Facility
Noth Central Correctional InstitutionNottoway Correctional Center
Oahu Community Correctional CenterOakhill Correctional Institution
Oaks Correctional FacilityOakwood Correctional Facility
Odom Correctional InstitutionOgdensburg Correctional Facility
Okaloosa Correctional InstitutionOkeechobee Correctional Institution
Oklahoma City Comm. Correctional CenterOld Colony Correctional Center
Old Colony Correctional CenterOmaha Correctional Center
Oneida Correctional facilityOregon State Correctional Institute
Oregon Women's Correctional CenterOsborn Correctional Institution
Oshkosk Correctional InstitutionOtisville Correctional Facility
Otter Creek Correctional CenterOzark Correctional Center
Palmer Correctional CenterParkside Correctional Facility
Parnell Correctional FacilityParr Highway Correctional Facility
Pasquctank Correctional InctitutionPastors to Prisoners
Patrick Henry Correctional Unit (Unit 28Pender Correctional Institution
Pendleton Correctional FacilityPendleton Correctional Industrial Complex
Perry Correctional InstitutionPickaway Correctional Institution
Pickneyville Correctional CenterPiedmont Correctional Institution
Pinal County Adult Detention CenterPittsburgh Correctional Institution
Plainfield Correctional FacilityPlainfield Juv. Correctional Facility
Pocahontas Correctional Unit (Unit 13)Pocatello Women's Correctional Center
Pontiac Correctional CenterPort de Grave Prison Ministry
Potosi Correctional CenterPowder Riwer Correctional Facility
Powhatan Correctional CenterPowhatan Correctional Center
Prison Initiative Reentry ProgramPruntytown Correctional Center
Pulaski Correctional InstitutionPulaski Correctional Unit (Unit 1)
Putnamville Correctional FacilityQueensboro Correctional Facility
Quincy Correctional InstitutionRacine Correctional Institution
Raleigh Correctional Center for WomenRandolph Correctional Center
Restoration House MinistriesRetreat Correctional Institution
Richard J. Donovan Correctional FacilityRichmond Correctional Center
Ridgeland Correctional InstitutionRifle Correctional Center
Rivers Correctional InstitutionRiverside Correctional Facility
Robeson Correctional CenterRobinson Correctional Center
Robinson Correctional InstitutionRochester Correctional Facility
Rochester Correctional FacilityRockingham Correctional Center
Roederer Correctional ComplexRogers Correctional Institution
Ross Correctional InstitutionRoswell Correctional Center
Rowan Correctional CenterRoxbury Correctional Institution
Rustburg Correctional Unit (Unit 9)Rutherford Correctional Center
Ryan Correctional FacilitySaginaw Correctional Facility
Sampson Correctional CenterSandy Ridge Correctional Center
Sanford Correctional CenterSanta Rosa Correctional Institution
Savannah Transitional CenterScarlett Ravenwolf Ministries
SCI Chester Correctional InstitutionScotland Correctional Center
Scott Correctional FacilityShawangunk Correctional Facility
Shawnee Correctional CenterShemokin Correctional Institution
Sheridan Correctional CenterShutter Creek Correctional Institution
Sing Sing Correctional facilitySkyline Correctional Center
Smith Correctional InstitutionSnake River Correctional Institution
Somerset Correctional InstitutionSouth Bay Correctional Facility
South Central Correctional CenterSouth Idaho Correctional Institution
South Mississippi Correctional InstitutionSouthampton Correctional Complex
Southeast State Correctional FacilitySoutheastern Correctional Center
Southeastern Correctional InstitutionSouthern Correctional Institution
Southern Desert Correctional CenterSouthern Michigan Correctional Facility
Southern N.M. Correctional FacilitySouthern Nevada Correctional Center
Southern Ohio Correctional FacilitySouthern State Correctional Facility
Southport Correctional FacilitySpring Creek Correctional Center
St. Brides Correctional CenterSt. Reg. Correctional Facility
Stafford Correctional Unit (Unit 21)Stafford Creek Corrections Center
Standish Maximum Correctional FacilityStanly Correctional Center
State Park Correctional CenterStaunton Correctional Center
Stevenson Correctional InstitutionStraits Correctional Facility
Sullivan Correctional FacilitySummit
Sumter Correctional InstitutionSurrender40 Ministries, Inc.
Sussex Correctional InstitutionTaconic Correctional Facility
Tallahassee Federal Correctional InstitutionTamms Correctional Center
Tar Roanoke ChaplaincyTaylor Correctional Institution
Taylorville Correctional CenterTazwell Correctional Unit (Unit 31)
Telfair Correctional InstitutionTerminal Island Federal Correctional Institution
Texas Department of Criminal Justice Chaplaincy DepartmentThe Big House Prison Ministry ULC
The Church In Chains Ministries Inc.The Free Church of Universal Life
The Salvation Army Correctional and Justice ServicesThe Word of God Bible Study
Thomas F. Staton Correctional CenterTidewater Correctional Unit (Unit 22)
Tillery Correctional CenterTipton Correctional Center
Topeka Correctional FacilityTrenton Correctional Institution
Trumbull Correctional InstitutionTurbeville Correctional Institution
Two Rivers Correctional InstitutionUlster Correctional Facility
Umstead Correctional CenterUnion Correctional Center
Union Correctional InstitutionUnited States Penitentiary Beaumont
Utah State PrisonValdosta Correctional Institution
Vandalia Correctional CenterVentress Correctional Facility
Vienna Correctional CenterWake Correctional Center
Walawa Correctional FacilityWalden Correctional Institution
Walker Correctional InstitutionWallkill Correctional Facility
Walton Correctional InstitutionWare Correctional Center
Ware Correctional InstitutionWarren Correctional Center
Washington Correctional FacilityWashington Correctional Institute
Washington Correctional InstitutionWashington Correctional Institution
Washington Corrections Center for WomenWatauga Correctional Center
Wateree River Correctional InstitutionWatertown Correctional Facility
Waupun Correctional InstitutionWaymart State Correctional Institution
Wayne Correctional CenterWayne Correctional Institution
Waynesburg Correctional InstitutionWende Correctional Facility
West Shoreline Correctional FacilityWestern Correctional Institution
Western Kentucky Correctional ComplexWestern Missouri Correctional Center
Western N.M. Correctional FacilityWestern Region Detention Facility
Westville Correctional FacilityWhite Post Correctional Center
Wilcox Correctional InstitutionWildwood Correctional Center
Wilkes Correctional CenterWillard-Cybulski Correctional Institution
William S. Key Correctional CenterWinfield Correctional Facility
Winn Correctional CenterWise Correctional Unit (Unit 18)
Women's Correctional InstitutionWomen's Multi Custody Correctional Center
Women's Community Correctional CenterWomen's Correctional Center
Women's Correctional CenterWomen's Correctional Center
Women's Correctional InstitutionWomen's Correctional Institution
Women's Correctional InstitutionWomen's Correctional Institution
Woodburne Correctional FacilityWoodstock Regional Correctional Facility
Word of Life Christian Fellowship, Inc.WRB Ministries
Wyoming Correctional FacilityYadkin Correctional Center
Yancey Correctional CenterYork Correctional Institution
Zephyrhills Correctional Institution