Fishers of Men Prison Ministries

Fishers of Men Prison Ministries is a ministry established by and for the incarcerated throughout the United States. Both men and women share their love for the Lord with other inmates through a monthly newsletter.

Matthew 4:19 - Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

Who We Are

This ministry began in 1991 when a newsletter was developed by two inmates (Chip and Ben) at Joliet Correctional Center in Illinois. They typed, drew, cut, and pasted the newsletter together and made copies in the Chapel to distribute to other inmates. Several months later, MOMM volunteered to type the articles for them if they would write the stories and testimonies. In those days, about 25 copies of the newsletter were printed each month for distribution at JCC.

Our Vision

The ultimate dream of this ministry is to continue to enable the imprisoned to share their experiences while spreading the Word of Christ and encouraging others to receive Him as their own personal Savior. By doing that, not only will the inmates grow in spirit by helping others, but those to whom they are ministering can receive the kind of peace that is only obtainable by personally knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Types Of Activity

Letting prisoners know that they are loved by Christ is our number one goal. We are accepting names and addresses of inmates that love to write Christian stories, either fiction or non-fiction, biographical or poetry about God. We also welcome drawings that could add to the Christian flavor of the newsletter. God has given many of the prisoners great talents that are lying dormant in those prison cells. This is an opportunity for them find a revitalized feeling of self worth.


Today, the Newsletter is still a family-based ministry (all the incarcerated, as they come to know the Lord, are members of Christ's family). The Fishers of Men Newsletter reaches into prisons throughout the United States, Canada and into countless homes via the internet. The poems, stories and testimonies are still written by inmates as they share the saving news of Jesus Christ with others.

Our magazine (newsletter)

The Fishers of Men Newsletter is published monthly. It is mailed to inmates and sent to several prison chaplains for distribution within the prison chapels around the United States. Also, the ministry is reaching countless others via the internet. If you know of a Chapel, pastor, inmate that would welcome this publication, please write to the address on this page and it will be done.

Books we have published

Daily Devotional by Bro. Walter Oswald currently being typed and edited for final publication.
Bible Study by Bro. Adrian Hennon currently being typed and edited for final publication.

About Our Prison Ministry

In recent months, God has truly blessed this ministry. It has grown by leaps and bounds to reach out to hundreds of inmates and their families as well as other prison ministries searching for a meaningful direction for their programs.

Support In

We are blessed by two volunteers who are helping type information that is sent to the ministry in hand written transcripts. Thanks to Bonnie and Ruth for their work to get God's word out! We are searching for Christian helpmates to verify inmate addresses prior to the mailing of the newsletter. In addition to the blessings received by the prisoners each month, we are also being blessed by this ministry. Because God gave a child of His a vision, His work is being done here on earth.


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