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John 7:37-38. - If any man is thirsty, let him come to me... and from his breast shall flow fountain of living water.

Correctional Institution. Members of International Network of Prison Ministries.

Adirondack Correctional FacilityAirway Heights Correctional Center
Al Burrus Correctional Training CenterAlamance Correctional Center
Albany Transitional CenterAlbert Wagner Youth Correctional Facility
Albion Correctional CenterAlbion Correctional Facility
Albion Correctional InstitutionAlexander Correctional Center
Alger Maximum Correctional FacilityAlgoa Correctional Center
Allen Correctional CenterAllen Correctional Institution (ACI)
Allendale Correctional InstitutionAllenwood Ferderal Correctional Institution
Altona Correctional FacilityAnson Correctional Center
Anvil Mountain Correctional CenterApalachee Correctional Institution
Appalachian Correctional Unit (Unit 29)Arizona Second Chance
Arkansas Valley Correctional FacilityArrowhead Correctional Center
Arthur Kill Correctional FacilityAtlanta Transitional Center
Atterbury Correctional FacilityAttica Correctional Facility
Auburn Correctional FacilityAugusta Correctional Center
Augusta Correctional Medical InstitutionAvenal State Prison
Avery Correctional CenterAvey Mttchell Correctional Institution
Avon Park Correctional InstitutionAvoyelles Correctional Center
B. Moore Correctional FacilityBaker Correctional Institution
Baldwin Correctional InstitutionBaltimore City Correctional Centr
Baltimore City Correctional CentrBaraga Maximum Correctional Facility
Bare Hill Correctional FacilityBaskerville Correctional Unit (Unit 4)
Bay Correctional FacilityBay State Correctional Center
Bayview Correctional FacilityBeacon Correctional Facitity
Bedford Hills Correctional CenterBelmont Correctional Institution
Beltefonte Correctional InstitutionBent County Correctional Facility
Bergin Correctional InstitutionBibleway Church
Bibleway ChurchBig Muddy River Correctional Center
Bill Johnson Correctional CenterBlackburn Correctional Complex
Bland Correctional CenterBooneville Correctional Center
Bostick Correctional InstitutionBotetourt Correctional Center (Unit 25)
Brevard Correctional InstitutionBridgeport Correctional Center
Broad River Correctional InstituttonBrockbridge Correctional Facility
Brooklyn Correctional InstitutionBrooks Correctional Facility
Broward Correctional InstitutionBrownfield Correctional Center
Brunswick Correctional CenterBrunswick Correctional Center
Buckingham Correctional CenterBuena Vista Correctional Facility
Buffalo Correctional FacilityBuncombe Correctional Center
C. Paul Phelps Correctional CenterCabarrus Correctional Center
Caldwell Correctional CenterCaledonia Correctional Institution
Calhoun Correctional InstitutionCalhoun Correctional Institution
California Correctional CenterCalifornia Correctional Institution
California Institution for MenCalifornia Medical Facility
California Men's ColonyCalifornia Rehabilitation Center
California State PrisonCalifornia State Prison, Sacramento
Calipatria State Prison (CAL)Cambridge Springs Correctional Institution
Camp Hill State Correctional InstitutionCanton Correctional Center
Cape Vincent Correctional FacilityCarlisle Correctional Center
Caroline Correctional Unit (Unit 2)Carteret Correctional Center
Caswell Correctional CenterCatawba Correctional Center
Cayuga Correctional FacilityCentennial Correctional Facillity
Central Correctional InstitutionCentral Laundry Correctional Facility
Central Michigan Correctional FacilityCentral Miss. Correctional Facility
Central Missouri Correctional CenterCentral NM Correctional Facility
Central Utah Correctional FacilityCentury Correctional Institution
Chain O'Lakes Correctional FacilityCharleston Correctional Facility
Charlotte Correctional CenterCharlotte Correctional Institution
Chateaugay Correctional FacilityChatham Correctional Unit (Unit 15)
Cheshire Correctional CenterCheshire Correctional Institution
Chillicothe Correctional CenterChillicothe Correctional Institute
Chippewa Correctional FacilityChittenden Regional Correctional Facility
Christformation In You Ministries InternationalChuckawalla Valley State Prison
Clarinda Correctional FacilityClinton Correctional Facility
Clyde N. Philllps Correctional InstitutionCoastal Correctional Institution
Coffeewood Correctional CenterCold Springs Correctional Unit (Unit 10)
Coleman Federal Correctional InstitutionCollins Correctional Facility
Colorado Territorial Correctional FacilityColorado Women's Correctional Facility
Columbia Correctional InstitutionColumbia Correctional Institution
Columbia River Correctional InstitutionColumbia Women's Correctional Institution
Concord Correctional InstitutonCooper Street Correctional Facility
Correctional Adjustment CenterCorrectional Center Work Release Unit
Correctional InstitutionCorrectional Institution
Correctional InstitutionCorrectional Institution
Correctional Institution for WomenCorrectional Institution Hagerstown
Correctional Institution, PlymouthCorrectional Mental Health Facility
Correctional Reception CenterCorrectional Service Canada
Correctional Services of CanadaCorrectional Services of Canada Regional Headquarters
Correctional Training FacilityCorrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center
Coxsackie Correctional FacilityCraggy Correctional Center
Craven Correctional InstitutitonCresson Correctional Institution
Cross City Correctional InstitutionCross Connection Ministries
Crossroads Correctional CenterCummins Unit
Currituck Correctional CenterCybulski Correctional Institution
Dade Correctional InstitutionDallas Correctional Institution
David Wade Correctional CenterDayton Correctional Institution
Deep Meadow Correctional CenterDeerfield Correctional Center
Deerfield Correctional FacilityDelaware Correctional Center
Delta Correctional CenterDelta Correctional Facility
Denmar Correctional CenterDenver Women's Correctional Facility
Denver Women's Correctional FacilityDesert Correctional Center
DeSoto Correctional InstitutionDiboll Correctional Center
Dick Conner Correctional CenterDillwyn Correctional Center
Dinwiddie Correctional Unit (Unit 27)Dixon Correctional Center
Dodge Correctional InstitutionDooly Correctional Institution
Downcast Correctional FacilityDownstate Correctional Facility
Dr. Eddie W. Warrior Correctional CenterDublin Federal Correctional Inatitution
Duplin Correctional CenterDurham Correctional Center
Dwight Correctional CenterEast Moline Correctional Center
Eastern Correctional FacilityEastern Correctional Institution
Eastern Correctional InstitutionEastern Kentucky Correctional Complex
Eastern Oregon Correctional InstitutionECSO WMDC Chaplaincy Division
Edgecombe Correctional FacilityEdinburgh Correctional Facility
Edna Mahan Women's Correctional FacilityEgeler Correctional Facility
El Dorado Correctional FacilityElayn Hunt Correctional Center
Ellsworth Correctional FacilityElmira Correctional Facility
Enfield Correctional InstitutionEssex Co. Correctional
Evans Correctional InstitutionEverglades Correctional Institution
Faderal Correctional InstitutionFairbanks Correctional Center
Fairfax Correctional Unit (Unit 30)Farmington Correctional Center
FCI SheridanFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional InstitutionFederal Correctional Institution
Federal Correctional Institution McKeanFederal Correctional Institution Schuylkill
Federal Correctional Institution, AshlandFederal Correctional Institution, Englewood
Federal Correctional Institution, La TunaFederal Correctional Institution, Med.
Federal Detention CenterFiji Prison Ministry
Fishkill Correctional FacilityFlorida Correctional institution
Fluvanna Correctional CenterFoothills Correctional Institution
Forest Hays Correctional InstitutionForsyth Correctional Center
Fountain Correctional Center for WomenFour Mile Correctional Center
Fox Lake Correctional InstitutionFrackville Correctional Institution
Frackville Correctional InstitutionFrank C. Scott Correctional Institution
Franklin Correctional CenterFranklin Correctional Facility
Franklin Correctional InstitutionFree At Last Ministry
Freedom Prison MinistriesFulfilling God's Purpose Church
Fulton Correctional facilityG. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility
Gadsden Correctional InstitutionGalnesville Correctional Institution
Garden State Youth Correctional FacilityGarner Correctional Institution
Gaston Correctional CenterGates Correctional Center
Gates Correctional InstitutionGatesville Correctional Center
Give God A Chance MinistriesGivens Correctional Center
Glades Correctional InstitutionGoldsboro Correctional Center
Goodman Correctional InstitutionGouverneur Correctional Facility
Gowanda Correctional CenterGrafton Correctional Institution
Graham Correctional CenterGraterford Correctional Institution
Great Meadow Correctional FacilityGreen Bay Correctional Institution
Green Haven Correctional FacilityGreen River Correctional Complex
Greene Correctional CenterGreene Correctional Facility
Greensburg Correctional InstitutionGreensville CC Chaplain's Department
Greensville Correctional ComplexGreenwood Correctional Center
Groveland Correctional FacilityGuilford Correctional Center
Gulf Correctional InstitutionGus Harrison Correctional Facility
Hagerstown Correctional Training CenterHalawa Correctional Facility
Halifax Correctional Unit (Unit 23)Hamilton Correctional Institution
Hardee Correctional InstitutionHarnett Correctional Institution
Harrisonburg Diversion CenterHartford Correctional Center
Hastings Correctional CenterHate Creek Correctional Facility
Hawaii Community Correctional CenterHaynesville Correctional Center
Haywood Correctional CenterHealing Wings Ministry
Heaven Blessing Ecclesiastical MinistriesHemando Correctional Institution
Hendersonville Correctional CenterHendry Correctional Institution
Henryville Correctional FacilityHiawatha Correctional Facility
Hiland Mountain Correctional CenterHill Correctional Center
Hillsborough Correctional InstitutionHocking Correctional Facility
HomervilIe Correctional InstitutionHospital Correctional Unit
Houtzdale Correctional InstitutionHoward McLeod Correctional Center
Hudson Correctional FacilityHuntingdon Correctional Institution (SCI Huntingdon)
Huron Valley ComplexHutchinson Correctional Facility
Huttonsville Correctional CenterHyde Correctional Center
Idaho Correctional Institution OrofinoIllinois Correctional Center
Impact 180, Inc.Indian Creek Correctional Center
Indian River Correctional InstitutionIndianapolis Juv. Correctional Facility
Interchurch Prison Evangelistic and Rehabilitation AssociationIredell Correctional Center
Iron City Utah State Correctional FacilityIsaiah 61 Ministries
Jack T. Rutledge Correctional InstitutionJackie Brannon Correctional Center
Jackson Correctional InstitutionJackson Correctional Institution
Jacksonville Correctional CenterJames Crabtree Correctional Center
James River Correctional CenterJefferson City Correctional Facility
Jefferson Correctional InstitutionJefferson County Jail Correctional Facility
Jess Dunn Correctional CenterJessup Correctional Institution
Jim E. Hamilton Correctional CenterJimmy Autry Correctional Institution
John L. Webb Correctional FacilityJohn Lilley Correctional Center
Johnson Correctional InstitutionJohnston Correctional Center
Joliet Correctional CenterJoseph Harp Correctional Center
Kamloops Reg. Correctional CenterKaual Community Correctional Center
Keen Mountain Correctional CenterKentucy Correctional Psych. Center
Kershaw Correctional InstitutionKetchikan Correctional Center
Kettle Moraine Correctional InstitutionKinross Correctional Facility
Kirland Correctional InstitutionKulani Correctional Facility
Lake City Correctional FacilityLake Correctional Institution
Lake County Regional Correctional FacilityLakeland Correctional Facility
Lakeside Correctional CenterLakeview Correctional Facility
Lancaster Correctional InstitutionLansing Correctional Facility
Lebanon Correctional CenterLee Arrendale Correctional Institution
Lee Correctional InstitutionLee Correctional Institution
Lemon Creek Correctional CenterLexington Correctional Center
Liberty Correctional InstitutionLieber Correctional Institution
Lima Correctional InstitutionLimon Correctional Facility
Lincoln CorrectionalLincoln Correctional Center
Lincoln Correctional CenterLincoln Correctional Facility
Livingston Correctional FacilityLogan Correctional Center
Lompec Federal Correctional InstitutionLondon Correctional Institution
lonia Maximum Correctional FacilityLorain Correctional Institution
Lorton Correctional CenterLovelock Correctional Center
Low Security Correctional InstitutionLow Security Correctional Institution Allenwood
Lowndes Correctional InstitutionLumberton Correctional Institution
Lunenburg Correctional CenterLuther Luckett Correctional Complex
Luzerne County Correctional FacilityLyon Mountain Correctional Facility
M2 Mentoring Outreach, CaliforniaMabel Bassett Correctional Center
MacDougall Correctional InstitutionMack H. Alford Correctional Center
Macomb Correctional FacilityMacon Correctional Institution
Macon Transitional CenterMadison Correctional Institution
Madison Correctional InstrtutionMaine Correctional Center
Maine Correctional InstitutionManning Correctional Institution
Mansfield Correctional InstitutionMarble Valley Regional Correctional Facility
Marcy Correctional FacilityMarianna Federal Correctional Institution
Marion Correctional Institution (FL)Marion Correctional Institution (OH)
Marion Correctional Treatment CenterMarshall County Correctional Facility
Martin Correctional CenterMartin Correctional Institution
Massachusetts Correctional InstitutionMayo Correctional Institution
McCain Correctional HospitalMcCormick Correctional Institution
Mecklenburg Correctional CenterMecklenburg Correctional Center
Men's Correctional InstitutionMenard Correctional Center
Mending Broken Vessels Prison & Juvenile ministriesMercer Correctional Institution
Metro Correctional InstitutionMetro Transitional Center Atlanta
Metropolitan Correctional CenterMetropolitan Correctional Center
Metropolitan Correctional CenterMiami Correctional Facility
Michael UnitMichigan Youth Correctional Facility
Mid-Orange Correctional FacilityMid-State Correctional Facility (NY)
Mill Creek Correctional FacilityMinistry-Solicitor General & Correctional Svcs.
Minnesota Correctional FacilityMission Creek Corrections Center for Women
Missouri Eastern Correctional CenterMoberly Correctional Center
Mohawk Correctional FacilityMonday Community Correctional Institution
Monroe Correctional ComplexMontgomery Correctional Institution
Moorehaven Correctional InstitutionMorris Correctional Institution
Mound Correctional FacilityMount Olive Correctional Center
Mountainview Youth Correctional FacilityMt. Mcgregor Correctional Facility
Multnomah County Detention CentersMuncy State Correctional Institution
Muskegon Temporary FacilityMy Inspiration for God's News
N. Central Juv. Correctional FacilityNash Correctional Institution
Navasota Correctional CenterNebraska Correctional Treatment Center
Neuss Correctional CenterNevada Women's Correctional Center
New Hanover Correctional CenterNew Haven Correctional Center
New Mexico Women's Correctional FacilityNew River Correctional Institution
Newberry Correctional FacilityNoble Correctional Institution
North Central Correctional FacilityNorth Idaho Correctional Institution
Northeast Correctional CenterNortheast Correctional Center
Northeast Oklahoma Correctional CenterNortheast Regional Correctional Facility
Northeastern Correctional InstitutionNorthern Correctional Center
Northern Correctional InstitutionNorthern Nevada Correctional Center
Northern State Correctional FacilityNorthside Correctional Institution
Northwest Correctional CenterNorthwest State Correctional Facility
Norton Correctional FacilityNoth Central Correctional Institution
Nottoway Correctional CenterOahu Community Correctional Center
Oakhill Correctional InstitutionOaks Correctional Facility
Oakwood Correctional FacilityOdom Correctional Institution
Ogdensburg Correctional FacilityOkaloosa Correctional Institution
Okeechobee Correctional InstitutionOklahoma City Comm. Correctional Center
Old Colony Correctional CenterOld Colony Correctional Center
Omaha Correctional CenterOneida Correctional facility
Oregon State Correctional InstituteOregon Women's Correctional Center
Osborn Correctional InstitutionOshkosk Correctional Institution
Otisville Correctional FacilityOtter Creek Correctional Center
Ozark Correctional CenterPalmer Correctional Center
Parkside Correctional FacilityParnell Correctional Facility
Parr Highway Correctional FacilityPasquctank Correctional Inctitution
Pastors to PrisonersPatrick Henry Correctional Unit (Unit 28
Pender Correctional InstitutionPendleton Correctional Facility
Pendleton Correctional Industrial ComplexPerry Correctional Institution
Pickaway Correctional InstitutionPickneyville Correctional Center
Piedmont Correctional InstitutionPinal County Adult Detention Center
Pittsburgh Correctional InstitutionPlainfield Correctional Facility
Plainfield Juv. Correctional FacilityPocahontas Correctional Unit (Unit 13)
Pocatello Women's Correctional CenterPontiac Correctional Center
Port de Grave Prison MinistryPotosi Correctional Center
Powder Riwer Correctional FacilityPowhatan Correctional Center
Powhatan Correctional CenterPrison Initiative Reentry Program
Pruntytown Correctional CenterPulaski Correctional Institution
Pulaski Correctional Unit (Unit 1)Putnamville Correctional Facility
Queensboro Correctional FacilityQuincy Correctional Institution
Racine Correctional InstitutionRaleigh Correctional Center for Women
Randolph Correctional CenterRestoration House Ministries
Retreat Correctional InstitutionRichard J. Donovan Correctional Facility
Richmond Correctional CenterRidgeland Correctional Institution
Rifle Correctional CenterRivers Correctional Institution
Riverside Correctional FacilityRobeson Correctional Center
Robinson Correctional CenterRobinson Correctional Institution
Rochester Correctional FacilityRochester Correctional Facility
Rockingham Correctional CenterRoederer Correctional Complex
Rogers Correctional InstitutionRoss Correctional Institution
Roswell Correctional CenterRowan Correctional Center
Roxbury Correctional InstitutionRustburg Correctional Unit (Unit 9)
Rutherford Correctional CenterRyan Correctional Facility
Saginaw Correctional FacilitySampson Correctional Center
Sandy Ridge Correctional CenterSanford Correctional Center
Santa Rosa Correctional InstitutionSavannah Transitional Center
SCI Chester Correctional InstitutionScotland Correctional Center
Scott Correctional FacilityShawangunk Correctional Facility
Shawnee Correctional CenterShemokin Correctional Institution
Sheridan Correctional CenterShutter Creek Correctional Institution
Sing Sing Correctional facilitySkyline Correctional Center
Smith Correctional InstitutionSnake River Correctional Institution
Somerset Correctional InstitutionSouth Bay Correctional Facility
South Central Correctional CenterSouth Idaho Correctional Institution
South Mississippi Correctional InstitutionSouthampton Correctional Complex
Southeast State Correctional FacilitySoutheastern Correctional Center
Southeastern Correctional InstitutionSouthern Correctional Institution
Southern Desert Correctional CenterSouthern Michigan Correctional Facility
Southern N.M. Correctional FacilitySouthern Nevada Correctional Center
Southern Ohio Correctional FacilitySouthern State Correctional Facility
Southport Correctional FacilitySpring Creek Correctional Center
St. Brides Correctional CenterSt. Reg. Correctional Facility
Stafford Correctional Unit (Unit 21)Stafford Creek Corrections Center
Standish Maximum Correctional FacilityStanly Correctional Center
State Park Correctional CenterStaunton Correctional Center
Stevenson Correctional InstitutionStraits Correctional Facility
Sullivan Correctional FacilitySumter Correctional Institution
Surrender40 Ministries, Inc.Sussex Correctional Institution
Taconic Correctional FacilityTallahassee Federal Correctional Institution
Tamms Correctional CenterTar Roanoke Chaplaincy
Taylor Correctional InstitutionTaylorville Correctional Center
Tazwell Correctional Unit (Unit 31)Telfair Correctional Institution
Terminal Island Federal Correctional InstitutionTexas Department of Criminal Justice Chaplaincy Department
The Big House Prison Ministry ULCThe Church In Chains Ministries Inc.
The Free Church of Universal LifeThe Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services
The Word of God Bible StudyThomas F. Staton Correctional Center
Tidewater Correctional Unit (Unit 22)Tillery Correctional Center
Tipton Correctional CenterTogether with Jesus
Topeka Correctional FacilityTrenton Correctional Institution
Trumbull Correctional InstitutionTurbeville Correctional Institution
Two Rivers Correctional InstitutionUlster Correctional Facility
Umstead Correctional CenterUnion Correctional Center
Union Correctional InstitutionUnited States Penitentiary Beaumont
Utah State PrisonValdosta Correctional Institution
Vandalia Correctional CenterVentress Correctional Facility
Vienna Correctional CenterWake Correctional Center
Walawa Correctional FacilityWalden Correctional Institution
Walker Correctional InstitutionWallkill Correctional Facility
Walton Correctional InstitutionWare Correctional Center
Ware Correctional InstitutionWarren Correctional Center
Washington Correctional FacilityWashington Correctional Institute
Washington Correctional InstitutionWashington Correctional Institution
Washington Corrections Center for WomenWatauga Correctional Center
Wateree River Correctional InstitutionWatertown Correctional Facility
Waupun Correctional InstitutionWaymart State Correctional Institution
Wayne Correctional CenterWayne Correctional Institution
Waynesburg Correctional InstitutionWende Correctional Facility
West Shoreline Correctional FacilityWestern Correctional Institution
Western Kentucky Correctional ComplexWestern Missouri Correctional Center
Western N.M. Correctional FacilityWestern Region Detention Facility
Westville Correctional FacilityWhite Post Correctional Center
Whosoever Evangelistic MinistryWilcox Correctional Institution
Wildwood Correctional CenterWilkes Correctional Center
Willard-Cybulski Correctional InstitutionWilliam S. Key Correctional Center
Winfield Correctional FacilityWinn Correctional Center
Wise Correctional Unit (Unit 18)Women's Correctional Institution
Women's Multi Custody Correctional CenterWomen's Community Correctional Center
Women's Correctional CenterWomen's Correctional Center
Women's Correctional CenterWomen's Correctional Institution
Women's Correctional InstitutionWomen's Correctional Institution
Women's Correctional InstitutionWoodburne Correctional Facility
Woodstock Regional Correctional FacilityWord of Life Christian Fellowship, Inc.
WRB MinistriesWyoming Correctional Facility
Yadkin Correctional CenterYancey Correctional Center
York Correctional InstitutionZephyrhills Correctional Institution