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To get publishing materials into the hands and hearts of all inmates locked up in jails, camps, prisons and their minds. Send bibles and anointed books to open their spirit man into the Heavenliest.....

Mat 18:19 - Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

Who We Are

I spent 5 years in The Georgia prison system. So I want a little payback on Satan to get as many of them out of hell as we can. I died of heroin and cocaine overdose. I was brought out when the Holy spirit yelled out Jesus through me and snatched out in the whitest light I ever saw. Nothing like it here...

Our Vision

We want to put out "The Divine Revelation of Hell" books by Mary K. Baxter to all the prisons in the USA. We can partner with you and you can buy the books for 3.00 each plus you pay postage, or send $400 each and I pay. They cost $7.95 wholesale to distributors and $11.95 in stores. We will send you a copy to read. These work the harvest while you cannot get to all the prisons, you can get into all of them with these books. We send Bibles with them.

Types Of Activity

We are a Deliverance Ministry that sends "The Divine Revelation of Hell" books and Bibles to prisons all over the USA. We want to show the brothers and sisters in Christ the love and eternal destinations after we leave this planet. There is always a waiting line t0 read them in all the prisons we send them into. The womens prison in Pulaski, Ga. Uses them in all there NA and AA meetings. They are praying down strongholds over their homes and communities.


Georgia, Tennessee, Texas (all of it just opened up to us), Alabama, North Carolina and have sent these books to California too. They are being passed from state to state. One reads them and many take them home and send them to relatives in other prisons all over the USA.

Books we have published

"The Divine Revelation of Hell, Heaven, Spirit Realm, Angels and The Power of the Blood" by Mary K. Maxter. "Your Escape Plan for the Third Millennium" also.

About Our Prison Ministry

We have a world wide "Agreed" prayer network that inner-cedes on behalf of the families and friends of all prayer requests. Prisoners families need much prayer. They are in a sense locked up too. Check out our other websites.

Support In

To have all the books into all the prisons to usher in the harvest. For people to partner with us and get others to also.


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