Calipatria State Prison (CAL)

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Who We Are

he primary mission of Calipatria State Prison is to provide for the confinement of general population Level I (minimum custody) and Level IV (maximum custody) inmates who are willing to participate in vocational and/or academic programs, prison industries or support services. Additionally, a portion of the prison is designated for the US Immigration and Naturalization Services to house those inmates with active holds that are within 30-45 days of their scheduled release dates.

About Our Prison Ministry

Calipatria State Prison opened in January 1992, and covers a total of 1,227.5 acres (with the prison on 300 acres). As of Fiscal Year 2005/2006, the following statistics apply:

Number of custody staff: 705

Number of support services staff: 438

Total number of staff: 1,143

Annual operating budget: $123 million


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