Daughters Of Destiny of Colorado

Daughters of Destiny aims to benefit all of America because there are detention centers, jails, prisons, and penitentiaries for female youth and adults in every state. These facilities are continually releasing inmates who may reside in any community in any state. Every woman’s detention facility and any community in America may benefit from Daughters of Destiny ministry.

2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV) Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

Who We Are

Our mission is to empower volunteers to reach incarcerated females for Jesus and to disciple them while in prison and after release. Our mission is working out through our driving passion for leading women out of personal and spiritual brokenness to wholeness and abundant life in Jesus through salvation by faith, God’s grace, and His transforming work.

Our Vision

•Invite women in prison to receive salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.
•Teach and nurture all who respond to grow in faith and relationship with Jesus Christ through our Full
Circle Ministry that begins immediately while the ladies are incarcerated and continues indefinitely after

Types Of Activity

•Establish Daughters of Destiny Leadership Teams across America.
•Build our ministry programs in every woman’s prison in America.
•Establish the Daughters of Destiny Discipleship Network in communities in each state.
•Maintain contact with Daughters released from prison.
•Engage released Daughters giving back through our ministry programs.


Currently, Daughters of Destiny has volunteers in providing our Full Circle Ministry in 25 states for aprx 6,000 inmates (Daughters Inside) and aprx. 4,000 ladies (Daughters Free) who have been released from prison. These numbers are growing daily. Ministry activity for these Daughters served is supervised by volunteer Area Leadership Teams throughout the states and 4 paid staff working at our National Service Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Stay informed on Daughters of Destiny ministry activity and outcomes through our monthly ministry newsletter, Changing Lives and become a Convenant Prayer Partner.

Changing Lives is available for volunteers and Ministry Partners to keep current on upcoming ministry events nation-wide plus share in the joy of God’s work in Daughters’ lives through the Full Circle Ministry of Daughters of Destiny.


Books we have published

Changed Lives


Support In

Please pray that Daughters of Destiny continues to help inmates and those released from prison find new life through God’s transformation, biblical truth, and Christ-centered relationships with women of faith.


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