Pendleton Correctional Facility

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Who We Are

Established: 1923
Security Level: Maximum, Minimum
Avg Daily Population: Calendar Year 2011: 1,883
Housing: Dormitory, Celled Space

The facility property consists of approximately 500 acres, 33 acres of which are located within the perimeter of a 30 foot wall. The facility also operates a level one (minimum-security) dormitory located adjacent to the walled facility.

Our Vision

The Pendleton Correctional Facility is a level three (maximum security) adult male facility located in Pendleton, Indiana, on State Road 67 approximately 25 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

Types Of Activity

24/7 Dads; ACT Program; Anger Management; Apprenticeship Program; Criminal Thinking; Inside/Out Dad; MPOP/SPOP; PLUS; PREP; Read to ME; Stress Management; Therapeutic Community (Security level One); Thinking for a Change; American Legion; Kairos; Vocational Horticulture (Security level One); PEN Products.


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