Texas Department of Criminal Justice Chaplaincy Department

TDCJ Chaplaincy Department is committed to promoting an atmosphere which allows those desiring spiritual wholeness the necessary conditions for experiencing such. Emphasis is placed on the promotion and encouragement of family ties as well as other positive relationships which will assist in the reintegration of offenders into society.

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Who We Are

The mission of the Chaplaincy Department of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is to positively impact public safety and the reduction of recidivism through the rehabilitation and re-integration of adult felons into society. The rendering of pastoral care, management of quality programming and a therapeutic community allow for such an opportunity.

Our Vision

It is the purpose of Chaplaincy to provide guidance and nurture to those searching for meaning in life. A variety of programs, activities and community participation are prudently managed wherein an individual is able to pursue their faith, reconcile relationships and strengthen their families.

Types Of Activity

Programs of the Chaplaincy Department include but are not limited to:

* Weekly Religious Services
* Visitation/Hospitality Ministry
* Provision of Services to Building Projects/Chapel Construction
* Offenders/Families
* Hospice Care
* Post Trauma Staff Support Team
* Victims/Families
* Female Task Force
* Pastoral Care
* Youthful Offenders Programming
* Religious Volunteer Program

About Our Prison Ministry

Chaplainís services are provided in prisons to facilitate the exercise of freedom of religion by offenders. It is the policy of the TDCJ to extend to all offenders as much freedom and opportunity as possible for pursuing individual beliefs and practices, consistent with security, safety and orderly conditions in the institution. Services are provided based on demand, need and resources.


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