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Rising Myrrh Press publishes Jesus and Muhammad: Their Messages, Side-by-Side. We pray that God will get the book in the hands of ministers and inmates. Tremendous capability to reach and open hearts. Muslim readers consider it neutral; many tell us that they love Jesus and want to know Him better.

"Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom." (Luke 12:32)

Who We Are

Our book has been awarded Readers' Favorite Gold Medal in Christian Non-Fiction. On Amazon, it achieved #1 Hot New Release in Islamic Theology, #1 Most Wished For and #1 in Islam. The messages of Jesus and Muhammad, side-by-side, show a striking contrast especially on the topics of love, retaliation, war, peace, fear and miracles.

Our Vision

From the Author
This book is not meant to present information for judgement of the faithful of either religion, but rather to elucidate the foundations of the faiths. Faith is simply that, a leap of heart, and those who partake in faith are clearly and simply seeking God in their familiar locales and cultures. A book like this can help clear up misconceptions and lead to better understanding among people of different mind-sets.

Books we have published

Jesus and Muhammad: Their Messages, Side-by-Side by Louis St Michael

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Please pray that the direct words and presence of Jesus will reach the hearts of those who have no exposure to Him.


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