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Prayer Warriors For Prisoners is an open door for people who want to be involved in prison ministry but cannot physically go to prisons. Receive personal prayer requests from incarcerated men and women. Opportunities beyond prayer are evangelism and discipleship through correspondence and attending worship services inside prison facilities. You can effect a life for eternity through prayer.

Heb. 13:3 - Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoner...

Who We Are

Prayer Warriors For Prisoners is a ministry of prayer for prisoners and their families. Our mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ with incarcerated individuals through prayer, correspondence and prison worship services. PWFP is located in Canon City, CO. and began in 1987 when the Lord impressed upon the heart of the PWFP founder, the need for every prisoner to have someone praying for him/her.

Our Vision

The vision is that God raise up more people to pray for prisoners, attend worship services and be involved in correspondence ministry. The goal of PWFP is to reach as many incarcerated individuals as possible with the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ and the freedom available through His blood. We pray more churches will become involved and awareness of the needs in the prison mission field will spread throughout the Christian community.

Types Of Activity

Prayer for prisoners and other individuals in corrections and prison systems. Prison worship services to inform prisoners of the love of Jesus Christ, and PWFP ministry. Freedom Walk Newsletter. Chaplain Appreciation Events. Speakers for churches, prayer meetings, Bible studies to recruit prayer warriors and inform the Christian community of opportunities in the prison mission field.


We are currently ministering in prisons in Colorado, North Dakota, Florica, Arizona, and Uganda, Africa. PWFP has prayer warrior volunteers in nearly every state in America as well as some volunteers in England and Africa.

Our magazine (newsletter)

The Freedom Walk newsletter is published quarterly. It received it's title from Ps. 119:45, "I will walk about in freedom because I have sought out your precepts." It is a vehicle for prisoners to minister to fellow prisoners with their art, poetry, testimonies and short stories. It is also an opportunity for them to have their work published. We also publish a monthly PWFP newsletter for the volunteers.

About Our Prison Ministry

The ministry began with 19 prisoners in Colorado Women's Correctional Facility and 12 prayer volunteers. There are now around 5,000 prisoners on our data base who have requested prayer but others have been removed from the data base as they are released from prison. Thousands of prisoners have sent PWFP prayer requests since the ministry began. There are around 400 praying volunteers (prayer warriors) all across the United States as well as in Europe and Africa.

Support In

Like most other small ministries, we need prayer for more financial support as the costs of postage, printing and paper increase. Pray also for more open doors into prisons and churches to share the mission of PWFP and for God to raise up more volunteers to become involved in all aspects of the ministry. Thank you and God bless you richly.


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