Universal Life Church Nevada

Located in Nevada, assisting homeless of all races, ethnic groups, women, children in schools, placement of , (men and women, young adults 18-35) releasing at half-way houses and safe havens. We have assisted in this service since 1997. Seniors and veterans are handled individually and with dignity and forethought.Food and shelter are the most important, medicine we get from participating medical relief centers, or other churches who specialize.

I Corinthians 13-8 - Charity never Faileth; but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail;whether there be tongues, they shall cease;where there be knowledge, it shall vanish …

Who We Are

We are a non-denominational Church founded by Pastor Kirby in Modesto Ca. in the early fifties. We believe in what is right. We are advocates of the good life under God, our Belief is eternal progression, a fuller life for everyone and to live under God's Doctrine and help live the Gospel. We have now grown to be we believe to have the largest church of ordained ministers in the world. Come, call, join us.We will help.

Our Vision

A vision for this ministry is a life of assistance to people as a Servant of God, to share the heavy burdens of life's complexities and responsibilities with them. Our goals is to Ordain any person who sincerely believes in God and what is right and is qualified in spirit. We need to educate people again who have lost sight of God and his Promises and bring them back to him our Lord and Savior.

Types Of Activity

We volunteer with other churches and hospitals as transporters of persons for release. In addition we teach by correspondence , several courses now. Then issue the completion degrees from the main church in Modesto, California, when completed these are registered in main Church records.ULC are approved to issue certificates and degrees on completion of course.


Assisting prisoners and releases. Continuing Ministry in Nevada since 1997. We have workshops now in place for the homeless and releases are through the humanitarian trust we have . To be able to assist with the homeless as they are released or arrested(mostly for vagrancy's they have no monies per se), then on other small charges once out ,we put them on work projects we have. We have two or more programs available working now.Bishops storehouse, diereses auto wash.

Our magazine (newsletter)

news letters are done off home printers by volunteers. Obtaining and using news information given us from the main church in Modesto . We have some DVD's CD's on Christ available to those that cannot afford to purchase them and supplies are limited.

Books we have published

Our founder wrote and published several books these are available for a small donation to our main church through our branch. Reverend Kirby Hensley: "Religion My Way, the Right Way" and others. Those who can't afford a donation from your congregation, it is free through our main church in Modesto California.

About Our Prison Ministry

Our ministry, in assisting the homeless, with prayers, some money and hands on jobs with no assistance at this time from others.This is making a hardship and presents us from helping more brothers and sisters at this time. We have program ready.These can be used in other ministry's, thereby assisting many more homeless and seniors centers.Other ministries can call us.

Support In

Small donations (receipted, of course) needed for Family's of prisoners,releases coming or going to jail, prisons or Half way houses. Send to ministry address in the name of our church.We will see that any one brother or sister that uses any of this money will write to donor direct if you like and tell you what it did for them. You will receive our IRS approved receipt for any amount.


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