Broken Chains Prison Ministry Outreach

Broken Chains Prison Ministry is dedicated to the goodness of what God did for a foolish thing of the world to confound the wise. I am walking in living in the promises of God. I am a voice speaking to the masses that God can do it for them too. For there is hope and life after the wilderness of the experience of prison.

Have no sorrows for the joy of the is your strength Neh 8:10

Who We Are

Broken Chains Prison Ministry Outreach was birth while incarcerated in a New York State Prison in 1999. God called me to start this ministry when He had healed me from Lyme Disease. APPLYING THE WORD Newsletter, provides resource information and the Word, that clearly teaches that unless you are anchored on the Rock when the storms come you will be sweep away. Re-Entry information and resources are also provided.

Our Vision

Too continue to educate the Body of Christ that the remnant behind the walls are powerful and need your great support while in prison and during reentry. Hebrews 13:3 Remember those who are in prison as if you were their fellow prisoner, and those who are ill-treated, since you also are liable to bodily sufferings.

Types Of Activity

Workshops in the community concerning the issues of prison. Women losing their rights to their children for life. Domestic Violence , mental health issues, Re-Entry issues. Speaking at colleges( , , , .) Church's with in the Tri-state area of New York.


I individually visit members on my prison ministry mailing list. Encourage with the WORD. New York State Correctional Facilities.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Applying the Word Newsletter once a month 2-3 pages free sent to individuals in prison and pen pal and to chapel .

About Our Prison Ministry

I am a member of Women's Prison Association, Justice Works (Women of Substance Advisory Board) Emancipation Project (Yale Univ) Bd. Member, College Int. and College and Community Fellowship which understand that through education there is NO recidivism ! New York advocate for policy changes for women who are incarcerated. I am member of New York Correctional Association.

Support In

Please pray for those who are coming back into the community to find a home church who will become their new family providing love, clothing, food, encouragement, housing and job placement. Truly giving second chance with an open arm.


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