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Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come (2 Cor. 5:17).

International Network of Prison Ministries

Reasons to Join

International Directory of Prison Ministries started back in 1994 as a simple webpage. Our good Lord is blessing this ministry and it has grown into several thousand members world-wide outreach in just a decade.

Here is what INPM members have to say personally to you on reasons to join this Directory. Read, pray, and join as "Supporter", "Member", "Supported Ministry", "Guest" or "Friends and Family of Inmates".

All the blessings!

All About Jesus Ministries: "Access to thousands of prison ministries worldwide you can find through INPM."
Making Others Righteous: "An addiction and rehabilitation facility that needed some volunteer chaplains contacted me after seeing this site and now I minister there on a monthly basis and it is very rewarding in the Lord!"
Hallelujah Hope: "Any opportunity to reach someone in prison or their families is the best reason to join. Also, to have the invaluable help of others who have been at this longer than we have."
The Lamplighters: "As a survivor of incest and domestic violence, if it were not but for the grace of God I would today be in a prison. It is the one reason why I am so grateful to be a member of INPM."
Corrections India: "As we joined in with INPM we have been promoted to the International level."
Write-Way Prison Ministries, Inc.: "At a recent board meeting of an International prison ministry, the speaker noted that prison ministries were one of the two most affective and vibrant outreachs in this country. Another report from Baylor University's Institute on Religion noted that Bible study is the main factor in transformation of "pro-social" behavior in inmates."
Demonslayer Deliverance Ministry: "At INPM we get prison ministry materials cheaper than anyone around. Example, "The Divine Revelation of Hell" is $3.00, Bibles are $2.00. Join us and take advantage of the Networking!"
Rescue The Perishing Prison Ministry: "At INPM you will find prayer partners and support."
PMI Center for Biblical Studies: "At INPM you will get great exposure and many networking ministry opportunities."
Woman To Woman: "Because we care for you and your needs! We will not judge you, but only Love and Pray for you! Join INPM to be a part of this Network!4. Transitional Re-entry Program: Adult individuals who are incarcerated, but eligible for parole, or who have been released from a penal institution and need residential housing will benefit from this program,"
Beyond the Bay Ministries: "By far the Best Prison Ministry site on the web."
Serve Well Prison Ministry: "By joining hands with INPM, the work of this Ministry will become known to people from all over the world and their prayers, support and donations will ensure success for the work of this organization.I have no doubt in my mind that by partnering with INPM, this Ministry will receive the level of support that is required to make our vision a reality."
Notrh-Osetia Prison Ministry: "By joining INPM we receive a world-wide exposure in the field of Prison Ministry. We are getting new friends, new ministry openings, we build relations and connections with prison ministries that we have never heard before. Join us!"
Freedom Prison Ministries: "By joining world-wide Network we are linked with people of like mind who may also want to partner with us."
Called by God Not by Man Ministry: "CBGNBM decided to join the INPM after reviewing the site, meeting some of the prison ministry members and finding such unity, compassion and motivation to help others, less fortunate. We want to be a part of God's servants throughout the world."
Rooted in Christ Ministries: "Collaboration and networking is what you get by joining INPM."
Compassion Works Ministry: "Compassion Works Ministry is delighted to be a member of the International Network of Prison Ministry and have the opportunity through this organization to witness, testify, inform, and to serve in God's service! We pray that God continues to greatly bless this organization and it's members!"
CounterPoint Ministries, Inc.: "Connectivity with other Ministries and Christians and to let people know who we are and what you do - that is what Serge Taran and his INPM gives your ministry."
Encouraging Ministries: "Encouraging Ministries, Inc success with INPM has been by the Divine Order of God - it was by no happen-stance that we found such a God driven network of international ministries with the same vision and connecting together for strength, wisdom and more understanding in order for us to provide hope and encouragement to those individuals behind the walls to whom much is needed!"
Letters for Women: "Every letter I write is a seed planted. I recieve letters back from women in prison that make my heart grow. Many are doing Bible study and growing in Christ!"
Mom for Kevin Lawlor: "Every single soul matters, you can make a difference. Join us, let's do it together!"
Rusty Spigot Fellowship: "Excited to be a part of INPM!"
Disciples of Christ Outreach to Inmates: "For Recognition, networking and the need for ministries to come together to be even more effective in changing lives of men and women who are incarcerated, join INPM today!"
Praise God Always Ministry: "For the unity of men and woman all over the world coming together to advocate for justice, family reunification, stability and productivity we have joined INPM."
Captive Hope Ministry: "God put this ministry on hearts and has been a blessing ever since we have joined this Network."
Letters for the Lord Prison Ministry: "Godly reputation of INPM and worldwide exposure for ministry - is what you get if you join INPM."
Vine Mission Network: "Great networking opportunity and worldwide community of christian ministries and organizations with the same motivation and hope, to work in His garden."
The Father's Heart Prison Ministries, Inc.: "Her at INPM we are a team ministry and we have seen thousands men, women, boys and girls, receive Christ as their savior, we have seen many delivered from demonic oppression, and many receive healing through our team involvement both in prison and on the mission field."
Tucker Institute of Execution Extinction: "History is made by joining together in movements for the betterment of humanity."
Not Forsaken Missions: "Homelessness, incarceration, poverty, sparse job history due to limited education, joblessness, despair, loneliness, and suicide are on the rise. Not Forsaken Missions are determined to make a positive difference in the lives of these people, one person at a time."
Christ Follower Ministry International: "I always love to share the things with other ministries and churches. So several days before I found out this ministry's site, I was so blessed to see INPM works. So I decided to be a part of this ministry. This ministry is really working great for God. We wish them every success during all their lives to perform their duties."
The Women of Block 12: "I am a new member of INPM looking to meet others who do prison and jail ministry and exchange ideas for mentoring."
Prison Reform Alliance Extramural/PRAE: "I am a prison reform activist supporting scrutiny into abuse issues, hoping to initiate awareness, bring about reform of the penal system, and initiate a change in public persona regarding the general prison inmate populace."
Deliverance Outreach Prison Ministry: "I am a retired teacher and a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe in the great commision to spread the gospel to every creature."
ALPHA Phi Faith Ministries: "I am a sinner, on an everyday struggle to keep my relationship with God as strong as i can. I refuse to live a life of negativity and hurtfull ventures without learning and taking something away from that situation that can make me a better person to whom my children can look up to with pride and say, " That's my mommy, and she taught me to love the LORD and live according to HIS rules, Not man's"!"
KC Prison Ministry: "I am encourage to to join INPM because I believe that this ministry helps us to be more productive in this area."
Potter's Heart Ministry: "I am excited to join INPM because of the vastness of resources I have been reading about. Just to know there are so many ministries all over that are passionate about Jesus' call to minister to Him behind bars is refreshing and inspiring. Networking opportunities are endless and incredible prayer support available. I am looking forward to the Divine Appointments the Lord has planned through INPM...INPM is a wonderful gift to those of us called to minister to this sometimes forgotten group."
Inspirational Prayer Ministry: "I am glad that the Prison Ministry Network is going strong. With millions of people incarcerated in the United States alone, this type of ministry in invaluable, as it provides simple access to us, participating ministries, for those who need help. I want to be helpful and accessible. It was my reason to join."
Wings of Faith Mission: "I am greatly thank God for Prison Ministries Network, it really help me to introduce my ministry to many people around the world, I appreciate for their great effort for introduce us to get fellowship and find some support through this Network."
Jesus Is Alive Prison Ministry: "I am joining due to the networking colaberation of prison ministry."
Rachel Deery Pen Pal Ministry: "I am joining this International Network of Prison Ministry in order to unite with other Ministries across the globe who are working ceaselessly to help bring light to darkness."
Break Bread Prison Outreach of P.C,LLC: "I am just being available to the call of God on my life and all the men who continue to respond to the turn out of services and alter calls."
Flickering Lights Missions Ministries: "I am new to INPM but I look forward to becoming a blessing to each person God sends our way. He will make a way in the desert where there is no way. Our Success lies solely in Jesus Christ. Our desire is to offer creative ideas for fund raising to Prison Ministries as we endeavor to help as the Lord opens the doors."
Disciples Fellowship International: "I am so thankful that God has raised up this internationally recognized networking ministry that is being used by Him to connect the dots in the body of Christ, through prison ministry. INPM has made it possible for thousands of prison ministries, prison Chaplains, prison inmates as well as their friends and families to connect for Kingdom purposes that otherwise would not be possible. I am so appreciative and honored to be a member of INPM."
International Women of Faith Fellowship - Africa: "I am very much interested in Prison Ministry and Children Ministry as well as evangelism. The knowledge gained from the Network will be of great help to me in my ministry. It will also afford me the opportunity of meeting and interacting with many great and seasoned men of God. And be able to learn and share from their wealth of experiences. I will have the opportunity to learn in order to help others."
Christian-Pen Pals: "I began a writing ministry to inmates in 1989, very much alone. In 1999, God made a way to get online. I met a few other like minded kindred spirits. After Christian Pen Pals was established on the web, I came across INPM, and I was so excited to have this available! It is ideal for the work I do, I refer to the web site often, looking for after-care help for inmates; the cross search is great! All Christians involved with inmates, I recommend that you become a member of this group."
Vision of Hope Prison Ministry: "I enjoy belonging to INPM because Prison Ministry is not limited by denomination and I feel that our "Vision of Hope" gets a good bit of exposure through INPM network. Not all of our churches have a strong Prison Ministry program. We can pray that as I educate more people about the need for a strong Prison Ministry program and as I train new people for this work that they will take my recommendation for INPM Network to heart and use it to the fullest of its capacity."
Stepping Out Ministries: "I enjoy the fellowship and encouragement that prison ministries offer. We all need encouragement of our peers, and the prayers offered are always welcome."
Damascus Music Productions LLC: "I feel the best reason to join is that through INPM is the best way to spread the Word Of The Lord To Hurting Souls Across The World."
T.I.M.E.: "I have been a member of this site for many years! I praise God for ministries such as this that help us in not only advocating towards our needs but also providing us with spiritual guidance in many ways."
HisGlory Ministries: "I have been blessed of God to be able to lead bible studies in the prison I served in and than go home nightly never having to worry as long as Jesus sits on the throne of all the kingdoms of my heart"
ABC Prison Ministry: "I have been Blessed to find this Ministry share The Glory of God's mercy to those who are in bonds."
Encouraging Warriors For God: "I have been involved with the prison ministry for some years now and I happen to come across your site while searching for some information. I believe your site will be a great tool toward our work for God and His Kingdom."
Peace Valley Restoration Center: "I have been providing room and board to homeless men, some from jail. Some are so institutional they find it hard to cope with society, some needs guidance. For this reason I would like to join INPM so you will be able to provide me with proper guidance and resources, and assisted us with the funds to run an effective program."
Global River Church Ministries Nepal: "I have burning desire and burden for my people in Nepal those who are away from God's presence and do not have hope in their life. By joining INPM I want to meet Prison Ministries worldwide."
Cleo's Christian Prison Pen Pals: "I have heard from many prisoners thought the INPM, so come join us in and you will be blessed."
The Free Church of Universal Life: "I have joined INPM for one selfish and one not-so-selfish reasons.

In my quest for legitimacy in the volunteer chaplain ministry, I plan to add this organization to my resume.
And, secondly, to be available others in fellowship and support."
God's Leadership Ministry: "I have joined INPM in order to reach out to those who are incarcerated. Our ministry currently ministers to eight inmates in various prisons throughout the U.S. We have had great success and look forward to ministering to as many as those inside as we can. We hope in future to be able to supply them with study materials, free Bibles, etc."
Think God Ministries: "I have joined this International Network of Prison Ministries in order to unite with other Ministries around the world who are working hard to demonstrate the love of Jesus to inmates."
Twin Lakes Lifeline Connection: "I have known some of the leaders of this ministry since the 1980's & they have always acted in the greatest integrity of any 1 I have ever known."
P.R.A.I.S.E. Ministry: "I have truly been blessed by being a member of INPM. I have met some mighty prayer warriors and have been blessed with awesome pen-pals along with the friendship of others who share the same vision and mission of sharing the gospel with those who are incarcerated. I have enjoyed the people as well as the resources."
J. Theresa Howell Ministry: "I have written a prayer for my brother at this website INPM and I found it is read by many. I joined INPM to be heard."
New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry: "I INPM will help many people find the right place, the right ministry, or church to help them gain a better understanding of the will and love of God. We at New Life C.O.M wants to be a major part of this uplifting goal God has given to INPM."
Christian Motorcyclist Assoc. Prison Ministry: "I join INPM so I can get help and maybe help someone myself in the prison ministry field."
Love for Prisoners: "I joined INPM and became more empowered for reaching prisoners."
World Theological Church & Seminary: "I joined INPM for world-wide recognition and to show my certificate of membership for my own ministry."
Pastor Kayte Prison Ministry: "I joined INPM so that I can reach more prisoners and to get the word out to everyone, who needs someone out here loves them and cares for their salvation."
Annette E Blankenship: "I joined INPM to carry the message of hope and faith to those who are seeking help from the Network members."
And From the Ashes: "I joined this INPM ministry so that my messages of hope could reach the world, to reach out to you, the donor who helps maintain and grow this ministry."
My Inspiration for God's News: "I joined this Ministry because I wanted to help any and all inmates if possible. The gift that God gave me into Prison Ministry to show his love because we never know where we might end up at. It's best to love all people and to join this Ministry Network open doors to help each other, to help a inmate some where in the world. It's great to be apart of this Net Work. Thanks to you at Net for such wonderful site."
Prison Evangelism Ministry: "I know that always all of us need each other there is things that I am disable when you are able
thus the reason to join INPM for ministry materials and the sharing of vision."
Thexoffender Network: "I looked closely at the membership and knew from the list of members of INPM, my ministry would be a blessing and would receive a blessing in return."
The Path Online: "I once was in Prison and now I want to help others become all that God has called them to be. I found a tool - INPM!"
For God's Glory Ministries: "I prepare gathering's yearly for women who are transitioning and have transitioned out of bondage situations. Through all events I establish the recognition to Live. To empower the demon that has supernatural misunderstanding over my god's children, to return and submit to the pit of hell from whense it comes in Jesus name. To take control over demon's of mental grasp and the hold that it has on the women of god; to sleep and not awaken,without a doubt that god will reign above all."
Kingdom Wealth International Prison Ministry: "I proudly joined the network of prison ministries because God has afforded me to minister to individuals as such without ever having had this personal testimony for myself. The very first time God allowed me to minister at a prison 12 souls were saved to the kingdom. I exchanged my information with the intimates and begin writing letters back and forth giving bibilical answers through the writings."
Southern Highlands Prison Ministry: "I thank God that our paths can be crossed through INPM,we have been enriched with the acquaintance with.we respect INPM very highly and the fact that it is biblically based."
Grateful Hearts Ministry 2010: "I want the Lord to use me in my own town. I only want to please Him and give Him all the glory for He is so worthy and so good to be praised and adored."
West Rocky Ford Missionary Baptist Church: "i want to help good people learn about god christ"
Feed My Sheep Ministries: "I want to team up with doers of God's word and not just hearers only!!!!"
Rwanda Prison Ministry: "I want to work for God at the prison ministry and through this organization of INPM I have many friends world-wide."
Kairos Prison Ministry Ohio: "I was a resident for 6 years at Marion Correctional. Christ used Kairos to change my life and blessed me everyday with the knowledge that He loves me and forgives me. He has led me and taught me to become who I am today and I praise His Holy name daily."
Loving God Ministries: "I was called into fulltime Christian service by God at the age of 15 and I will be 73 this year. I have been licensed and ordained as a minister. My determination is to continue in service until God calls me home. Before retirement, I financed this ministry but now need extra help and somehow, all needs are met each month. I receive help in gaining more inmates to sent Bible lessons to through INPM. Praise God for their ministry."
New Beginning Ministries: "I was impressed by Karlton Harris Ministries, and the accomplishments made, and inspired to further my goal to establish New Beginning Ministries here in Milwaukee."
Agape Ministries - Hau'ula: "I was lost but Jesus saved me and changed my life. He gave me hope and made me whole. I now have love, joy, peace, and hope in the Living God that loves me too. He will do the same for you if you believe Him."
American Marriage Ministeries: "I went to prision in 2005, and 2006 and studied the Bible and know the Word of God and can preach to the inmates and let them hear the Gospel."
Solomon Koleayo Ministries, Inc.: "I will like to join INPM and get their certificate so I can be recognized all over the world by people that are in the same ministry with us and all that it may concern."
Prison Ministries Transitional Assistance Initiative: "I would first like to say, that if it wasn't for the inspired Word of God, and how He has blessed me with this opportunity to spread His Message of Salvation and to help those who would otherwise be left to the devils whims I am blessed that INPM is available to help us spread our ministry to those in need."
Smooth Stones Prison Ministry: "I'm a member of INPM to be a part this world-wide Prison Ministry movement, to help others and to be helped."
Life in Christ Prison Ministry: "I'm joining INPM to be a part of this network and to display a Certificate of Membership on my own prison ministry site."
Dixon Correctional Prison Ministry: "If Christ is the king of your life, you have a direct order to visit the lost souls in prison. Join us as we fulfill such a rewarding and necessary work!"
The Gathering Generation: "If you are interesting in moving out of the box of what is common and traditional and stepping out in faith in life and work in areas that will require all the faith you have, then this is a place for you."
God's Width Ministry: "If you are looking for people interested in pen pal fellowship with prisoners that are Christians or lost, join us at INPM."
Wind of Fire: "If you love to Network, join us!"
Ronel and Emmanuel Prison Ministry: "If you want to help all of our brothers and sisters in jails and prisons to put Christ in their life, to help them to get back into society, get them closer to God - join us at INPM!"
Ken Hansen Prison Ministry: "im hoping that some people or organizations would be able to help me with resources and I can share resources ive received to help others in prison work to use at a future time I have a lot of websites I would like to share which might be helpful to others in prison ministry work for materials mostly"
Silent Ministries: "In 2010 Silent Ministries initiated a program for rural areas called The Infusion Project. The results have been phenomenal. The ministry/agency provides workshops in-house jails and prisons. The ministry specializes in prevention and intervention services and workshops."
Perfected Grace Healing Ministries: "In believe that every human being has a chance and potential to be successful but unless the unresolved issues in the heart be,that ability remains only as a dream...hence our commitment to heal the hurts, the wounds and all the things that fixate God's Precious people...Like Lazurus from John 11, He was alive but wrapped in burial cloths...Ours is to Set people free and let them Go...."
Celebrate Recovery & So Much More: "In my third week, there were inmates pleading with the jailer to be allowed to come to this class, even though their names were not on his list. They even sent word with the inmates who were released for the class, imploring me to talk with the jailer on their behalf. I went back and talked to the jailer who had never experienced this zeal for any program, I told him that there was room for them, and he let them out .

Friends the Word, coupled with personal testimonies, has Power !"
Salvation Healing Church: "In order to inter learn together / reach out to the forgetting ones in prison."
Cross Connection Ministries: "Inclusion with INPM allows us to be visible to more individuals."
The Big House Prison Ministry ULC: "INIPM mambership gives you a Certificate of Membership and World-wide recognition."
Christian Prison Ministry- Uganda: "INPM -Has helped me to get world wide recognition by prison ministers and exposed to various funders to the project , keep it up please"
Journey to Freedom Foundation, Inc.: "INPM gives us a window to the world of prison ministries to assist us in our mission and help us become known around the country. An exciting resource for our foundation."
National Incarcerated Veterans Network USA: "INPM gives you a Certificate of membership for building the network of like minded individuals.There is strenght in joining with likeminided individuals. Provides an
accountability for any actions taken."
Abundant Pardon Prison Ministry: "INPM has afforded us world-wide recognition and has opened the door for even greater works for Christ."
The Shepherd's Inn Ministry, Inc.: "INPM has allowed us to join together with the ministries that are doing the same work with juveniles as we do. Enabling us to network and have more resources at hand."
Hannah House Mission: "INPM has been a wonderful site. I have contacted many interesting people who love the Lord and we have become friends. I would encourage all to be part of this ministry of INPM..God bless you."
KingdomBread Life Link: "INPM has been an excellent tool in connecting our ministry with those in need around the globe! INPM is a great way to get exposure for your ministry on the world wide web! I highly recommend this great network!"
Making The Walls Transparent: "INPM has generated letters to MTWT from all over the world. Through those letters, I have learned that government/taxpayer money does not feed the prisoners in some places abroad. This knowledge makes me pray for the day that, should Americans have to personally feed the prisoners from their own cupboards, the incarcerated would not starve."
Ambassadors in Sport: "INPM has given us a great opportunity to partner with other prison ministries and to receive the support we desperately need in our prison ministry."
Prison Victory Ministries: "INPM has helped our ministries-Christian Motorsports and Prison Victory-to network worldwide effecting eternal changes for the cause of Christ in the earth."
Emmaus Correspondence School: "INPM has opened many new doors for ECS to offer our courses to inmates through individuals and chaplains. The exciting opportunities INPM offers through networking has resulted in an increase in new enrollments that we normally would not have been able to connect with."
In His Steps Prison Ministry, Inc.: "INPM has provided a way for others to join this ministry as financial and/or active members."
Love Disability Outreach Ministry: "INPM helps you to hare with others in the same field."
Chapel Mission: "INPM is a blessing for a ministry in the prison minister. The INPM makes our ministry reach places It never could before."
Robert Ortiz Ministries: "INPM is a community of Believers serving a common cause for Jesus. As we agree, nothing shall be impossible for us, a team!"
Oratory of the Common Life: "INPM is a great opportunity to practice humanity without expectation of return."
Gospel One Ministries: "INPM is a great organization that provides a voice for countless ministries doing the work in the Lords vineyard, ministries like ourselves that that would go on regardless because of the love of God's people, however through the support of an organization like INPM, we have the capability to network and reach millions worldwide. Grow not weary and be encouraged because Jesus is Lord!"
Duane Pridy Prison & Jail Outreach Ministries: "INPM is a great place to come and join In ministry and has been a great help with our Ministry Outreach. Please contact INPM and sign up today you will not regret it."
On Point Ministries, Inc.: "INPM is a great platform to meet other labors in the field. It provides valuable information that is beneficial to both those who serve the incarcerated and ex-offenders as well as the incarcerated and ex-offenders."
Total Life Ministries: "INPM is a great way to bring fellow ministry partners together to communicate and educate each other on resources available in this industry."
Clearwater Ministries, Inc: "INPM is a tremendous way to connect and network with the rest of the kingdom of God to tell the Good News."
CURB - Caribbean Restorative Justice: "INPM is a unique opportunity for like-spirited people to fellowship and collaborate in a special area of ministry near to the heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As an entity focused on promoting unity among the organizations promoting Caribbean Restorative Justice, C.U.R.B. applauds the work of INPM and encourages all persons and organizations ministering to offenders, crime survivors and their families to join INPM!"
Inmate Mail Call Prison Ministry: "INPM is a window to the world. There heartfelt support of Prison Ministries has set the bar. Only with INPM can you advertise to the whole world, free, and attract quality candidates. I urge anyone who cares about the world, God, and his children to join INPM."
Freedom Through Christ Prison Ministry: "INPM is a wonderful blessing for prison ministries, giving them a free website page for their ministry, which they would most likely not be able to afford on their own!"
Incacerated Ministry: "INPM is a wonderful community! Here you will find new friends in Prison Ministry and you will be able to reach more inmates through new connections and ideas."
Faith Seeds Ministries: "INPM is a wonderful resource for those involved in the many aspects of prison ministry. By joining, we are able to make contacts and be more effective in the ministry."
Ken Mainey Prison Ministry: "INPM is a wonderful way to spread the Good News worldwide to those locked away out of sight and forgotten by many."
Kingdom Courage Ministries: "INPM is an awesome demonstration of the Body of Christ in Prison Ministry."
ABC Gospel Tracts: "INPM is an great opportunity for ABC Gospel Tracts and Christian Music Videos Weekly and ministries who want to reach people for Jesus Christ! Christians praying for you and your needs. More people know about your ministry."
Living Waters Ministries: "INPM is providing the vehicle which can bring the power of God to bear in the lives of those who are in desperate need of those "Living Waters" that will change lives, and eternities."
SOL Academy Prison Outreach: "INPM is such a blessing for so many. What better way to bring the Good News to all in need of God's Divine Mercy!"
Loving Hearts Ministry: "INPM is such a wonderful way for those of like faith to meet! Ever since I signed up, I've never felt like I was the only prison ministry on the planet, like I used to. God's best to all of you as you reach a nation of people that much of society has forgotten, and those that are truly on God's heart. Join us now!"
Caring for Ex-Offenders in the Caribbean: "INPM is the most widely recognized website bringing Christian prison related ministries into unity on the Internet. Every agency involved in working with offenders should consider becoming a member of this reputable international network!"
Jesus Mercy Home Association: "INPM is very good media to pass our prayer points to so many friends. Every day we feel that we have prayer supporters from many nations. This is because of INPM."
Divine Mercy Ministry: "INPM offers its members a great gift of Grace, to publish their ministries on line. For Divine Mercy Ministry, which is just beginning to reach out into the community, it's a real blessing from the Father."
The Opus 30 Mission: "INPM provides support and worldwide fellowship for prison ministry. It is a wonderful resource and source of information."
Partners For Christ Ministries: "INPM represents everyone that is concerned with helping those who are incarcerated. We share this mission!"
Prisoner's Justice Mercy & Reconciliation Mission: "INPM Stand for what I stand for, to bridge the gap between the offender and his adversary. INPM stand to bring the whole world to my attention and to link me with some one in need to encourage me. Thank God for this wonderful vision. Thank God for the staff."
Prayer For Prisoners International: "International Network of Prison Ministries has been an incredible blessing and we get lots of prayer requests from family members with loved ones in prison or jail. Have even had offers from people who want to help. One woman who found us on your site recently wrote asking how she could help and she lives in the same town. We are very grateful for this vehicle to get the word out about our ministry!"
Central Arkansas Prison Ministries: "International Network of Prison Ministries has opened a door for me so that Central Arkansas Prison Ministries can grow and develop into a ministry that mirrors the message of Jesus."
Fountain Of Hope Prison Ministry: "Is a calling.: To reach even the unreachable with the Love of God, through Jesus Christ by the help of the Holy Spirit, bring good news of Hope and Encouragement to every one in the prison wall and to see lost people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior....The plans of God is too Big in each one life's."
Comprehensive Success: "Isa. 42:5-7 - To open blind eyes and to free prisoners . . ."
Lamb of God Ministries One: "It has been a God given desire to pray for inmates and their families, to have a prison ministry as apart of our ministry and I thank God for this opportunity to do so."
New Life Prison Ministry (Seva): "It has been a great opportunity for us to be associated to INPM. We are now able to connect with the like minded people and get prayer support from all INPM members."
The Word of God Bible Study: "It is a Blessing"
Brilliant Dreamers United: "It is the truth. The mission of INPM, is a mission for the Lord."
AlphaUSA Prisons & Re-Entry: "It is time that for ministries who labor for the Lord Jesus Christ to work together!"
Kingsway Prison and Family Outreach: "It is wonderful to be part of INPM. It gives us an opportunity to reach out much further through networking. It gives Kingsway website creditability when we can display the certificate of membership on our site. Think about how much broader your outreach could be with your connection of the 100's of other ministries at INPM."
Mbeya Prison Ministry: "Iyunga Church of Christ in Mbeya Tanzania desire to joying with the INMP so that to share one another the experience how to help the prisoners here and we need the partners who can join all together to work here by supporting our Prison Ministry which we do here as we are poor to do our selves. Iyunga Church of Christ will thank you and God will bless yo for those who will be able to encourage us for the mission which we do in Tanzania."
Pass The Word Christian Outreach Ministry: "Jesus clearly tells us that we are to visit those who are in prison. We are a part of INPM to join with Prison Ministries, to offer our help and to be helped. Combined efforts by a larger Christian community is a truly blessed and wonderful thing to witness."
Rocco Morelli Ministries International: "Jesus invented Networking to reach the world through people like me and you. He commissioned "believers" to go make 'disciples'. What a better way to reach out to the least of these in prison, their families, and victims of crime. The INPM group is an effective ministry tool for the Kingdom Enterprise."
New Foundations Ministries: "Jesus taught us to go forth and help those in need. Those who society has considered bad or "junk" are just like us sinners in need of salvation. "God Doesn't Make Junk""
Reaching Out For Souls: "Joi INPM and put Certificate of Membership on your own prison ministry site!"
Comforting Hearts Ministries, Inc.: "Join INPM - it could be your world-wide recognition, Certificate of Membership for for your own prison ministry site, new friends and prayer partners, permanent availability to donors, full control over your page, etc."
Centro de Reconciliacion Prison Ministry: "Join INPM and let others know that united we can be of help for those in need."
Freedom Ministries, Inc.: "Join INPM for international recognition and networking with other prison ministries."
Covenant Ark Ministries: "Join INPM is to help other fellow ministries bring hopes to the hopeless."
God's News Outreach Ministry: "Join INPM ministry because it has helped so many inmates find the Lord and doing well in the free world."
Angel Food Blessings: "Join INPM to be a vital part in the net-working of the Body of Christ to promote God's plan for many who need to hear. Share your gifts and information through INPM as assets to a stronger witness."
Prison Congregations of America: "Join INPM to get world-wide recognition and get new friends and partners in this important work of prison ministry."
Footsteps Together Ministries: "Join INPM to widen your networking ability, to obtain new friends, prayer partners, volunteers and people to write to in prison. You will have a greater exposure to donors. An excellent way of putting your ministry up front where it can be seen."
God's Servant Ministry: "Join this fellowship with other believers in the work of the Gospel."
Prison Ministries of Delaware: "Join us at INPM for the new friends, prayer partners, and availability to donors."
Making a Difference for Christ: "Join us at INPM in spreading the good news to those in need!"
The Master's Female Prison Ministry: "Join us at International Network of Prison Ministries the largest prison Ministry community in the world! There are so many benefits to being a member--sharing resources, prayer support, new friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. We have world wide recognition and being a member shows that we are a God called ministry and love the Lord and want to share Him with others."
Victory Is Yours: "Join us to fellowship with other like-minded believers."
International Christian Cooperative Ministries: "Joining INPM gives me worldwide recognition, given me the opportunity to know other prison ministries all over the world."
Community Prayer Circle: "Joining INPM is consistent with our vision and goal. We are determined to spread through INPM the Good News of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the world to all who may want to form relationship with God, the Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."
Moving On Ministry: "Just as in the Prayer of Jabez, we asked God to increase our boundaries. INPM has taken us to International boundaries and given God the glory of our time invested. With INPM we now have a network of ministries and are seeing God's example of when the oxen are joined together in the yoke, much more work (for the Lord) is accomplished."
Wiwi Bob Prison Ministry: "Learn more imformation"
Amiracle4sure: "Lives are being changed through this ministry and your support is needed at any level of giving."
New Life Radio Moscow: "Looking to expand the reach of Christian radio to prisoners, because Christ and the Spirit make for real transformation and change. But we need financial help to pay for satellite channels and our Moscow studio operations, and our past partners in Prison ministry have stopped doing satellite installations in prisons, and we need new partners to take up where they left off."
Jail Bible Study: "Looking to learn from experience and success? INPM is a place!"
Feed My People Joy: "Many churches tell you how bad you have been, but offer no power for change. They condemn you, tell you that you are a sinner, guilty of breaking a law, shame you and make you feel like a worm in the dirt. You were created to have fellowship with God. People who have been in prison are HUNGRY and ready to be set free. Hungry is what it takes to change yourself and THE WORLD. I love this site for bringing people together who can "Feed God's People JOY""
Jesus Name Holiness Church: "Many thanks to prisonministry.net and all the people who make it happen so we can help people who otherwise would not be helped. People who are inside and outside both, use prisonministry.net to request prayer. I get prayer request from all over the world. Without prisonministry.net there would be no help, no prayer request from the hurting. Thanks one and all"
Rock County Jail Chaplaincy: "More inmates who become seriously involved in Bible Study stay out of trouble once they are released, than those who are not involved. Many never return to jail again. Joining INPM you become a part of Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation program in America and world-wide. INPM will help you to get knowledge and support for your ministry."
Firstlove Community Centre: "My dear friends! INPM is the best platform for worldwide recognition in your prison work and outreach, please join in your hundreds form any location allover the world, thanks a lot INPM may the Great Lord extend and expand your boundaries allover the Universe."
The Salvation Army Bible Correspondence: "My desire is to meet and support Chaplains."
Reciting the Oracle: "My hope in joining INPM is to expand RTO as an official prison ministry, especially in Maryland. It seems that God has lead in this direction."
One-to-One Prison Ministries: "My ministry also works to free the incarcerated through clemency & parole where the situation calls for such action. We extend individual attention to include financial assistance, help in reconciliation with victims, family counseling and making sure the person gets a special gift at holiday season."
Love Family Aftercare Resources Ministry: "My reason for joining is to broaden our horizons through world-wide recognition, making new friends and prayer partners, availabiloty for donors, invitations for teaching, training and speaking engagements and networking for problem solving."
SomeOne to Lean On: "My reason for joining is wanting to find new friends and prayer partners."
The Way is Truth: "My reason to join INPM is because of your international recognition and your efforts in reaching all kinds of the rejected in the socity but the small and the big, turning the criminals to christians,and your efforts inhelping the youger ministries to achive thier God given visions in prison ministries."
Fly Right, Inc.: "My reason to join is because of a long standing friendship with Serge Taran."
Second Chance Evangelistic Ministries: "My reason to join this World-Wide community of Prison Ministries is to reach out where the families of the incarcerated are hurting, that they may know that through the power of ministry, God intervenes for change of lives."
Amy Forgie Ministries: "My reasons for joining INPM is networking. I truly believe the more we reach out, the more we reach! And to let others know we truly care, even when it seems others don't."
Leticia Faith Outreach Ministries: "My reasons to join is to create a partnership to preach the gospel in Women's Prisons."
Arkyfaith Church Ministries: "Network with other ministries and work for Jesus is a noble goal of INPM. We are proud to be a part of it."
Hospital & Prison Ministries: "Networking and your good work"
Prisoners of Christ: "Networking with national and international prison ministries. Christ-centered ministry affiliation."
The Center for Church and Prison, Inc.: "Networking, membership, prayer partners and support base - you will find here at INPM."
LightHouse Kenya: "Networking/partnerships, resource sharing donations , information exchange,volunteer opportunities exchange, Joint Preaching. Trainings or Evangelism with fellow Pastors and servants all over the World, etc. - that is what you get if your join INPM."
MRC Prison Fellowship: "new freinds and Prayer Partners,Certificate of Membership"
Changing Lives Ministry Inc: "New friends and partners, resourcing network, permanent availability to donors is what you get by becoming one of us at INPM."
Manasseh Ministries: "New friends and prayer partners, permanent availability to donors - INPM gives it all!"
Freedom in Jesus Ministries, Inc.: "New friends, prayer partners, info from other ministries, helps,"
Freedom Fortified: "One of the mian reasons to join is to expand your visibility to the world and possibly build associations with simular organizations"
Abundant Life In Christ II: "Our God is a Good God! He has delivered me from the bondage of drugs and a life without hope! What a blessing it is to have those who care enough to actually do something!"
TCF ministry: "Our group is growing, and God is answering prayers continually."
The Journey of Hope: "Our ministry is growing and the more ex-offenders we can gain access to, the more people we can help"
P-P-P News & Prison Correspondence Ministry: "Our ministry through the grace of God and the cooperation of the INPM has grown from a two person ministry to a ten person ministry. Our membership when we joined in 2003 was under a 100 and we write to more than 250 prisoners and their families in the USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We need you and many more volunteers so we can reach these diamonds in the rough for Christ!"
Returning into Mainstream Ministries, Inc.: "Our ministry welcomes the opportunity to join INPM to be recognize throughout the kingdom as a prison ministry that goes behinds the walls to feed his sheep."
CCCIA Prison Ministry: "Our prayer has been that the Lord will provide an avenue to expand the ministry and in our search we have found INPM. This is the beginning of a fruitful fellowship."
Holy Temple National Assembly Church, Inc.: "Our reason for joining this net work was to be able to show what our God is able to if we obey his word and after it. Our Founder once was in a Federal Prison in Marion, Illinois. Completed the Federal Prison life Connection Program and gave his life to the work in the ministration of GOD."
Prison Outreach Kenya: "Our reason to Join INPM is to link up with different prison ministries across the globe and also connect with people with passion of reaching inmates for the support to our ministry reach out to our brothers and sisters behind bars. Remember together we can make a difference. God bless INPM."
Followers of The Truth Ministry: "Our reason to join is to get the Word out there an help all the people we can an show many people there is a plan God has for them! Now YOU join us!"
HHF-Africa Outreach: "Out outreach has the intention to reach as many souls as possible, not only restoring hope, but also providing Spiritual assistance and care for those that are forgotten and voiceless."
Forgiven: "Please join INPM and help as to show these housemates that the world has not given up on them just as Christ never gives up on us."
Catholic Death Row Ministry: "Please join us at INPM and reach out to inmates for Christ. It is 100% safe. We have never had any problems. You will be blessed by reaching out to an inmate. I also will always be available to answer any questions and help in any way. You can call me anytime. I will get back to you as soon as possible, If I don't answer. Jesus will bless you for reaching out those in prison. Remember Matthew 25:36!"
Someone Cares Ministry: "Please join us at INPM in fulfilling the desires of the Christ which is to help others! Jesus said the second greatest commandment is to love our neighbors as ourselves. We need your support in helping those in need."
The Church of Saint Expedite: "Please join us at INPM in helping bring the Good News to those that truly need it."
The Prison Wives Movement: "Please join us so that we can work together to eliminate stigmas and give woman every where the strength they need to go on."
PCA Prison Outreach: "Post Conviction Associates joined INPM to network with others who share a common goal...bringing light to the dark recesses of prison. Only through a single goal, brought by a multitude of varying efforts, can the light truly be seen."
GROW Ministries, Inc.: "Prayer, donor recognition, networking with other organizations - that is what INPM all about!"
Hanna Ministries-Project Jericho: "Project Jericho is a faith-based organization, run completely by volunteers, which means your gifts go to the people who need them most."
Escape Prison Ministry: "Recognition, accountability and network opprtunities to promote the Gospel for the Glory of God"
EAK Prison Ministry: "Serge and his Network gives the world a possible approach to helping prisoners."
FreeBible.us: "Since joined with INPM our customers are multiplied by the traffic we are getting from this Network. If you are in Prison Ministry and not on INPM, you are not in business!"
The John 3:17 Project: "Since joining INPM our ministry has seen incredible growth. We went from witnessing to 4 inmates, to witnessing to well over 100 in less then a month. We have also made incredible contacts through INPM. It is truly a network worth joining and it costs nothing but a few minutes of your time to register."
Faithful Steward Ministries: "Since joining INPM we have made contact with other Prison Ministries in many states and foreign countries sharing the blessings of fellowship in Christ."
A Healthy Touch: "Since my book, 'How Are You Doing? Journal of a Dead Man Born Again,' has been in print, several persons have encouraged me in sharing that it is a great source of hope for inmates. INPM has opened up the potential for me to get my book out to more inmates than I originally had imagined possible. Thank you INPM!"
Cactus Fellowship: "Since we became a part of INPM family we are contacted by family members able to go and minister to their loved ones in jail. It is a great blessing that God has given us through INPM."
Universal Life Church Nevada: "Since we joined INPM we have been overjoyed at the responses and the word we receive from brothers and sisters that we get to know. Where as we could not afford to do it before. Keep up the good works and God Bless all of you. We are now here to help expand and expound on our network may it long live. All of us should do all we can to keep this aired and is a real professional piece.."
Good Samaritan Prison Ministry: "Since we joined the INPM, this ministry has been much blessed by the new friends, and experience."
Prison and Jail Newsgroups: "Since we teamed with INPM, we have simply exploded - from a few dozen to many thousand subscribers. INPM is helping us to be visible and available to the Prison Ministry community world-wide."
Evangelical Christian Church in Canada (Christian Disciples): "Social Networking to those in prison ministries."
Cellblock Ministry: "Sometimes in life you find a special friend. Someone who changes your life, just by being a part of it. Someone who makes you laugh, until you can't stop. Someone who makes you believe that there are really good people in the world."
Abundant Love Ministries: "Taking God's love to prisoners is a wonderful and worthwhile ministry. Thank the Lord for INPM."
Joyful Noise Women's Prison Ministry and Outreach: "The biggest reason to join is that here at INPM is strong powers in the numbers. Where two or more are gathered there I shall be. Also to be given the chance to share my testimony with others to let them know what a forgiving God we serve."
Tabernacle Prison Outreach: "The INPM is a great blessing to our ministry."
Women Of Hope Foundation: "The INPM provides a terrific opportunity for faith-based organizations to provide information about their ministries and to network with other organizations serving prisoners and ex-prisoners. In addition, it has a discussion forum for members, permitting them to provide mutual support, encouragement, and exchange of information."
India National Prison Ministry: "The International Network of Prison Ministries provides a free opportunity for ministries serving prisoners and ex-prisoners to disseminate information about their organizations and the services they offer. This information is available to other ministries, those involved with the criminal justice system, and to the public at large. The site contains a variety of different methods to conduct an online search within its database to allow for easy access to relevant ministries."
Project Eve Prison Ministries: "The Lord is Blessing the Prison Ministry. One soul at a time."
Prisoners of War Prison Outreach Ministry: "The Lords has done a mighty work on us."
Immanuel Community Ministries: "The ministry of INPM is a GOD given vision of which we all can share through the technology of today.
The fellowship is a blessing and encouragement to all of us who God had called into this area of ministry."
Mission Gate Prison Ministry: "The Mission Gate Prison Ministry Aftercare is a unique ministry that has reversed recidivism and would like you to join as you are called to turn lives from crime to Christ. A good investment in the Great Commission!"
Prisoner's Family Conference: "The National Prisoner's Family Conference provides the unique opportunity to join with others serving prisoners and their families from across the country; to learn the most effective means of reaching and ministering to those affected by incarceration; to receive support and to provide support."
Cup of Faith Ministries: "The power of prayer is the backbone of every Ministry that serves God. INPM brings together a voice heard load and clear."
We Remembered Them Prison Ministry: "The reason we joined INPM is to be of service to other ministries. We want to work together in an effort to spread the gospel to the incarcerated."
God of Covenant C & S Church International: "The satisfy our passion for souls, obtain our own Certificate of Membership for prison ministry and make us available to sponsors and donors."
R.O.C. Prison Ministry: "The support, outreach possibilities, and people who you come in contact with through INPM are great. A God sent!"
Freedom in Jesus Name Prison Ministries: "There are a lot of people that God has connected through INPM with different prison ministry talents that you can network and learn from."
IEFAI Prison Ministry: "There is only one reason on which you can to join this INPM service - only because it to you God has told!"
Prophets Prayers Ministry of Texas: "This is a fantastic place to get the word out about your ministry."
Miracle, Signs, and Wonders Prison Ministries: "This is a wonderful website of the fellowship of Prison Ministries to that are in need."
Combat Veterans Prison Ministry: "This is, as of August 2011, a new ministry so I do not have stories of success. I do have 10 years of visiting prisons in different states, writing to inmates and counseling families. I left my home in California and God put upon my heart to strike out into this area of prison ministry aimed at other combat veterans."
Eleasah Ministries: "This ministry provides help and guidance to those in prison and those coming out of prison. Everyone needs a safe place to feel free to share their thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to reconciling with the Lord Jesus Christ."
Armor in Ministry: "This site helps you stay connected with people of like faith whose sole purpose is to bring glory to God. I know that now I am a member I will be making new friends with those whose desire is to touch heaven whose purpose is to walk a pure and holy life before God."
Not Forsaken Prison Ministry: "Through caring for and writing just one prisoner, who we followed for more than a year, we are here at INPM were able to inspire and encourage many other inmates."
Fishers of Men Prison Ministries: "Through INPM, Fishers of Men Prison Ministries has grown to serve hundreds of inmates and their families. In addition, the networking that we have had the opportunity to do through ministries we have met is staggering. Friendships made, new ministries touched and inmates we have known through this Organization is truly a blessing."
International Foundation for Better Life: "To access the network of members already working with INPM, to gain new friends and prayer partners, to avail ourselves to donors for support and assistance in our ministry work - join INPM now!"
Zen Prison Ministry: "To aid people in their time of need through the power of prayer and faith."
Blessed and Beyond Ministry: "To become one body in Christ our Lord and Savior in Prison Ministry, join INPM, be a part of this World-wide Network!"
Arizona Second Chance: "To become one of many, so we may all join as one, and bring our Father God into the lives of all!"
A Cup of Water Ministries: "To connect with other prison ministries, recruit free world pen pals, permanent availability to donors, join INPM."
513FREE: "To continue to share the gospel of hope and redemption through music and service and expand our prison ministry in hopes to see more people come to an understanding of God's love and grace for each one of us."
Armor Bearers Ministries International Inc: "To continue to spread the Gospel in the prison system to give these men & women the tools to keep from returning to prison."
Restoration House Ministries: "To encourage others and to build a relationship with those who are also in this ministry, join INPM. You will come along side and pray for those who are also reaching the lost and teaching."
Emmanuel Prison Ministry Theater: "To find partners to support our ministry, to have permanent availability to donors, join INPM!"
Hope Of Freedom: "To get more support from our partners for Russian Speaking inmates and prisoners."
Marty Miller Concert Ministry: "To go in and share songs and testimony with inmates."
Volunteer in Prison ministry: "to have a network support form international Organization"
Vehicle Restoration Ministries Inc: "To join men and women together and to agree on many situations and decisions to Praise God and his growth here on Earth - join INPM!"
Donald Lee Johnson Prison Ministries: "To learn more of what other prison ministries are doing join INPM."
Bridge to Hope: "To let others know that we mentor women and would like to have prayer partners, new friends and to share success stories of how God has renewed hope and life in women in jail, join INPM."
Freedom Prison Ministries: "To network with like-minded ministries, assist new ministries, and establish new contacts, join INPM!"
The Word of God Foundational Bible Study: "To network with others that have the same interest as I do and yo learn more bout this ministry."
Agape Prison Ministry International Cameroon: "To share our problems, burdens and information with our brethren the world over join International Network of Prison Ministry."
Refined Silver Intercessory Ministry: "To support by interceding for organizations that help others, and to be unified with other prison ministries, and organizations so that the will of God can be accomplished - is the purpose of INPM. Join us!"
New Spirit Missionary Outreach: "To teach churches how to build God's Army out of the most troubled people in our community."
Motorcycle Ministries For Christ: "To unite with other workers and to be available for more outreach - join INPM!"
House Of Prayer: "uest."
Prison Hospital Ministries: "United together around INPM, we can win the battle for our lord as warriors for him so the gospel can reach to the ends of the earth and none should be lost when Jesus returns in mid air to take us to His kingdom."
His Healing Hand Ministries: "use our resource directory at www.hishealinghand.com"
Bethel Memorial A.M.E. Prison Ministry: "We all have someone, or know of someone, that has been incarcerated, and are in need of spiritual support and uplifting."
New Beginnings in Christ: "We are a Christian couple in love with jesus."
Jeremiah Prison Ministry: "We are a Faith Based Ministry accepting donations by mail please check our main website for more information. Since 2000 we have ministered to over 3600 inmates in Prison Chapels. We have seen over 290 converts and over 1100 re-dedications to Christ through our ministry. This ministry is one on one to inmates, for some inmates the only visit they get is when we see them. We are their friend, their pastor and Jesus in the flesh."
Mother Mary Society: "We are a new ministry to the area. Our wish is to serve the public as St. Francis did. We rely on local donations and support to aid us in supplies. Brother Christopher OFD donates his time and services to this endeavor."
Awake Deborah Prayer Movement: "We are a part of INPM to be able to meet and prayer with a team of God committed persons, yearning for the absolute will of God to be manifested in all things."
Tuesday Night Chapel: "We are a part of INPM to keep up with what others are doing in prison ministry."
Mercy Outreach Ministry: "We are a very small outreach and we are hoping by joining, we will grow and be able to reach even more people with the Love of our Lord."
Grace Country Cowboy Church: "We are certified in Overcomes Prison Ministries
Are Church accepts Ex-felons
The pastor and many of our members have been to prison
We help ex-felons reintigrate into society
We have many resources for re-intigration"
AngelCare Ministry Outreach: "We are constantly seeking new ministry associations and we are eager to learn from experienced ministries. INPM works very well for us as well as our FaceBook page."
Susi Ng Katarungan Prison Ministries: "We are glad to have been given this opportunity of joining INPM for new friends, prayer partners and permanent availability to donors. Thank God for more generous hearts."
Black Sea Prison Ministry: "We are in Prison Ministry in the country of Ukraine. Odessa is a city port on the Black Sea. Without INPM who would even knew that we exist! Our reason to join is to be a part of this Global Prison Ministry movement."
Boat Angel Outreach Center: "We are interested in distributing our materials free of charge."
Daughters of Destiny Prison Ministry: "We are joining hands with INPM to form a net of GRACE for women upon release."
HHI Pakistan Outreach: "We are looking forward to build a network of good hearted christian people to guide and assist us on helping the less fortunate."
International Women of Faith Fellowship Texas: "We are saved to serve and witness for the Master that we may be soul Ė winners for Christís kingdom. There may be battles ahead with the powers of darkness but Christ is our victorious leader, He is with us. We have His word, His name, His blood and the anointing power of the Holy Spirit to do His work."
Helping Hands of Love Ministries: "We are seeing the work in other ministries that have joined and we want to join the team and bring unity to the body of Christ."
Justice and Mercy, Inc.: "We are seeking mentors that are committed to help ex-offenders to make the right decisions and realize their purpose under God. We also seek employers willing to give them those opportunities to help support themselves and their families."
Soul Winning Outreach Ministry: "We are thankful to the lord that we have been recognized by INPM to be new friends and prayer partners."
Northern Uganda Born Again Prisons Ministry: "We believe it is important for us to be a part of this Network in order to grow as we meet and interface with new friends and prayer partners and donors. Certification and International recognition also compelled us to join."
The Voice: "We believe in Joining the IPNM will allow the ministry to bring forth a greater chance in sharing the word of God, and presenting those who truly need to preach, teach and lead in a spiritual way. To place light on those whom God has given gifts, and have given testimonies."
Truth To The Tribes Ministry: "We believe that we the body of Christ are in such a crucial stage of history which demands the united work and effective evangelism for the End time Harvest. We would love to partnership with like minded churches organizations and individuals. And we consider to become a part of INPM will be an effective way to be connected with others."
Desire of All Nations Ministries SA: "We believe that with INPM, so much can be done and souls can be lead to the cross, for so many are caught in a "cross-road of live". Many of our prisons are filled with youth who have lost their way one-way or the other and we believe that with INPM, we have the solutions governments are searching for."
Kanater Prison Ministry: "We decide to join INPM as in order to learn, gain experience and to be international recognized."
Robin's Song Ministries: "We desire to be a member of a growing ministry where our ministry and goals can be published world wide. We presently correspond with over 20 inmates and desire to have more."
Compassion Ministries: "We felt in our heart and led by the Spirit to minister among the prisoners."
Oasis of Life Outreach: "We felt the call of God to reach out to the prisoners, juvenile delinquents, and youths at risk. The outreach of INPM was foundered by the help of God."
John Asare Ministry: "We find the International Network of Prison Ministries very unique, as it is an invaluable source of bringing all creation together in an effort to reform, heal and unite all of God's children throughout the world. Be a part of it!"
Mount Hope Prison Ministry: "We had more e-mails generated from this web-site than with the pay-by-the month web page we had for a year. I appreciate INPM and the blessing they have been to our ministry. We've gotten more volunteers and new inmates taking our Bible correspondence courses through this site. Thanks and God bless!"
Free In Christ Ministries: "We have a dedicated desire to reach inmates around the United States. INPM is a tool to use in communications."
Missions Asia: "We have a prison work, so INPM membership helps us to get a world-wide recognition and get more friends and prayer partners and also donors to carry on our work for His glory."
Reformers Unanimous - Columbia Chapter: "We have been able to connect families from across the country thru INPM. Inmates families use this website to stay informed about their loved one."
Cross in the City: "We have been blessed to be part of INPM receiving prayers in tough times and contacts with like-minded ministries around the globe."
Flying Higher: "We have been privileged to provide tens of thousands of Bibles to prison ministry, at 90% or greater discount, and want others to know of this opportunity."
New Life Spirit Recovery: "We have been totally blessed through our connection with INPM. As a part of the body of Christ, this network connects us to ministries all over the world with similar objectives. Our ministry is about freedom in general. Freedom from addiction, and the places your addiction will take you."
Glory of His Cross Prophetic Ministries: "We have joined INPM so that we may be able to know more about the various Prison Ministries, especially, in Asia, for our prayers and day-by-day cooperation. We are also asking all our co-workers in India to use INPM as a source of Prison Ministry interaction."
His Highest Praise Prison Ministry: "We have joined this ministry because it is God sent and that we are able to be joined with our brother and sisters in Christ Jesus from around the world in reaching out to prisoners. We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for this anointed web page and the web masters that do so much in keeping us up to date with all that i going on around the world in our prison institutions We thank you very much."
Evangel Prison Ministries: "We have received many new volunteers through the INPM website!"
Free Your Voice Ministries: "We have seen a huge release of Christians who live in fear of Public speaking move into an area of conference speaking to share of their faith and a testimony to Gods power and grace."
I Am Free Ministry, Inc.: "We highly recommend INPM, they are a must for any Prison Ministry!"
Family Life Outreach Ministry: "We in the past year have supplied over 100,000 pounds of food to hungry persons in the Dallas, Texas area and have also distributed over 200,000 pounds of clothing to needy families."
Set My Way Free: "We invite all readers to join INPM. They are interested in supporting prison ministries and they care for the welfare of both prisoners and their families. Please read the INPM website materials which tells you how you can support their on-going ministry needs and how you may join. May God richly bless and keep each."
Because He Lives: "We join because we believe INPM is where we can meet other Christians devoted with heart and soul to winning souls for Jesus, with helping inmates become changed people. We hope they will share fund raising strategies with us."
Home Bound Prison Ministry: "We joined INPM because it is a place to reach people with the same goals and desire in helping the inmate, posting letters to families sand net working with other prison ministries to help with the struggle of the many problems in the justice system."
BCV Ministries: "We joined INPM because we want to help get the Word out to all! We believe that INPM really cares about spreading the love of Christ, and we want to be a part of this wonderful organization."
King's Prison Ministry: "We joined INPM because we would like to have fellowship with ministries around the world that has the same vision as we have to reach out to these wonderful people in the prison."
Strike Force Prison Ministry: "We joined INPM in order to network with other prison ministries and win more souls to Christ by a unified effort of mutual cooperation between all Christ-centered prison ministries."
Sri Lanka Prison Ministry: "We joined INPM to emphasis the world that the will of God which is also in operation in the prisons of Sri Lanka. Join us!"
La Gai Roi Ministry: "We love people through Jesus"
Word and Spirit Ministry: "We need fellowship and Leadership to developthisministry"
Spirit Key Ministry: "We need INPM help to advance the ministry and assist men returning from prison to be responsible Christians in today's world."
Altaf Anthony Ministry: "We need you in Pakistan. Join INPM and let's win some souls for Christ in my Muslim country."
CWC Prison Ministry: "We received all information regarding INPM from God's good man Mr. Taran. We would like to thanks him and to his family for everything he has done for us."
Transformed Ministries, Ltd.: "We spent hours and hours getting the content up on our site, and no one befitting from it visiting it, but we wanted the world to know! So we joined the International Network of Prison Ministries and our counter is rolling!"
Great I Am Ministries Outreach International: "We suggest all to join INPM because we stand behind the work that they do, to network with other like-minded organizations to share our experiences and unite for even greater opportunities to serve God, and to seek help from other organizations in order to fulfill God's will."
Alpha Prison Ministries: "We want to make people aware of our ministry. We can do it through INPM."
Believers Behind The Walls Prison Ministry: "We want to reach as many people that we can who may have loved ones currently incarcerated and in need of legal help. We make ourself available to those in need through INPM."
Ark Of Bulrushes Ministry: "We want to reach the largest audience in the ministry and INPM gives us the opportunity to contact prison ministries not only on our continent of Africa, but worldwide."
Reflections of Freedom: "We want to spread the Light of Christ in a world of Darkness! And we have found a tool - INPM getaway!"
FreshStart Fellowship: "We were allowed to pass through a very difficult time in our life to be able to minister and help the women and children that have been left behind. It was a very difficult trial in our life, but one we had to pass through to be able to do what we have been called to do. Our story "We Made It, You Can Too" tells how we were able to make it through our time of trail and shows that if we were able to make it through ours, then you can make it through yours. No Matter What! There is Hope."
Family To Family: "We would like to have availability to new clients, donors, friends, and supporters. Also any resources that the group may have collectively and/or individually."
Karlton Harris Prison Ministry: "We're looking forward to networking with other ministries so that we can continue to help others."
Unchanging Faith: "When God tells you to do something you do it quickly. In all these years never have I had a certificate of membership until God lead me to this site. Thank you Jesus for everything."
Christian Prison Ministries: "When you hear the success of the men whose lives have been changed, you know that you have left foot prints of love in the Kingdom of God. That is a calling of INPM."
New Beginnings with Jesus Christ: "Whenever you're given an opportunity to join an organization that preaches Jesus and is about God's Business - you should take advantage of it! It is INPM!"
Malakhs Wings Ministries: "Whoever started INPM should be commended tremendously! This is a place where members can share resources, to better equip. All of us, to serve the prisoner. Also itís so nice, to meet other likeminded people, in a society, that not only has forgotten about prisoners, but condemns you for ministering to the prisoners! I recommend INPM to families or friends of prisoners. If the answer you're looking for isn't found here, then you can rest assured, that there's no answer to be found."
Faithful Journey: "Working with inmates have been a great blessing bestowed upon us. INPM is all about it. It makes your work visible."
Conway Freedom Prison Ministry: "Working with the other ministries in INPM gives all of us a chance to share the information about our inmates and to be able to gain knowledge of other resources."
River of Revival Ministries Kenya: "Would Love to Minister with other ministers and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ Across the Globe in Jails etc."
Salvation is the Answer, Inc.: "You need to join INPM because you cannot have too many connections with the world. This is what it is all about. We need to work together because we can do more together than we can alone. This is a "we" deal. Join today."
This Side of the Wall: "You will find new friends that share your pain, and understand what you may be experiencing here at INPM. You can receive if you need and want to, spiritual instruction and guidance during this time while you are separated from your loved one."

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