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IMC is a dedicated Prison Letter Ministry. We offer personal and legal ads for inmates. We also have search and browse features. We have: Artist, Musician, Christian and Poetry "Cells". Use our exciting "Email an Inmate" Feature. At this time, we are limited to correspondence via US Postal Mail. This ministry is flourishing to an astonishing level. We offer inmates Biblical Education through Crossroads Bible Institute as well. Come change lives with IMC, one letter at a time.

Psalms 3:3 But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

Who We Are

IMC is an international Prison Letter Ministry. We have a large number of inmates we work with all over the world. Our fundamental goal is to provide God's love to men and women who are imprisoned. By showing the love of God, we hope to lesten repeat offenses and change lives.

Our Vision

Our goal is to reach every man and woman that is imprisoned. To reach out to them with the Word of God, love, and letters. We want to assure them, that even though they have made terrible mistakes, that God loves them, and he can and will forgive them. We want to make it clear to people that they are NOT what they have done.

Types Of Activity

At this time, we are limited to correspondance via US Postal Mail. This ministry is flourishing to an astonishing level. We offer personal and legal ads, and a Resume service. We also have Poetry, Musician, Artist's and Christian "Cells". We have a browse and search feature. We also are very excited to announce our "Email an inmate" feature. You can email your first message, and we will mail it to the inmate, free of charge.


IMC services men and women in almost every jail and prison in the United States, as well as in other countries. Our doors will be shut to no one in need. We are expanding everyday. By word of mouth, the amount of mail we generate is overwhelming. We need your help in this life changing endeavor.

Our magazine (newsletter)

IMC has a newsletter that we produce monthly to our clients, both imprisoned, and public. You can sign up for this Newsletter via the Website, or Ministry Email. There is always a need to art, poetry, articles, etc for the newsletter.

About Our Prison Ministry

We have grown so, that now we are in need of your help. Please consider writing to inmates today. We are also in need of heartfelt donations, of any amount. Donations of books, magazines, stamps, envelopes etc. are all very appreciated. In a day and time when almost everything you see on the internet is a scheme, rest assured that your donations will go to help women and men in need with IMC.

Support In

Please pray for the men and women in prison. Please pray for the victims. Please pray that IMC will stay successful and continue to be a vessel to change lives. Please pray for financial support. Please pray that God will send men and women to write prisoners to us. We want to have a close knit community that we can turn to in times of victory and times of need. Only God, and you can help us do that. It feels GOOD to belong to something so worthwhile and life changing.


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