Emmaus International

Emmaus Correspondence School offers inmates courses in English, Spanish, and Arabic free of charge (including mailing costs). We have several regional coordinators throughout the country who distribute the courses into prisons.

Luke 24:27 - And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.

Who We Are

Emmaus International is a non-profit organization which provides courses in English and Spanish to inmates free of charge. From the salvation message through practical ways to succeed after release from prison, Emmaus courses teach by means of the Word of God.

Our Vision

Reach, Teach, Each with the Word to the World!

Types Of Activity

Correspondence courses.


Throughout North America.

Our magazine (newsletter)

The "Emmaus Connection" is sent out quarterly. Please call to request joining our mail listings. There is no charge.


Books we have published

Over 70 courses. Some are designed specifically for Prison Ministry such as "Born To Win", "Doing Time With Jesus", "How To Succeed On The Streets", and "Proverbs for Life". Also, courses covering Christian Growth, Salvation, Gospels, and several Old and New Testament subjects and epistles.

About Our Prison Ministry

Our prison ministry courses are designed for popular, non-college level units of study. Certificates of achievement are issued for individual and multiple course completion. Along with instructional value, we have many wonderful letters on record at our office testifying of the positive spiritual influence received from studying and applying Biblical instruction.

Support In

Our ministry operates on gifts from the Lord's people. Please pray for funding. Also, many of our coordinators and volunteers spend several hours a week laboring for inmates. Please pray for them.


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